The Best Dog Pajamas to Keep Your Dog Warm and Cozy

While your dog is not your child, that doesn’t stop you from treating them like they are. Your pup deserves only the best, which is why when it comes to dog pajamas, you want only the most comfortable and stylish. Dog pajamas may sound like a silly, unnecessary accessory, but they can be useful in certain scenarios. Besides, they make your pooch look so darn cute and cuddly. Look no further if you’ve been looking for the best dog pajamas to keep your dog warm and cozy. We’ve got a list of some of the cuddliest and cutest dog pajamas options available. In this article, you'll find the best dog pajamas for your pup and where to buy them.

LovinPet Pajamas for Dogs

The LovinPet dog pajamas are exclusively made for medium and large dogs such as the pitbull, golden retriever, German shepherd, and husky. They are lightweight and cozy enough to wear in winter or summer. The pullover design fits snugly around their legs while being loose-fitting enough to allow them room to walk. Should your pup need to use the restroom while wearing their pajamas, the opening on the bum allows for easy bathroom breaks. LovinPet dog pajamas come in multiple colors and fun prints. They are great for use on cold winter nights to keep your pup warm and snuggly. The stretchy, soft fabric offers full coverage to reduce heat loss and improve your dog’s sleep quality. LovinPet dog pajamas are machine washable and won’t fade or shrink after multiple washes. These cute and colorful dog pajamas are perfect for a dog sleepover or party where you want your pooch to look their absolute best.

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Plaid pajamas are a classic for both humans and dogs. The SCENEREAL dog pajamas make for the coziest, red plaid nightwear that’s great for holiday wear or all year round. They are made from soft polyester and lightweight fleece to keep your pup snuggly at night. Choose from sizes between XS up to XL, which should accommodate most size dogs. A size chart is featured on the brand's AMAZON page to help you find the right size for your pooch. For easier bathroom access, the SCENEREAL plaid pajamas feature an open bottom. They’re designed to pull over your dog using stretchy elastic in the body and leg holes. The plaid pajamas are machine washable for easy laundering. However, they tend to run small and may shrink after washing and drying. Double-check the size chart to be sure they will fit your dog and order a size up, especially if you have a large dog.

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KYEESE Dog Pajamas

Cotton is one of the most breathable and comfortable natural fabrics. The KYEESE cotton pullover dog pajamas make super comfy nightwear for warmer and colder months. Their material is light enough to keep your pup cool in the summer but can provide plenty of warmth in the winter. KYEESE dog PJs are best for small and medium dogs such as the border collie or beagle. The pajamas are soft and stretchy, making them easy for your dog to move. While they are machine washable, you should follow the cleaning instructions to prevent shrinkage. These light and comfy cotton PJs are available in multiple colors and prints from the KYEESE AMAZON storefront.

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PajamaGram Matching Family Pajamas

Looking for matching pajamas for you and your fur baby? Look no further than PajaGram Matching Family Pajamas. You can order matching pajamas for you and your whole family. The PajamaGram dog pajamas are made from 100% cotton and fitted with an elastic waist closure. They have a fade-resistant, high-quality fabric that can withstand multiple washes. PajamaGram matching dog PJs are made for smaller dogs like the Yorkshire terrier and French bulldog and large dogs like the German shepherd. The dog pajamas are only available in navy blue and white polka dots that match the women’s adult pajama set. In human sizes, the PajamaGram pajamas are available in a wide range of adult, child, and infant sizes. They make a great pajama set for holiday pictures or family events. The matching dog pajamas are machine washable and make a great novelty gift. PajamaGram matching dog pajamas are best for their novelty; however, there are more comfortable dog PJs available.

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Lazy One Dog Pajamas

LazyOne dog pajamas are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The brand uses only non-toxic and azo-free dyes to ensure your pup is harm free. Your dog will feel comfy in LazyOne’s numerous colors, prints, and designs that you can coordinate with the whole family. You can purchase these pajamas as a matching family set or separately for your pup. While they come in various sizes, most reviews state they are best suited for smaller dogs. They feature an elastic pullover design that makes it easy for your pup to move around. The super-soft cotton PJs are machine washable, and because they’re pre-shrunk, you needn’t worry about them shrinking. LazyOne dog pajamas make great holiday gifts or anytime your pup needs an extra layer.

