Dalmatian Sings While Playing Piano—But Only When No One Is Watching!

Esther and Rob Mason have always known their 2-year-old Dalmatian named Dexter is a star. And thanks to some sneaky recording, the rest of the world now agrees with them. The charming dog’s secret talents have been exposed, and we can’t help but fall in love with his passion for making music.
Esther told Metro that her family got their piano when her daughter started learning how to play. They never expected their dog to end up being the most talented piano player in the family, but video evidence doesn’t lie.
The video Esther recently shared shows Dexter standing on his two back legs while hitting the piano keys with his front paws. He enthusiastically plays different notes, but the best part is that he can’t help but sing along. He barks and howls along with his original song, and as Esther puts it, “You can tell he’s really passionate about it.”

The Mason family first realized Dexter had musical talents when they woke up one night to someone playing the piano. They were confused at first, but their questions were answered when they snuck into the room. They saw Dexter, all on his own, lost in his song. They have no idea what inspired their dog to start up this musical hobby, but Esther thinks it might have something to do with the Cats musical soundtrack she likes so much.
Dexter has been playing the piano for a while, but getting to see him in action is a rare treat. His family says he only plays and sings when he’s alone. As soon as someone enters the room, he gets stage fright and has to stop. It could also be that has a short attention span, but who knows.
What we do know is that Dexter is one special pup.

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