Is Dasuquin Worth the Hype? Here Are the Facts

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Dogs, like humans, suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and other body pains, and their owners look for methods to help them feel better. Unfortunately, this pain may restrict their movement, prohibit them from participating in their favorite hobbies, and ultimately, negatively influence their quality of life. Even basic tasks, such as jumping on the sofa or going up the stairs, may become difficult for dogs with joint conditions, which can be frustrating for pet owners. While any dog may suffer from joint pain, large and giant breeds are more prone to acquiring orthopedic disorders.

Most joint problems cannot be cured. However, there are numerous treatment options available. Treatments include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and vitamins. The treatment will be determined by the cause of your dog’s joint pain. Your vet may suggest one joint supplement that is Dasuquin, but what exactly is it, and what does it do?

What is Dasuquin?

Dasuquin is a multi-faceted joint supplement for dogs. It promotes joint function and mobility, cartilage and tissue healing, and reduces degradation. It may help minimize pain caused by everyday activities and increase mobility in energetic and aged dogs. Dasuquin comprises glucosamine, chondroitin, and avocado/soybean powder for appropriate joint nourishment. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is also included in several Dasuquin varieties. Your veterinarian can advise you on the optimal formula for your dog.

When to Give a Joint Supplement to Your Dog?

Your dog can suffer from serious side effects due to poor joint health. The following are some signs that your dog needs a joint supplement.

Your Dog is Having Trouble Sitting Down and Standing Up

This is the most typical symptom that your pet needs joint supplements.

When your hyperactive friend jumps or sprints about, they put a lot of strain and tension on their joints. As a result, their joints will wear out and grow weak over time due to their usual dog activities. As time passes, issues such as arthritis and chronic joint discomfort may develop in your dog, even if he is seven years old. These issues make it difficult for your dog to stand or sit since their joints now have less cartilage or cushioning to support themselves with each movement.

When you call your dog to come to get some food or play outdoors, pay close attention to how they get up. If your dog is sluggish or seems reluctant to do so, this indicates that he may need joint supplements. To fight joint deterioration, seek ingredients such as Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a joint supplement. They assist in rebuilding cartilage or padding around your pup’s joints, strengthening their movements, and alleviating discomfort caused by poor joint health.

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Excessive Panting

Whether it’s a hot day or they’ve just spent an hour and a half chasing their tail, all dogs pant to cool down after something happens. It should be a dog owner’s concern if their dog is panting excessively without any reason. For example, you should call your vet if the dog is sitting there watching TV with you and panting like he just ran a race or panting more than usual. Your dog’s joint trembling often causes sudden panting in pain and discomfort. This is where joint supplements might come in handy.

Joint supplements are developed to block nerve pain receptors, reduce joint discomfort, reduce inflammation while strengthening joints, and repair the surrounding tissue and cartilage.


When you play fetch or open a bag of treats and your dog sprints into the room, they are placing strain on their joints to begin their run. In addition, this planting and pivoting might cause injury to certain joints, which can have long-term effects.

Some limping issues induce joint and musculoskeletal system wear and tear over time. Limping may be caused by osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, ligament disease, intervertebral disk disease, and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). In addition, infections such as Lyme disease may also cause joint discomfort and limping, so it is critical to keep your dog on an appropriate supplement like Dasuquin.

If your dog has arthritis or dysplasia, your veterinarian will most likely suggest a veterinary-grade joint supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin. Because joint supplements are safe for long-term usage in most dogs, they are often utilized as an early intervention and during osteoarthritis. While research is still in its early stages, joint supplements may help alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.

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Joint Swelling

Joint swelling occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid in the joints. The fluid can cause pain and discomfort, bacterial joint infections, and bone damage. Examine your furry dog’s joints, particularly the knees, to determine if they seem bigger or sore to the touch for your dog. This is a common symptom of joint swelling and joint health problems. If your dog is suffering from joint inflammation, it’s time to step up their treatment.

Joint supplements for dogs, including Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Vitamin C, and Chondroitin Sulfate, help relieve discomfort, reduce inflammation while strengthening joints, and assist in synthesizing collagen, which is the major structural protein that binds your pup’s joints together.

Why Should Your Dog Take Joint Supplement?

