Best Bully Stick Holder Options Available

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Bully sticks are one of a dog’s favorite chew toys. They have a long shelf life and are manufactured entirely of natural ingredients, with only one high protein bull muscle component. Unfortunately, the choking hazard associated with bully sticks is a significant disadvantage. When dogs get down to their last few inches of a bully stick, they can try to ingest the last few inches, causing an obstruction.

Dogs enjoy chewing. Chewing is entertaining, but it also relieves boredom and maintains dental health. However, not all dog chews are made equal. For example, bully sticks can be helpful for almost any dog owner because they are a longer-lasting chew, equivalent to rawhide. However, bully or Pizzle sticks are probably unsuitable for reward training because they take a long time to break down. Treats work much better when they are small and easy to digest. However, they’re great as a distraction reward and are suitable for strong chewers.

Three bully sticks on wooden background

Bully Sticks Are Good For All Dogs

Bully sticks are nutritious, and they are also quite popular with dogs. A bully stick is fun to chew on for dogs of every breed, age, or size. They’re also ideal for puppies who can independently chew solid food and treats. In addition, puppies and older dogs benefit from bully sticks’ high nutrition and dental advantages.

Furthermore, bully sticks come in various shapes and sizes, making them ideal for whatever the dog’s tastes are. One can get a bully stick that is made just for the dog. The thickness, width, and form of the sticks vary. Is the dog an aggressive chewer? Thick bully sticks are a good option. Is it difficult for your dog to chew them? Straight sticks are an excellent option. Bully sticks are durable in more ways than one. They will last a long period while being chewed by the dog, and they can even last up to 3 years.

Fortunately, new technology will let your bully sticks last considerably longer, something your beloved dog will undoubtedly appreciate. In addition, many companies provide carriers for organic treats and grinds for the dogs, which can be for bully sticks: rawhide, yak chews, and other items. Some holders are concerned with ensuring that the dog does not eat the last small portion of the stick, while others are concerned with making the stick last longer.

Best Bully Stick Holder Options Available

Many companies are making durable and robust bully stick holders, making it safe for dogs to keep chewing on bully sticks without the fear of choking. So keep on reading and check some of the best bully stick holders below.

Bow Wow Labs Bully Buddy Safety Device

The Bully Buddy’s creator, Scott Woolwine, founded Bow Wow Labs after a terrifying incident with his dog, Finn. Finn choked on a small piece of his bully stick but managed to cough it up with ease. Following this occurrence, Scott designed the Bully Buddy to retain the final section and prevent the dog from choking. To achieve a perfect, snug fit, the Bully Buddy firm, Bow Wow Labs, offers their unique line of bully sticks. It is currently available on Amazon.

The Bully Buddy consists of the following features: a long-lasting, simple-to-use, veterinarian-approved, and dog-approved gadget that snugly binds bully sticks, preventing dogs from gagging on the treat’s tail end. It works best when used with Bow Wow Labs’ quality, hand-selected Secure Fit Bully Sticks for a great fit.

It’s simple to use. Insert a suitable bully stick, tighten the easy adjusting screw to secure the stick, and let the dog do the work. A flawless fit is guaranteed when combined with the Bow Wow Labs Secure Fit quality and custom bully sticks. This bully buddy holder is available in five different sizes.

The Bully Buddy is made of solid Nylon, BPA-free, and intended to withstand even the most demanding chewers. The Bully Buddy lasts! Make sure to have the proper size Bully stick holder and bully sticks for the dog based on their weight! The Extra Small Bully Buddy, coupled with Bow Wow Labs’ Thin Secure Fit Bully Sticks, is suitable for dogs under 15 pounds.

Bully Grip, Stick Holder Interactive Dog Toy, and Safety Device

The Bully Grip, Stick Holder is another interactive dog toy, an excellent pick for your energetic dog. The creator’s dog, Tesla, devoured a three-inch portion of the bully stick. Tesla released the stick after visiting the veterinarian and receiving fluids. The Bully Grip is simple to use; twist the dog’s bully stick into the central portion, and the Bully Grip will keep the stick in place, allowing for safe and enjoyable chewing. The difficulty of removing the bully stick is both a benefit and a drawback of the bully grip. While it is difficult for the dog, getting it out can be challenging. Nevertheless, it is readily available on Amazon. It is best for medium dog breeds.

The Bully Grip is a green donut-shaped safety dog device perfect for medium-sized dogs. In addition, it can prevent the dog or pup from chewing on the last big chunk of the bully stick.

