9 Reasons You Should Invest in a Dog Ball Launcher

Australian shepherd dog catching ball in the air

Some breeds (though it may feel like all kinds) have so much energy that it might be difficult for a dog owner to exhaust them. According to some dog parents, nothing can impact a puppy like having another dog. However, not everyone has two dogs or constant availability for playdates. When they take their dog for a run, they may find that they are panting more than their dog. A dog ball launcher is an excellent alternative to racing around attempting to burn off the dog's energy. If a person throws the ball with their arm, the force of gravity and air resistance might reduce the distance the ball travels. Dog owners can propel a dog ball through the air at incredible speeds and spaces with the assistance of a dog ball launcher.

It's challenging to settle a hyperactive and energetic dog, even for professionals. They constantly want to play, regardless of what game it is! If they're playing "Fetch," the dog, pug, or bulldog will not let the owner rest! Even the most grumpy dogs can't resist the temptation of a wild race. When the pet owner doesn't have time to spend with their pet, these items are beneficial. Simply take the dog for a few rounds to teach them how to utilize the equipment. Then, while the owner is on vacation or at a business conference, the dogs will play "Fetch" with themselves. Finding a good dog ball launcher can be a difficult task, below are some of the best ones on the market.

American staffordshire terrier dog playing with a ball

Chuckit! Sport Ball Launcher

Because it is economical and straightforward, the Chuckit is the most fantastic dog ball launcher for the value of money. Despite its simplistic design, it effectively throws a ball at the dog.

It measures 26 inches in length and is constructed of plastic. It throws regular 2.5-inch balls, making it an excellent fetch for medium breeds. Although it's not robust, it can be picked up with the launcher, keeping your hands clean and dirt-free.

Chuckit makes toys that enhance human-animal socialization by using vibrant colors to keep dogs and puppies entertained. Ball launchers, bouncing balls, frisbees, indoor dog toys, neon toys, and much more can be found at Chuckit.

It's a manual dog ball launcher, requiring extra work on the owner's part. It's easy to bring down to the park because it's solid but lightweight. Get it on Amazon here.


The Chuckit sport ball launcher is an affordable dog toy. The dog ball max launcher can easily throw 2.5-inch balls. It features a hands-free design. It is best for throwing mini tennis balls.


It comes with a poor-quality tennis ball.

Dog Ball Launcher

by Hyper Pet

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Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher

The Kannon ball launcher is an excellent manual choice for one-on-one time with the fetching dog. It uses ordinary tennis balls with a diameter of 2 inches and can keep 2 additional balls on the pistol. With a rapid finger trigger, it's simple to use. Users may also utilize this as a hands-free alternative, and the ball blasting range is adjustable. Users may vary the distance the ball is launched by pulling back on the lever. It is an excellent manual interactive ball launcher and ideal for smaller dogs.

On the negative, this canine ball launcher only comes with one ball, which isn't very durable, and the ball thrower itself is 24 inches long, which is a bit awkward at times, but it can throw a standard tennis ball very quickly. The Hyper Pet is small and lightweight, ideal for any large dog, medium dog, or small dog breed. A clicking sound is produced when users drawback the lever, alerting the dog that a ball is about to launch. It is readily available on Amazon.


It features an adjustable launching range. It is effortless to use. The hyper pet dog ball thrower offers a hand-free option suitable for all dog breeds.


The ball is not durable.

Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

by Nerf Dog 

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Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

This is an excellent manual dog ball launcher if the pet owner wants to keep their hands clear of dog drool or slobbery ball, while still playing fetch with their canine companion. When the dog retrieves the ball and dumps it on the ground, all the owner has to do is set the muzzle on the ball to pick it up without picking it up with their hands.

This Nerf cannon is excellent since it can launch a ball up to 50 feet and has no exposed mechanical parts, making it safer for the hands. It also works with any standard sized tennis ball of 2.5 inches. In addition, the ball launch blaster is non-toxic, FDA-approved, and BPA-free, all of which are significant benefits for keeping the dog owner and their dog secure.