Nutritional joint supplements may aid in the management of pain, reduce inflammation, and promote joint health. According to research, these supplements may be as beneficial as NSAIDs in treating persistent osteoarthritis. In addition, they are safe to provide in combination with other drugs such as NSAIDs, making them a good alternative for treating dog orthopedic problems.

Unlike other regularly used pain relievers, joint supplements may also be used to prevent joint disease. Senior dogs, like people, may benefit from glucosamine supplements. The protective layer of cartilage between bones starts to wear away in elderly dogs, which may contribute to joint problems. Similarly, vitamins that enhance joint health may assist extremely active young dogs, such as canine athletes or sports canines. These dogs exert a lot of pressure on their joints, which causes cartilage degradation and predisposes them to joint problems. Glucosamine nutritional supplementation aids in the prevention of cartilage breakdown and the stimulation of healthy joint function.

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Side Effects of Joint Supplements

Most dogs are safe to use joint supplements like Dasuquin. There are no known safety issues or side effects linked with the product. Dasuquin also has no recognized contraindications or interactions with popular drugs or supplements. While Dasuquin is generally regarded as safe, it is important to consult with your veterinarian before beginning any new drugs or supplements for your dog. If you observe any changes in your pet after using these medications, such as vomiting, diarrhea, unusual behavior, or an allergic response, discontinue use and call your veterinarian immediately.

Dasuquin Active Ingredients

Dasuquin is a dietary supplement with patented components that goes above and beyond other products with glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate to keep healthy joints in both dogs. The active ingredients of Dasuquin include:

Glucosamine Hydrochloride

One of the most common over-the-counter arthritis treatments is glucosamine, a naturally occurring chemical. It is one of the natural chemicals or nutraceuticals known as chondroprotective agents used to treat arthritis in people and animals. Glucosamine is also often used in dogs to: alleviate discomfort and joint issues caused by hip dysplasia or other structural alterations, help treat spinal disc damage, and reduce the time it takes for you to recuperate from joint surgery. It also maintains optimal performance in performance dogs.

Glucosamine joint supplements are supposed to relieve joint pain by promoting the healing of damaged cartilage, especially articular cartilage, or the wet, spongy substance that acts as a cushion between joints.

As mentioned earlier, Dasuquin is safe for dogs. However, glucosamine may have some side effects, including insomnia, fatigue, and allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate dosage.

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Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is the most abundant glycosaminoglycan (GAGS) in cartilage. It encourages water retention and suppleness in the cartilage, which aids in stress absorption and feeding the tissues surrounding the joint. In addition, Chondroitin, like glucosamine, which is often coupled with supplements, may suppress the formation of inflammatory mediators that are harmful to the joint. The sole dietary source of Chondroitin is animal cartilage. However, it may be produced from its glucosamine precursor.

Dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease and arthritis may benefit from chondroitin supplementation. Chondroitin supplementation is usually suggested for animals suffering from joint discomfort due to the potential benefit and the minimal risk of any harmful side effects. When a benefit is shown, dosages of costlier and possibly harmful medicines, such as aspirin, carprofen, and meloxicam, may be lowered. Because Chondroitin maintains mucosal barriers, it may improve pain relief in NSAIDS-treated animals. Still, it may also help protect their digestive tracts against ulcerations, sometimes reported as a side effect of NSAID treatment.

Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables

Avocado/soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) are natural vegetable extracts derived from a tiny percentage (around 1%) of avocado and soybean oil that alleviate the pain and suffering associated with osteoarthritis in dogs. Unsaponifiable avocado/soybean oil comprises one-third of avocado oil and two-thirds of soybean oil. They include a range of chemicals, including fat-soluble vitamins and phytosterols, which are cholesterol-like substances present in plant cell walls. Asus has been found to slow the course of Osteoarthritis by interfering with several pathways involved in pain, inflammation, and cartilage destruction, including inhibiting the production of the inflammatory COX-2 enzyme.

Green Tea Extract

Tea, especially the plant’s leaves, leaf buds, and tips, is widely utilized for its antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits. Green tea is the most often used variety classified as herbal or medicinal. Green tea includes a variety of plant compounds that have therapeutic benefits. It contains a variety of essential flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, for example.

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Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is a sulfur-containing molecule that has been linked to several health advantages. MSM is widely included in a variety of joint supplements, including Dasuquin. It is supposed to relieve chronic pain by inhibiting pain signals via nerve fibers. However, it may also have anti-inflammatory properties and help in collagen formation.

