What To Look For in a Dog Treat Jar Plus Our Picks

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Many pet owners enjoy having a delectable gift on hand to praise, or simply something to indulge their canine companions. Simultaneously, the containers of leading pet food manufacturers' dog treats are seldom capable of extended storage. The approach is to keep your pet's treats in a designated jar, which keeps them fresh while preventing mess and smells, and also keeps bugs at bay. 

It's a good idea to have a "unique" dog treat container that neatly holds your furry mate's favorites. The mere presence will delight your dog, and the noise of unlocking the container will swiftly become one of their favorite noises in the world.

What Is A Dog Treat Jar?

Dog treat jars may significantly impact how you keep and provide rewards to your dogs. They look considerably nice on a countertop and are easier to organize than a bag. In addition, a container will keep the delights fresh over time. Here are some things to consider when getting a dog treat container. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued guidelines for proper storage of pet food. 


The majority of dog-treat containers are plastic, ceramic, or metal. Whereas more appealing, a ceramic treat jar is heavier and more likely to crack if mishandled. Plastic and tin vessels are more resilient and adaptable after  falling, but they may not keep items fresh in the long term.


Several brands have made dog food containers with a polymer seal that inhibits air from entering. Before buying, always ensure a secure seal on more oversized canisters. It will ensure that the dog treats present are fresh for longer.


The main advantage of a dog treat jar over a bag is that it is frequently easier to open. One hand is all that is required to remove a lid. Opt for coverings that aren't too difficult to remove so that everyone except your dog can get to the goodies.


Everyone wants a container that lasts for more extended periods. Look for a dog treat container manufactured with durable materials to keep the delights fresh and crispy. Ceramic is a good choice because it doesn't shatter or break easily. As the most long-lasting alternative, go with a stainless steel dog container.


Another important consideration is the budget. High-quality dog treat containers can retail anywhere from $30 to $100, and sometimes more. The better the standard of the dog treat container, the higher the price. However, you can also find some low-cost choices that are both long-lasting and high quality. Many businesses have started running online promotions and providing a promo code and a gift card with online orders. Brands also send promotional emails to their customers, including special deals on products and a bonus offer when a user creates an account on their website.

Different Types Of Dog Treat Jars

The dog treat jars that are usually available in the market are:

Ceramic Jars

Ceramic dog treat containers are an excellent alternative for storing the pup's snacks because they are durable and robust. To avoid breakage and chipping, ceramic jars can be oven-fired. In addition, ceramic dog treat containers frequently include distinctive, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted designs. These jars indicate substance, style, and strong work ethic — you'll want to openly display a ceramic dog goodie jar rather than hide it in one of the kitchen cupboards. Consequently, ceramic dog treat containers are slightly more expensive than plastic treat jars.

Plastic Containers

Plastic dog treat containers are affordable and often available in several sizes. Plastic pet treat jars are frequently innovative, space-saving design options that will fit nicely into most of your kitchen cupboards. In addition, plastic dog treat containers are very reasonably priced. It is always good to ensure that the furry mate's plastic dog treat jar does not contain any dangerous substances — seek PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic treat containers.

Aluminum Containers

Aluminum dog treat containers are always preferred because they are solid and lightweight. These jars are available in various styles, ranging from basic to classy. They are typically more expensive than ceramic or plastic dog treat containers. In addition, aluminum is a completely recyclable material. Some experts say that stainless steel is a better choice for pet food storage than aluminum, citing worries that dogs' bodies may absorb too much of the metal from the atmosphere.

Airtight Dog Treat Jars

Companies can use many various materials to make airtight dog treat jars. They generally have a fitting cover with a silicone rubber seal or other, sometimes rather ingenious, methods of keeping the dog treats jar airtight. The hermetic pet reward jars are ideal for protecting the flavor of your dog's treats while keeping humidity and bugs at bay. When looking for an airtight jar, choose one that performs the job while being simple to pop open and close.

Our Top 5 Picks For Dog Treat Jars

To help users get the best pet treat jar for their canines, below are some of the best ones. Let’s have a look.

Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister

by Bone Dry

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Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister

Bone Dry offers customers various options in pet bowls and dog treat storage. In addition, the lattice collection of canisters comes in different colors. This jar is an excellent choice for food storage. The treat canister is 4 x 6.5" (D x H) in size and contains up to 4.5 quarts, making it ideal for storing food products, dog and cat treats, or even cookies, coffee, tea, chocolate, and kinds of pasta, spices, and seasonings. Materials and Concerns: Dishwasher-safe ceramic canister; hand wash bamboo lids and towel dry. The canister keeps dog treats and food dry and fresh for an extended period. 

The bamboo lid ensures the dog treats breathe, and the cap features a silicone rim that aids in keeping the germs, humidity, and moisture at bay. The ceramic container comes in trendy colors to match your kitchen decor. In addition, the container comes with matching pet bowls. Both are readily available on Amazon. Bone Dry sells pet items such as beds, towels, mats, bowls, blankets, and toy containers. 

The pet food container is available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. The medium-sized treat container can hold almost a cup of kibble, which is quite a fair amount. In addition, the container’s non-slip base makes it ideal for placing it anywhere without worrying that it would slip and break. The Bone Dry ceramic canister has an 80% 5-star rating on Amazon.

Paw & Patch Ceramic Pet Collection

by Bone Dry

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03/09/2024 12:37 am GMT

Bone Dry Paw & Patch Ceramic Pet Collection

The Bone Dry Paw and Patch ceramic collection offers many colors. It is readily available on Amazon and retails for $21.30. The unique design and colors attract the puppy toward the treats. According to the kitchen or house decor, the ceramic canister has matching pet food bowls. The Paw & Patch ceramic pet collection has a 78% 5-star rating on Amazon. The container’s non-slip base makes it ideal for placing it anywhere without worrying that it would slip and break.

In addition, the ceramic material keeps dog treats and food dry and fresh for an extended period. The bamboo lid ensures the dog treats breathe, and the cap features a silicone rim that aids in keeping the germs, humidity, and moisture at bay. Finally, this treat jar is made with dishwasher-safe material making it easier to clean. 

The container is produced in China. But don't worry, the quality is excellent, and there's a silicon liner at the base to avoid accidental hitting against the floor or the ceramic table. Unfortunately, even high-end brands lack this functionality. The ceramic pet bowl in the large size has the capacity of about 3 cups, a medium-sized can hold up to 1.75 cups, and a small-sized bowl can hold 0.75 cups. This canister and pet bowl features a rubber rim at the bottom, making it non-movable. The BPA-free ceramic material makes it ideal for storing in the fridge and safe for the puppy. The Bone Dry Paw & Patch ceramic bowl ranks number 22 in the best-seller of dog food storage items.

Food and Treat Storage Jars for Pets

by Lixit

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Lixit Treat Jars For Dogs

The Lixit treat jar's wide mouth is patterned with dog paws complementing the dark grey lid. Food and snacks stay fresh with an airtight cover. The large mouth makes it simple to dip in and get a treat. Customers can use this container to store goodies or kibble. It can hold a capacity of 64 oz. It is readily available on Amazon and retails for $15.48. The plastic material makes it durable as it is less likely to chip and break if dropped. The airtight seal of the treat jar ensures that the food rewards stay fresh, keeping the moisture away.

The jar features a wide mouth opening, making it easier for a dog owner to add or get the treats out of the pot. The Lixit treat jar has a unique and cute paw design outside, matching the lid color. This treat jar is available in various sizes according to users' needs. The Lixit plastic treat jars are best to store dry dog food. The pot has a length of 5.5 inches, a height of 7.8 inches, and a width of 5.5 inches. The container’s lid is removable, making it easier to clean and fill the treats again.

Dog Biscuits Tin with Lid

by Now Designs

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03/09/2024 12:06 am GMT

Now Designs Dog Biscuits Tin With Lid

Dog biscuits are frequently stored in the cupboard or kitchen in an unsightly jar, making them tough to obtain when needed. This tin has a lovely white bottom with a matching black covering. The front has a neat "Biscuit" pattern. The container is manufactured by Now Designs, which has produced kitchen textiles and items for over 50 years and is known for unique colors, trends, design, and unrivaled quality and craftsmanship. It is readily available on Amazon.

