Dog Makes The Most Of Quarantine With New Hairstyle And Outfit Everyday

We’ve already lost track of what day of quarantine it is, and it’s safe to say that the cabin fever is setting in. We can only watch so many hours of Netflix, so let me turn your attention to a different way to pass your time. Hank is a handsome Newfoundland who’s making the most of his time in quarantine. He may be stuck at home with his family, but he’s not letting that get him down!
Hank gets a new hairstyle every day, and we are loving his good looks!

Quarantine Day 34: Edward Scissor Paws

When the lockdown hit, Hank’s family started spending a lot more time at home. BoredPanda reports that Hank’s mom, Hannah Heil, started playing with her pup’s hair as a way to relieve stress. Working from home during a global pandemic is stressful for everyone, but pets are definitely the silver lining.
Besides the practical complications of working from home, like high-speed WiFi and computer equipment, the mental strain of facing so many unknowns is undoubtedly  taking its toll. There isn’t a single person who hasn’t been affected by this pandemic, and we’re all learning to cope in different ways.

Quarantine Day 6: Back to the Stone Age

For Hannah and her boyfriend, spending time with Hank has been their daily stress relief. The hundred-pound hunk’s daily hairstyles started as a way for Hannah and her boyfriend to make each other laugh, and now it has turned into a viral sensation.
Every day, Hank sits patiently while his humans play with his luxuriously long fur. Hannah says Hank has a great temperament, and he’s also extremely photogenic. The big guy loves all the attention, and his model-perfect poses are making thousands of people smile.

Day 23: E.T. Stay Home!

From mohawks to curlers, Hanks hair has just about seen it all at this point. Most days, his hairstyles are complimented by creative costumes and even backdrops. Hannah goes all out to help others take their minds off the doom and gloom and focus on something positive—not too mention adorable!
Scrolling through Hank’s hairstyle pics is sure to make you smile. Hannah is having fun dressing up her dog, Hank is loving all the attention, and we’re all benefiting from a daily dose of cute dog pics.

Day 4: Sunday Brunch

Best yet, Hannah says she’s committed to giving Hank a new hairstyle every day that the lockdown remains in effect. She posts all her pictures to Hank’s new Instagram account, so go check it out!
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