Because the barrel is short, it's light, portable, and precise when hitting shots. Unfortunately, the balls that come with the blaster aren't designed to withstand chewing by dogs, but users can substitute them with bulky tennis balls if necessary. It is readily available on Amazon.


It is easy to carry and fetch with the dog outdoors. It can launch balls up to 50 feet. It has a sturdy design, and no moving parts are exposed. In addition, it features a hands-free option.


According to some owners, the launch distance is merely 25 feet, not 50 feet. In addition, the Nerf Dog Blaster has been reported to shatter after multiple usages by owners. This could result from wrong handling or a batch that the launcher poorly made. Nerf, on the other hand, is quite proud of its brand.

Small Interactive Ball Launcher


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IDOGMATE Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

iDogmate recognizes the importance of the owner's bond with canine companions. There is love at the heart of it all. And this automatic launcher gadget is designed to make the bond with the pet pal even stronger while keeping it enjoyable and engaging. Owners of dogs can now play fetch with their pets for extended periods. Controlling the iDogmate automatic ball launcher with a remote controller is a breeze. This automatic ball thrower device allows the owner to determine the distance they want to throw the ball, whether it's 10, 20, 40, or 50 feet. It is readily available on Amazon.

Rechargeable batteries with a 1000 launch capacity should make the game more enjoyable. An AC adaptor is also included in case users want it. In addition, the factory-installed protective management mechanism keeps the Li-ion batteries secure, making it the best automatic dog ball launcher.

The 240mm funnel makes it easy for the dog to insert the ball and continue playing. In addition, the three complimentary more petite balls that come with this automatic ball thrower have a diameter of 2.5 inches, making it even easier for the dog to place the ball in and continue playing on its own.


This is a tiny and lightweight automatic tennis ball launcher for small dogs in the house. The funnel is the ideal size. The ball can be retrieved and placed in the funnel by the fuzzy pals themselves. Then, with the help of a remote, users may control the distance and speed at which these balls travel.


Users consider this device a little noisy, as it produces sound at a decibel level of 55.

Reasons To Choose The Best Dog Ball Launcher

For dogs who enjoy fetching or larger dogs such as German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois, investing in a dog launcher is a great idea. However, it may be tough to find the time to offer the pet the necessary exercise, or it may be difficult for owners to throw a ball. There are many manual and automatic ball launchers available on the market. So, how to choose the best one?

Dog ball launchers will keep the dog busy and ensure that he gets a good night's sleep after such a strenuous workout. Owners can teach their dogs to bring the balls to the dog ball launcher machine, and the device will launch them while you concentrate on something else.

There are various dog ball launchers available on the market, such as manual ball launchers and automatic ball launchers. Here are some things to consider while shopping for a dog ball launcher.

Helps In Stimulating Dog’s Mental Health

One of the significant advantages of purchasing a dog ball launcher machine for the dog will engage his mind, keeping him awake. When the dog isn't mentally stimulated, it may become bored and engage in destructive activity. This can be prevented when the dog is allowed to play with the balls thrown by the ball thrower.

Enhances Physical Health

Because most dogs enjoy running, keeping them busy for as long as possible is beneficial to them. A fetching machine will provide just the type of physical activity dogs crave. A dog who exercises a wide range of physical activities will not get obese. The dog's health is just as vital as the human's.

Creates Independent Play For The Dog

The dogs will be capable of playing autonomously without requiring much interaction from the owner using automatic launch balls. Once the owner has taught the dog how to play, it'll be able to do it without their help. On the other hand, the manual throwers require the assistance of pet owners while the dog plays.

