Missing Dog Wanders Into Walmart To Find Long-Lost Family

Whenever someone loses a dog, whether they get lost, are stolen, or pass away, it’s always a heartbreaking experience. That situation is even more tragic when it happens around the holidays. When June Rountree’s four-year-old rescue dog named Abby went missing in November, the Alabama native faced the real possibility of going through the holiday season without her best four-legged friend. But thanks to an incredible twist of fate and miraculous good luck, June and Abby are together once again.
When Abby first went missing, June and her husband did everything they were supposed to. They talked to neighbors, called Abby’s name, and contacted every animal shelter they could think of. Their biggest hope was to find Abby quickly safe and sound, but that’s not what happened.
Despite their search efforts, three weeks passed without any sign of Abby. June had no idea what happened after she realized Abby had slipped out of her harness and leash. She didn’t know if her beloved dog was wandering around somewhere nearby, if someone had found her, or even if she was alive. Abby’s absence and the unknowns surrounding her disappearance put a shadow over the impending holidays.
June had no leads on Abby’s whereabouts, but it turns out that she didn’t need one. While she was worried about how she was going to find Abby, Abby was the one who found her—and she did it in a way that is baffling everyone, especially June.

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It happened while June was working her regular shift at Walmart a few days after Thanksgiving. There was a commotion in the store because a dog walked through the doors seemingly unaccompanied. June noticed that the dog was the same color and size as her missing Abby, but she didn’t actually think it could be her. But when she called Abby’s name, and the dog ran directly toward her, she couldn’t deny what she was seeing.
By some miracle, Abby walked into Walmart that day and was reunited with her family. A co-worker caught the amazing moment on camera, and the post has since gone viral. June told PEOPLE,

“I bent over and hugged her. I completely lost it then. I couldn’t speak. I was in complete shock and just couldn’t believe it. How she knew I worked there, I do not know.”

Abby had been missing for weeks, but June said she looked and acted just like normal. She believes someone must have been feeding her, and for that, she’s grateful.
It doesn’t matter whether Abby showed up at Walmart because she could somehow sense that’s where she would find her family, or if it was just an incredible coincidence. The only thing that matters is that Abby is safely back home and with her family.

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