In addition, it has the potential to boost cellular absorption of vitamins and minerals, function as an antioxidant, and even reduce the symptoms of certain allergies. Although MSM is not known to be hazardous, it may cause nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, restlessness, and a reduction in appetite. Some of these symptoms may occur if a high dosage is administered over an extended time. If your dog is taking Dasuquin with MSM and observing any of these symptoms, stop providing it immediately and consult your veterinarian.

Dasuquin Vs. Other Supplements

In the market, there are several canine joint supplements to choose from. Because every dog is unique, it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian before selecting a joint supplement for your dog. Based on your dog’s specific requirements, your veterinarian will be able to prescribe the best solution. This is also a great time to discuss any additional steps you may take to enhance your dog’s health.

Dasuquin is a cutting-edge nutraceutical that promotes joint health in dogs. Avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) offer a powerful product to promote joint function. ASU also contributes to cartilage cells’ appropriate metabolism and function inside joints. Dasuquin is the only joint supplement patented ASU, glucosamine HCl, and chondroitin sulfate formulations.

Dasequin supplements are available in soft chews and offer full joint health support. Many dogs like the taste of pork liver. This product contains avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) powder and effective quantities of glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. ASU augments the effects of glucosamine and Chondroitin by inhibiting the enzymes that break down cartilage. This product’s components work together to help minimize joint inflammation and degeneration. This supplement is available in a variety of dosages based on the size of your dog. It is accessible without a prescription. However, it is safe to use with prescription pain relievers.

This medication was created to aid in relieving osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs. You should experience effects in 1-3 weeks after using this product. One client who had a dog with hip dysplasia said she felt like she had a “whole new dog” after taking the medication for about a week.

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Dasuquin Options for Your Dog

DASUQUIN® With MSM Chewable Tablets

These chews, including glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and ASU, are ideal rewards for food-motivated dogs. In a tasty treat, the components give multimodal joint support.

DASUQUIN® With MSM Chewable Tablets

Like the Dasuquin soft chews, these pills include the same chemicals to give anti-inflammatory support to your pet’s joints. Picky pets may reject chewable pills, so hide them in treats or offer them like a pill.

DASUQUIN® Soft Chews

These soft chews include ASU, glucosamine, and Chondroitin but no MSM. Most dogs like these sweet, chewy treats, which help to prevent cartilage degeneration in joints.

DASUQUIN® Advanced Soft Chews

These advanced soft chews include omega fatty acids, which may assist promote skin health and joint health. These are delicious chews that most dogs will enjoy as a daily treat.

DASUQUIN® Advanced Chewable Tablets

These tablets, which include the same components as the advanced soft chews, encourage cartilage development while also offering antioxidants to prevent inflammation. Some canines are particular about their goodies and may dislike pills, which might impair obedience in such puppies.

DASUQUIN® Advanced with ESM Soft Chews

These soft chews include hydrolyzed eggshell membrane, which has been found to enhance relief in arthritic joints in just under a week. In addition, these chews include all of the other Dasuquin Advanced supplement components, including omega fatty acids.

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Final Thoughts

One of the primary goals of treating joint illness is to keep our pets comfortable and enhance their quality of life. Dasuquin supplements, for example, are an excellent tool for doing this, whether taken alone or in conjunction with other medications. However, it is important to note that supplements such as Dasuquin will not heal your dog’s joint issues. Unfortunately, suppose the cartilage in the joint is significantly worn. Supplements will be ineffective, and your dog may need pain medication recommended by a veterinarian.

If you’ve been providing Dasuquin to your dog for 8 weeks and haven’t observed any changes in your dog’s comfort or mobility, or if you haven’t seen the expected outcomes, see your veterinarian. Every dog is different, and your pet may need a different or additional therapy to keep them healthy.

Early introduction of a supplement such as Dasuquin into your dog’s regimen may reduce the development of arthritis and avert this. Dasuquin is not the cheapest joint supplement available for dogs, but the parent company has thoroughly researched its production and development to ensure that your pet is getting the best quality product that will provide visible and sustainable results to keep your aging fur-baby comfortable into their later years.

Nutramax Laboratories, the creator of Dasuquin, strives to create goods with high-quality components and conducts research in-house to guarantee that its products are successful.

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