Ball Throw Is A Fun Game

The fetch and throw dog ball machine will keep a dog entertained for a long time without becoming bored. Dogs can play this game both indoors and outdoors. This means the dog can have as much fun as it wants for as long as it wants, which will improve its attitude. If someone loves dogs, they will not deny them the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Closeup of a dog's snout, dirty tennis ball in dog's mouth

Behavior And Mood Improvement

Games like fetch can help the dog's behavior and temperament improve quickly. A tired and worn-out dog is less likely to make mischief when no one looks. Many more prominent, physically active breeds require exercise and must be given "work"; otherwise, they will find something at home that the owner will not appreciate. Simply connecting with the dog and paying attention to them through fetch might help to lift their spirits. They can see the results as they wag their tails in anticipation of users throwing the ball again. Dogs have a unique way of expressing their interest in the sport.

Manual Or Automatic

Canine owners still have to throw the ball with a manual dog launcher. It alleviates some of the burdens of throwing it at a considerable distance, especially if they have mobility limitations or arm/shoulder pain. In addition, manual launchers allow users to throw the ball for an extended time, allowing the dog to burn off excess energy.

Automatic dog launchers eliminate the need to throw the ball constantly, but they necessitate supervision. Owners want to make sure the device is working correctly and safely so that neither they nor their dog is injured. They may run on batteries or electricity, making them suitable for use indoors and outdoors. However, batteries can be expensive to repair, and most launchers aren't as powerful when powered by batteries.

Ball Size

Dog owners can choose between manual and automatic launchers that employ various ball sizes. Their dog's breed will determine the size they require. Large dogs should not retrieve small balls since they can cause choking, and large tennis balls may just be too harsh for the small dog to grasp. Please remember that if the dog enjoys chewing on balls, this can result in choking.


Manual launchers are less expensive than automatic launchers, but it depends on how much users want to spend and what they require. For example, if the dog enjoys fetching for long periods, an automated launcher can be worth the investment so users can get other stuff accomplished.

Location Of Play

Consider the location where the dog will be fetching. Because a large dog would like to be out or run long distances, owners need a launcher that can shoot a long distance. On the other hand, the small dog will be perfectly content going 10 feet and then returning indoors, so an automatic launcher set to the lowest setting would suffice. Automatic launchers typically have a range of 10 to 30 feet, but a manual launcher has a range of above 200 feet. In addition, most automatic launchers can adjust the angle at which the ball is launched.


If pet owners buy an automatic launcher, be sure it comes with a guarantee, especially if spending a lot of money on it. However, not every launcher comes with warranties. Some businesses will provide a cash-back guarantee, which is a good choice if an owner is unsure if their dog will enjoy the launcher.

Ease Of Use

Of course, manual launchers are often the easiest to use, but some may be challenging for people to master. Automatic launchers ought to be simple for both users and the dog. It defeats the point of possessing an automatic launcher in the very first place if the dog doesn't like it.

Happy pet dog playing with ball on green grass lawn

Tips And Facts

To be strong, dogs require at least half an hour of workout routine. To avoid choking, don't allow the dog to grab more than one toy at a time. Because rubber balls are more robust, they are perfect for fetch. It should be enjoyable for both the owner and the dog to use the launcher. Teach the dog the value of returning the ball to the owner or the automatic launcher so that they can play indefinitely. Playing catch with the dog has numerous cognitive and physical benefits, which can help them live longer and minimize their chances of becoming obese.

Final Thoughts

Automatic Dog Ball launchers may appear to be difficult, but they are not. Users can provide their dog the familiar pleasure of "Fetch" for a small amount of money. The mechanical dog ball thrower gadget will give the beloved pet the same love and joy that owners give it. Train him how to operate the machine on his own, and users won't have to be present for the majority of the time. It's also simple to teach him how to operate the machine. It's a simple case of one, two, and three.

The Nerf Dog Blaster is Dog Owners' favorite since it can shoot tennis balls approximately 50 feet and is simple to operate. The Chuckit is the most acceptable deal! Because it is inexpensive, has a basic design, and can be used by almost anyone to run and play with their dog. The iFetch interactive ball launcher is a premium option that allows users to train their tiny dogs to play with toys on their own and is developed and managed by a family-owned business.

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