The Next Activity for You and Your Dog!

How long has your dog been a member of your home?

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How open are you to traveling somewhere new with your dog?

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Which activity is the most strenuous one that your dog can do safely?

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The ideal activity for you and your dog would likely consist of:

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Which environment does your dog appear to enjoy playing in the most?

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What are you looking to get out of doing something new with your dog that’s mutually beneficial?

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The Next Activity for You and Your Dog!
Take your dog to the pet store!


Taking your dog to a pet store can be great for socialization as well as allowing your dog to be there to try certain things and be a part of whatever your next purchase for them is. You can also speak with the store’s experts to make sure you’re buying the right kinds of food, supplements, and other applicable products for your dog!
Teaching your dog an advanced trick


Teaching your dog advanced agile training could be a fun, long-term experience that you could enjoy with your dog. Depending upon how committed and immersive you’d like to be in your dog’s agile training, you could hire a trainer who could work with both you and your furry friend. There are great resources regarding this on the American Kennel Club’s website!
Go on on a dog-friendly holiday


If you’re in need of a vacation, going to a dog-friendly hotel could be a fun and exciting option for both you and your pet! Picking a location where your dog can go on walks and explore the area with you can provide an experience and an adventure that both of you will enjoy!
Going on a trip where you’re outside in nature


Going on an adventure hike could be a fun trip for your dog, especially if they have a lot of energy and stamina for that kind of activity! Be sure to pack water and any other accommodations that your dog might need!

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