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Petparty Cute Bear Comfy Dog Pajamas

If your small dog needs any extra cuteness, the Petparty Cute Bear dog pajamas have them covered. These super cute and comfy bear pajamas have stretchy cotton fabric. They feature an adorable stuffed bear sewn onto the bottom half of the elastic pullover PJs. The cute stuffed bear will wiggle with your pup’s movement, ramping up the cuteness factor. These dog pajamas specifically fit small dog breeds. Unfortunately, large dog breeds won’t fit them. The PJs are available in multiple colors and sizes. But because they run small, make sure to order your pup a size up. They’re machine washable for easy laundering. But in case of shrinkage, wash in cold and air dry. Petparty Cute Bear dog pajamas are the cutest accessory your dog will ever wear.

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PetRageous Cozy Thermal Pajamas

If your fur baby gets extra cold at night, they need cozy thermal pajamas. The PetRageous thermal pajamas are made from a cotton-polyester blend that’s super comfy for any pup. The PJs feature a waffle weave thermal knit design to keep your pup warm. PetRageous thermal dog pajamas are only available in pink, but they will look great on any dog. They’re lightweight and stylish, making them as cute as they are comfortable. Thermal dog pajamas keep your pup toasty at night. They’re great for tiny breeds or dogs with very little fur who need an extra layer to keep them warm.

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FitWarm Fitted Turtleneck Dog Pajamas

The FitWarm fitted turtleneck pajamas are the best dog clothes for colder weather. They are made from thick, warm velvet polyester that traps in your dog’s heat. The stretchy fabric is just the right amount of elastic to fit your pup easily and comfortably. FitWarm turtleneck dog pajamas fit your dog up to their neck and down around their bottom for the most winter weather coverage. The stylish design will make your small to medium dog look trendy in the four available color options. Unfortunately, the FitWarm dog pajamas do not have an easy-open butt flap for your dog to relieve themselves. But if warmth is your main objective, then the FitWarm turtleneck dog pajamas are ideal.

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Why Would Dogs Need Pajamas?

Dogs don’t necessarily need clothes. Most dog clothes are made as dog accessories simply for fun. In truth, they are more fun for pet owners than they are for dogs. Dog pajamas, however, are different. Dog PJs are made of soft, stretchy materials that are more comfortable to wear than other dog accessories or dog clothes. Dog pajamas have several benefits for your dog:

Keeps Them Warm

Dogs have a natural coat, protecting them from cold weather. Some dogs, like the Siberian husky, evolved to live in freezing temperatures. However, small dogs or hairless dog breeds do not have the same fur protection. Come wintertime, many dogs don’t do well in the colder temperatures. Dog apparel was designed to provide an extra layer of protection from the cold. Cozy dog pajamas will keep your pup warm at night while trying to catch some Z's. You won’t need to worry about them shivering at night trying to keep warm. PJs may be especially beneficial for your dog if they are experiencing a skin condition that causes them to lose fur that would have otherwise kept them warm.

Skin Protector

If your dog is experiencing a skin condition that causes them to itch, dog pajamas can act as a protectant against excessive scratching. The pajamas can be a barrier between your dog’s claws and skin, preventing skin damage. They can also keep your pup from scratching or tearing out stitches from a surgical procedure. Dog pajamas will also protect against bacteria and debris that might find their way into healing wounds.

Prevent Shedding

Pajamas can make cleaning up a little easier if your dog sheds excessively. Wearing dog pajamas will help keep fur from getting on couches, bedsheets, or carpets. You will have less vacuuming or sweeping to do.

It Makes Them Feel Secure

Small dogs often have more anxiety due to their dependence on humans. Warm dog pajamas act like a security blanket that can make your pup feel safer. Dog pajamas can remind your pup of what it feels like to be under the warm covers with you. It may be useful if you need to leave them alone or with a dog sitter.

What Should You Look for When Buying Dog Pajamas?

