Which Game Will Tire Your Dog Out?

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Want to know which activity could be best to get out all of your dog’s energy? Take this quiz and find out what we recommend! 

How old is your dog?

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Which size range would you say your dog is classified under?

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Where do you normally play with your dog?

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What usually makes your dog feel tiresome?

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When you’re outside with your dog, what do they usually enjoy doing?

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Which activity does your dog seem to love the most?

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Which Game Will Tire Your Dog Out?
Feeding your dog using a chew toy

dog eating treats surrounded by toys

If your dog loves treats and is occupied by toys that have treats inside of them, then this could be a perfect game to tire your dog out! Puzzle games, treat dispensers, and other interactive games can be found online for your pet. Check them out today!
Tug of war or playing fetch

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Playing games such as tug of war, fetch, and chasing each other, are great activities for both inside and outside of the house, and the versatility of the games allows for flexibility with your work schedule and other obligations that you might have. A bone could also be a great addition, as well.

Puppy dog gets a treat, feed, training and reward

This type of activity requires your dog to pay attention for periods of time. If your dog is a puppy, then this is the perfect time to train them. This could include teaching your dog to “sit,” or loose-leash training on a walk. If your dog is an adult, then it is the perfect time to teach them a new trick. This type of training could also include agility training, where you teach your dog to go through different obstacles. To find out a new trick to teach your dog, check-out some of the other quizzes on our site!
Get outdoors!

Woman in running suit jogging with her dog. Young fit female and

Getting outside could mean a variety of things! It could be playing fetch and tug of war with your dog, or, if in a closed and safe space, letting your dog run around. This also could include going on outings with you, like runs and hikes.

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