Firefighters Save The Day After A Dog Got Stuck In A Tree While Chasing A Cat

You definitely don’t see a dog stuck in a tree every day.

Hearing about a cat stuck in a tree isn’t exactly surprising. Those feisty felines are built for climbing and are always getting themselves into sticky situations. Dogs, on the other hand, typically keep their paws firmly on the ground. They bark in frustration when their furry quarry seeks refuge in a tree’s branches, but that’s usually the end of it.

Welp, that’s not the case for this determined German Shepherd.
Firefighters with Lathrop Manteca Fire District in Northern California had just finished giving Santa a ride around town when they received an interesting call. They grabbed their gear and headed to the scene of an intense chase. From the ground, nothing looked amiss. But as they looked up, they saw something they’ll likely never see again.
A fully grown German Shepherd was precariously balanced at the very top of a tall tree. A few feet away from the dog, looking noticeably more relaxed, was a black cat. It seems the dog had been chasing the cat when it turned to the tree as a means of escape. If it was any other dog, we can bet this strategy would have worked well for the resourceful feline.

But, alas, this was no ordinary canine.
Instead of stopping his chase in defeat, this dog got stuck in a tree. He wasn’t about to let that cat get the best of him. There’s no doubt that German Shepherds are athletic dogs. They’re fast and strong and have been known to jump high fences and climb the occasional wall. They aren’t, however, built for climbing trees.
That fact didn’t stop this dog from making his way up through the branches. He followed the cat all the way to the last branch before seemingly realizing what he was doing. By the time he took his mind off the cat to look around, he was way higher than when he started. He needed a rescue team, and he needed one fast.
It took a tall ladder and a team of trained professionals to carefully get the nervous dog down to the ground. It was a tricky rescue, and one wrong move could have proven disastrous. But as the cat sat comfortably and nonchalantly on its branch, firefighters gradually coaxed the dog into cooperation.
No one was hurt during this death-defying stunt, and the dog was returned safely to his family. (And the cat easily made it’s way down to the ground.) Firefighters think the pup will think twice before taking on another cat.

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