Comfortable Fit

Comfort is the number one thing you should consider before purchasing pajamas for your pup. As with humans, pajamas should be the most comfortable thing your dog ever wears. They should be soft, breathable, and easy to move around in. Rough, stiff, or tight fabric will be irritating for your pup to be wearing all night long. Look for dog pajamas that fit your pup well. The fit should be loose in the neck, middle, and leg holes. Dog pajamas that use stretchy elastic material are most comfortable for your pup because they are less restrictive. Ensure there is enough give in the material, so your dog does not feel suffocated. But the PJs should not be so loose-fitting that they are baggy. Baggy or ill-fitting pajamas might get caught on objects in your dog’s path or cause them to trip up. Check the size guides of the dog pajamas brand you’re considering. Use a soft tape measure to take your dog’s measurements correctly.

Quality Fabric

Your dog’s pajama fabric should be quality fabric to fit the season. The colder winter months are best suited for heavier, cozier fabrics like wool and flannel. Warmer months are best suited for lighter materials that breathe, such as cotton. Your dog’s pajama material also depends on how much coverage and warmth your pup needs. Smaller dogs, elderly dogs, or dog breeds that don’t do well in the cold may require warmer fabric all year, especially if your dog lives in an environment with AC. You’ll also want to consider the softness and flexibility of the fabric. Stretchy, soft PJs will always be favorable over stiff, scratchy materials that may irritate your dog’s skin.

Additionally, look for fabrics that are dog safe. Some dog pajamas (particularly those bought from overseas brands) are made with toxic dyes or chemicals that could harm your dog's skin. Organic, dog-safe fabrics are especially important if your dog is prone to allergies.


Unless your pup is the world’s cleanest dog, they will inevitably get their doggy pajamas dirty. Dogs make messes, especially puppies or elderly dogs. You will need to wash your dog’s pajamas often, so washable materials are a big plus. Look for dog pajamas that are machine washable to make your job easier. Dog pajamas that require special cleaning instructions won’t be worth the time and effort. Look for fabric materials that can be machine washed and dried without shrinkage or warping.


How comfortable your dog’s PJs are will depend on how easy they are to wear and put on your dog. The design of your dog pajamas plays a big role in wearability. Avoid pajamas that feature zippers, multiple buttons, or laces. Getting these types of pajamas on your dog will be difficult, particularly if they struggle with you. Some of these design features, like zippers or buttons, may also get caught in your dog’s fur if they have long or curly fur. Look for dog pajamas that use an elastic pullover design. Elastic pullover pajamas will be easier to get on and off your dog and won’t interfere with their fur. You’ll also want to ensure the pajamas' back end has a wide opening for potty time. When your dog’s gotta go, they gotta go. Struggling to get a doggy onesie off your pup before they need to relieve themselves will be a nightmare. Ensure the bottom flap is wide open or easy to open for them to use the bathroom.


The style of your dog’s pajamas is completely up to you (and your pup, of course). Dog pajamas are available in various styles, prints, and colors. Some have long sleeves, while others are short sleeves. Some come with matching human pajamas, while some are designed specifically for the holidays. What style you choose depends on your personal preference and the particular occasion.

Final Thoughts

Dog pajamas offer many benefits to your pup, from keeping them warm to protecting their skin. They can also benefit you by reducing shedding and, thus, the amount you need to clean up after your pet. Also, dog pajamas are cute. We all want to see our lovable puppies dressed up in cozy PJs that look like ours. But choosing the right PJs for your pup holds more importance than choosing PJs for yourself. Our dogs can’t vocalize their distaste or discomfort. We want to ensure we choose only the best dog clothes for our fur babies because they can’t tell us if they’re uncomfortable. That means researching to ensure you choose only the best dog pajamas for your pup.

Dog pajamas offer many benefits to your pup, from keeping them warm to protecting their skin. They can also benefit you by reducing shedding and, thus, the amount you need to clean up after your pet. Also, dog pajamas are cute. We all want to see our lovable puppies dressed up in cozy PJs that look like ours. But choosing the right PJs for your pup holds more importance than choosing PJs for yourself. Our dogs can’t vocalize their distaste or discomfort. We want to ensure we choose only the best dog clothes for our fur babies because they can’t tell us if they’re uncomfortable. That means researching to ensure you choose only the best dog pajamas for your pup.

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