Every Animal At Chicago Animal Control Has Been Adopted—For The First Time Ever!

As social distancing guidelines remain in effect, animal rescue advocates are celebrating a huge win in Chicago. For the first time in the shelter’s history, Chicago Animal Care and Control is completely empty of adoptable animals.

Every single available animal was adopted this week!

There’s no doubt that we’re living in unprecedented times, and there’s even more doom and gloom in the news than usual. But behind all that worry, there are stories popping up around the country of people coming together to accomplish great things.

As people are transitioning to stay at home, countless families have decided now’s the time to adopt a pet. Chicago’s stay at home order went into effect March 21. Since then, city shelters have seen a surge of people interested in both fostering and adopting. Animal shelters are classified as essential services, and that has allowed CACC to remain open–albeit with several adjustments.
While working to limit human interaction yet continue to care for homeless animals, CACC has been working diligently to connect available animals with adopters and fosters. They’ve also been working with rescue partners to transfer animals to other locations.
As of April 8, there were absolutely zero adoptable animals at the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility. The shelter said on Facebook,

“Yep, you read that right, we are out of adoptable animals! It’s something we’ve never thought we’d say…and we’re so happy to bring you this news!”

The only Chicago animals left at CACC after their historic week of adoptions were those that were not ready for adoption for various reasons. Some of the animals are on stray hold, and others are waiting to be transferred to other medical facilities or special foster homes.

With nothing but empty kennels this week, CACC knows their job isn’t finished.

They’re continuing scheduled intakes from the public and are also still rescuing animals found as strays. They don’t expect their shelter to remain empty for long, but their monumental achievement is testament to the good that can happen when people work together.
Staff at Chicago Animal Care and Control hope to continue saving lives and sending more animals to their forever homes. If you’re interested in helping them continue their mission, visit their website.
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