For customers who reviewed and shared that they had trouble removing the last part of the bully sticks, Bully Grip created the instructional video and said to soak the Bully Grip and press the leftover piece with a hex head screw.

Benebone Pawplexer Interactive Treat Dispensing Tough Dog Puzzle Chew Toy, Made in USA, Small, Real Bacon Flavor
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02/01/2023 04:16 am GMT

Benebone Pawplexer Interactive Dog Chew Toy

The Benebone is a tasty treat holder that adds to the enjoyment of bully sticks, jerky, and other treats. Keep nasty bully sticks off the carpet as a bonus. It’s a long-lasting, resilient chew packed with real bacon, inspired by a dog’s strong sense of smell. The moment the dog grabs ahold of these chews, he’ll be obsessed. It is readily available on Amazon.

The Benebone Pawplexer is a tasty, long-lasting chew that enhances the enjoyment of bully sticks and other goodies. It keeps the smelly bully stick off the carpet while propping it up at a perfect position for a good chew activity.

The Benebone chew toy is a robust dog toy. Is the dog a chewing machine? Let the games begin. Benebones are more durable than natural bones, and your dog can chew on them for several weeks. The Pawplexer is made entirely of bacon.

The company claims that the happiness of the pup is guaranteed. The Benebone interactive dog chew toy is available in 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large, for the users to choose according to their dog’s measurements.

Himalayan Dog Chew Large Bonehead Chew Accessory, 1 Count
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Bonehead Holder

The bonehead is inexpensive, costing less than $6 each, but they’re for Himalayan Yak Chews, so they’ll only fit thicker bully sticks. These operate by driving the screw into the bully stick using a large or wide pizzle. The Bonehead’s screw, unlike the Bully Buddy’s, is secured with a screwdriver, so users will need to have one available. Take Bonehead back after the dog has chewed as much as possible, remove the small chunk trapped in the center, immerse it in warm water for 5 minutes, wipe it dry, then microwave it for 45 seconds to form a cheese puff for the pet. It is readily available on Amazon.

The Bonehead holder is a chew toy for dogs that retains chewy treats and preserves them while making them available for the dog to gnaw on. It is dishwasher safe and durable. The nubs and intriguing shape dynamic provide extra excitement for the dog. It is entirely safe to use and prevents chew nuggets from being swallowed. It handles Himalayan Dog Chews, but it can also take other chews like a thick bully or pizzle stick.

Are Bully Sticks a Healthy Chew For Your Dog?

Bully sticks are not only a healthy snack for dogs, but they also provide several health benefits along with something to chew. Bully sticks, unlike some chews or treats, are easily digestible. For certain dogs, the bull flesh in rawhide, for instance, can be tough to digest. Bully sticks digest easily in the dog’s stomach. They also don’t disintegrate like other treats, so owners won’t have to worry about broken-off parts causing harm to the dog’s body.

Bully sticks are a pleasant, one-ingredient delight in contrast to their excellent digestibility. Bully sticks are composed entirely of high-protein beef muscle and are great for the dog. Beef is a comprehensive source of proteins, which helps the dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and hair function properly. In addition, bully sticks are a fantastic chew for dogs with allergies or sensitivities because they are free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

If dog owners want to keep their dog’s teeth in good shape, Bully sticks are also helpful. While one should brush their dog’s teeth regularly, they may also use bully sticks to help keep their teeth clean. Tough chews are crucial for maintaining a dog’s health because gum inflammation (periodontal illness) is among the most common disorders in dogs. Chews, such as bully sticks, help keep teeth and gums healthy because the gnawing and nibbling needed to get through the goodie scrapes plaque and buildup away before it can adhere.

What To Look For In Bully Sticks


Choose a bully stick that is appropriate for your dog’s size. It may cause a choking hazard if it’s too little. For example, if one has a large dog, keep clear of bully bites. If the dog is small and the bully stick is enormous for them to chew, they may become irritated and give up. If the dog is a chewer, use a thicker bully stick, such as a braided variety. The majority of businesses include recommendations for their specific products on their websites.


Bully sticks may have an unpleasant odor. If users don’t want their house to smell like a stinky place, an odor-free pizzle is a good option. These cook for longer to clear some of the odor and wetness. However, when the dog chews any bully stick, his saliva will cause even the odorless sticks to stink a little.


