Meet Freddy, The Tallest Dog In The World

Freddy is the definition of a gentle giant.

He’s been called a horse on more than one occasion, but Freddy the Great Dane is 100% lovable canine. This gentle giant made it into the Guinness World Records back in 2016, and no dog has come close to dethroning him. He’s the tallest dog in the world, and life with this big boy is always interesting.

Freddy’s mom, Clair Stoneman, took Freddy home when he was a tiny puppy. He wasn’t feeding well, and he needed special care and attention to keep him healthy. But despite his rough start in life, it was clear that Freddy wasn’t going to be an average Great Dane. As one of the largest dog breeds in the world, Great Danes are already huge dogs.  It’s normal for the average male to weigh around 200 pounds and stand around 34 inches tall.
Clair knew Freddy would probably be bigger than average, but she never expected to be living with the tallest dog in the world.

Just how tall is the tallest dog in the world?

To earn his record-breaking title, Freddy was measured by an official Guinness representative. His official height is 40.75 inches tall. And when he stands on his back feet, he’s an amazing 7 feet and 6 inches.
Clair is extremely proud of her giant baby, and she doesn’t mind making accommodations for his huge size. They only go on walks early in the morning when everyone else is asleep, because Freddy’s surprising size tends to frighten other neighborhood dogs. Clair has also adjusted her grocery budget to ensure the tallest dog in the world gets all the right nutrition. Freddy eats a strict diet of raw meat and typically gets all the treats he wants.

Freddy also has a particular penchant for eating sofas. He’s helped destroy at least 26 furniture items, and that’s not counting all the couch cushions that get worn out due to his bulk. Of course Freddy is allowed on the furniture, and Clair says napping is one of his favorite things to do.
Freddy is the tallest dog alive, but the record for the tallest dog ever still belongs to Zeus, another Great Dane. Zeus died when he was five years old and was 44 inches tall.
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