This goodie tin is made of food-grade powder-coated galvanized steel, making it a reliable and hygienic container to keep all dog goodies. This dog treat jar measures 7 inches high and 5 inches wide. There's a good amount of room for dog cookies, training rewards, dry kibble, or your pup's favorite treat. In addition, users can use this treat tin to praise the dog for positive actions such as learning new tasks or obedience abilities, overcoming bad habits, doing a pee in the correct place, and more.

This tin can hold everything from succulent meat to dental bone toys. 

This container can carry a little bit of dog food while on the road. The stainless steel food container can fit about 100 small biscuits for the pup. Customers love it because of its sturdiness.

Treat Tin, 2-piece
$28.82 ($14.41 / Count)

Primitives by Kathy Rustic

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03/08/2024 11:32 pm GMT

Primitives By Kathy Rustic Treat Tin 

Kathy handcrafted her first "primitive candle box" in 1997, paying close attention to every detail, from the polished edges to the sort of ribbon knotted to the copper handles; each was a labor of love. As Primitives by Kathy expands, the firm strives to give back, beginning with collaborating with charity organizations. The brand features everything from kitchen and house decor to items and accessories for pets. The Rustic Treat Tin by Kathy is readily available on Amazon and the official website. 

A set of two treats tins with a grained wood patterned surface and plenty of space to carry the dog's yummy treats. The eye-catching design of the medium-sized container features a slogan that says, ‘’eat, sleep, bark, repeat’’. The rustic container in small size features a saying that says, ‘’Treats – Good Dog – Who’s a Good Dog?’’ with bone prints. These tins hold tasty goodies ready to reward the dog for positive behaviors. It retails for $39.95 for two treat canisters.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Treats For Your Dog

There are numerous methods for rewarding your dog for a good job. For example, tossing a ping pong ball at the end of the final "stay" or romping in the yard after practicing "wait" by the door. On the other hand, food treats are typically the most practical and effective approach to modifying the dog's positive conduct. Below are some simple tips for choosing the proper treats for your dog.

Fast-Eating Treats

It is essential to keep your dog engaged and committed when training. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to increase positive feedback significantly. Get snacks that the dog can eat fast if you want to give him a lot of rewards in a brief period. Once the dog eats his treat right away, you can move on to the second session. He maintains his attention and gains a lot of practice in a short period. However, if the dog takes multiple seconds to eat the treat, there will be even more time between sessions. This can cause the dog owner to either lengthen their training sessions and potentially lose the dog's focus or perform fewer cycles every session.

Small-Sized Treats

Small-sized dog treats play a significant role in training. However, a pea-sized treat is a lot for large dogs, and for small dogs, tiny-sized delights will do the job. Smaller snacks are also healthier for the dog's physique. When practice is severe, such as with pups or dogs preparing for certain activities, the puppy may eat bunches of treats every day. More miniature goodies imply less calorie consumption. It also ensures that the beloved dog will not become overly full before a complete lesson. 

Soft Dog Treats

Soft dog treats are also helpful for training because they are more accessible and efficient for the dog to ingest than crunchy ones. Biscuits are lovely for one-time rewards, but waiting for the dog to discover each piece that has fallen to the floor during or after a practice session distracts from training. Soft dog treats are available in various flavors such as peanut butter, chicken flavor, bacon flavor, or dog treats can also be made at home with the proper guidance. 

Slow Eating Treats

Dog owners should often keep dog treats as long as feasible. Teaching the dog to enjoy his house, keeping him entertained while the owner's away, or motivating him to sit calmly by the owner are ideal settings for a slow-eating dog treat. Seek chewable snacks, such as bully sticks that the dog will enjoy. On the other hand, consider dog toys that can be stuffed with kibble as a substitute. For example, fill a Kong toy with cheese or peanut butter for a slow-eating treat. Alternatively, seal the end, load it with chicken stock, and store it in the fridge for an extraordinary nibble on a sunny day. 

The Takeaway

Experts always suggest storing the dog treats in containers in the fridge or freezer, especially the homemade ones. The jars keep the goodies fresher for an extended time and come in various styles. It includes glass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, ceramic, and stainless steel. A perfect dog treat container will be BPA-free, airtight, fits your free capacity, be the appropriate height for you, be simple to clean, robust, convenient to use, and maybe beautiful (if that is a must for you).

As far as the best dog food, always look for the ingredients on the treats or pet food labels on packaging and check for anything that might cause an allergic reaction to the dog.

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