The majority of companies will provide information about the animals’ origins. They come from grass-fed, free-range animals. However, some individuals prefer animals raised in the United States or Canada. Still, others, such as the cattle in Brazil, are usually free-range and grass-fed, so read the fine print to learn about the animals.

beagle eating a bully stick

Benefits of the Bully Sticks

Keep reading below to find out how bully sticks are beneficial for canine companions.

One Ingredient

One of the best things about bully sticks is that they only have one ingredient. There seem to be no artificial flavors, colors, elements, or preservatives in this product. They’re perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, food allergies, or food sensitivities. If the dog is used to eating beef, he will have no trouble digesting a suitably sized bully stick.

Fits Most Diets

Because bully sticks are from natural ingredients, they’re appropriate for dogs on almost any diet. They’re a physiologically suitable reward that closely resembles the food of a dog’s ancestors. Bully sticks are a much less messy alternative to raw puzzles for many owners who don’t want to feed their dogs’ raw meat. Bully sticks are an excellent chew for dogs with kibble, uncooked, or homemade diets. If they don’t have beef sensitivity, a bully stick might be a perfect addition to the dog’s reward rotation.

Highly Digestible

Unlike most other long-lasting treats, Bully sticks are also very easy to digest. They break down swiftly and readily in the dog’s stomach, posing no risk of digestive problems or obstructions. Unfortunately, bully sticks include a single ingredient that most humans find unappealing, although most canines find them to be rather tasty. Even the pickiest dogs appreciate this tasty chew.

Mental Stimulation

Bully sticks are long-lasting nibbles capable of providing hours of mental stimulus for all but the most determined chewers. It’s a terrific approach to avoiding negative behaviors induced by boredom and getting enough physical exercise. In addition, bully sticks can satisfy a dog’s natural chewing instinct. The dog owner should encourage their dog to fulfill a demand by offering him a bully stick, or he might otherwise have by chewing on the shoes or furniture. It is particularly true with teething puppies.

Removes Plaque and Tartar

Consider including bully sticks in the regular dental care routine if you search for a simple solution to help your dog’s dental health. Bully sticks can help keep the teeth and gums healthy by eliminating plaque and tartar. The mechanical eating activity fulfills the dog’s primitive desires and aids in the removal of plaque from his teeth. In addition, chewing scrapes plaque and tartar off teeth and gums, removing plaque and tartar that can develop over time. It will help the dog’s teeth stay cleaner and healthier for longer, allowing him to go longer between expert dental cleanings.

No Splinters

Bully sticks are sturdy enough to withstand prolonged chewing but not so hard as to shatter or harm a dog’s teeth. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same can not about other popular chews, such as marrow bones, notorious for breaking teeth.

Because bully sticks do not break, the dog is not at risk of swallowing or eating hazardous splinters. In addition, because bully sticks aren’t any bone, they don’t pose the same danger of splintering or breakage as bone chews. Even dogs that have had dental issues in the past or lack some teeth can relish a bully stick now and then. They turn soft and flexible after a brief period of chewing.

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How Are Bully Sticks Better Than Rawhides?

Rawhide is usually processed alongside leather since it is more convenient for a company to make both items of the same cattle hide. Cattle skins are frequently treated with chemicals to help separate the layers. Leather products such as clothes, automobile seats, and accessories are from the outer layers. Rawhide and other gelatin, creams, and even glue are in the inner layer. Rawhide, unlike bully sticks, is an end product of the leather business rather than the beef industry. When considering the efficacy of these chews, it’s vital to keep this distinction in mind.

Rawhide can cause choking and obstructions in the digestive tract. Choking and intestinal obstructions are more likely in dogs who swallow things whole or gulp their meals. Of course, this doesn’t imply that every rawhide maker follows the same procedure, but it’s crucial to do your homework to ensure that what the rawhide owners are feeding their dogs is safe and devoid of harmful toxins.

Rawhide, unlike bully sticks, is challenging to digest and can linger in the digestive tract for long periods before breaking down. The only treatment for blockage in the gastrointestinal system is surgery. Furthermore, with moistened rawhides, some breeds are susceptible to bloating. If you do not seek out medication as quickly as feasible, this swelling might raise the chance of obstructions, which can be fatal.

In a Nutshell

Bully stick holders are easy-to-use, durable, and perfect for dogs who are at risk of choking when playing with bully sticks. Veterinarians also recommend them. It will help your dog get long-lasting chew time, considering the safety element.

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