25 Puppies Born At Florida Shelter Over Christmas

Lucky Puppy Rescue in Florida is home to dozens of adult dogs and puppies all year-round. The non-profit dog rescue takes in about 1,000 dogs every year, and their number one goal is finding each of those innocent lives a loving home. While they’re always in need of donations and volunteers, this holiday season has pushed the rescue into unchartered territory. They welcomed 25 newborn puppies between Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Helping the two mama dogs give birth safely was hard work, but now the shelter is in for the real challenge–caring for these new families with their limited budget.
When a dog is in need, LPR always steps up. Even when their kennels are full and the dogs in question are heavily pregnant, rescuers do everything they can to help. So, when pregnant Lilly and pregnant Eva both came in as strays shortly before Christmas, there was no questioning what to do.

Rescuers brought in both future moms and got them settled and comfortable in private birthing areas. It was clear both dogs were due any day, and rescuers were grateful the dogs made it to them in time. They spent the first few days after intake receiving good food and supplements, and then the real work began.
Eva went into labor Christmas Eve night and safely delivered nine beautiful puppies into Christmas morning. In the shelter’s other room, Lilly also went into labor. Vets had already predicted Lily would have a large litter, but they weren’t expecting her to deliver a record number of puppies. Over the course of several hours on Christmas day, Lilly labored and delivered puppy after puppy. By Christmas dinner, the proud new mom had 16 healthy babies. It’s the largest litter of puppies born at LPR in the shelter’s history.

According to the LPR Facebook page, Lilly and her puppies are now facing health issues. One puppy has died, and the rest are receiving supplemental fluids to combat diarrhea. They’ve since been moved to a foster home where they are being monitored 24.7.
Both Lilly and Eva have their paws full with multiple new mouths to feed, but volunteers have, of course, stepped up to help. They’re making sure the new families have clean areas to relax and bond as well as bellies full of healthy food.

With two new moms, 25 brand new puppies, and dozens of other dogs and puppies to care for, the shelter could use all the help they can get. They’ve listed items such as puppy pads, laundry detergent, and puppy formula on their Amazon wish list. They’re also accepting help from new volunteers.
Once the puppies are older, they’ll all be adopted out to new families. Lilly and Eva will also be spayed and ready for adoption. LPR reminds everyone how important it is to spay and neuter their dogs. If you’d like to help support their 25 Christmas puppies, check out their Facebook page. 
All images via Facebook/The Lucky Puppy Rescue

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