25 Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Peekapoo

peekapoo laying in the grass with its tongue out

When you welcome home a new Peekapoo dog, it’s an exciting opportunity, and if you’re like many other new puppy parents, one of your biggest questions right now might be, “How can I bond with my dog?” This article discusses the twenty-five basic tactics you may use with your hybrid dog to help them gain trust in you and form a lifelong bond.

Advantages of Bonding With Your Peekapoo Dog

Companionship is one of the most popular reasons people welcome a puppy into their lives. The interaction between a puppy and a human is unquestionably unique. It’s a rewarding experience to teach, play, and explore the world with your new puppy. And the sooner you form a connection with your puppy, the easier it will be to speak with them, raise them, and enjoy life with them.

What To Expect When Getting a Peekapoo Dog?

Your dog will go through physical growth and develop a mental library of pleasant connections with the environment and people around them over their first few months. Be gentle with your hybrid dog during puppy training, playing, getting them to listen to you, and simple day-to-day activities!

Here are twenty-five ways for you and your hybrid dog breed to form a strong bond.

1. Establish Communication With Your Peekapoo Pup

First and foremost, comprehending how to “speak” to your dog will significantly aid in developing a strong attachment! Puppies cannot understand human speech, although they can be taught to recognize particular terms used in obedience instructions. They constantly acknowledge their owner’s emotions, body language, and energy!

In this case, the tone of your speech is quite essential. If your hybrid dog is more reserved, and quiet, an excited tone, for example, can pique your puppy’s interest and encourage him to do a task. Speaking in a calm, steady voice can help relax an overly enthusiastic puppy and comfort an extremely anxious one. An enthusiastic manner can amplify a dog’s already high energy level.

You should introduce your puppy to food, eye contact, learn to remember their name, and make them respond to you when called. This can be the beginning of learning the foundations of communication.

peekapoo being held by a woman

2. All the Snuggles for the Puppies

Aside from running around and playing, your little one will want to snuggle with you. So take advantage of this opportunity to lavish all of your affection on your puppy. The closer they are to you, the easier it will be for them to bond with you.

Cradling, kissing, and petting a small puppy is one of the best things you can do with them. Soon, you’ll have a fully grown puppy attempting to fit into your lap.

3. Relax Together

Getting closer to your Peekapoo puppy is not a challenging task and rarely things go wrong. You can simply achieve this by spending some quality one-on-one time relaxing out together. Invite your dog up onto the couch for some cuddle time or get down on the ground and demonstrate your doggie massage techniques to your dog.

Chilling out and relaxing is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog before going to bed, and by incorporating it into your daily routine, you can educate your dog that 9 p.m. (or whatever hour you choose) is bedtime.

4. Brush Puppies Regularly

Brushing your puppy can help your long-term bond in several ways. First and foremost, they will gain confidence in you regarding their bodies. When you brush your puppy, they will learn that you are not trying to hurt them.

5. Set Limits for Your Puppy

Puppies require limits to learn the rules of the house. Having clear boundaries with your puppy helps to strengthen your bond and relationship with them as their leader and someone they look to for guidance!

Allowing your puppy to roam the house freely, sit on the furniture whenever they want, and generally do as they please can lead to undesirable behaviors. These Hybrid dogs are more likely to get into mischief! New dog owners come across two typical puppyhood difficulties with a free-roaming puppy: unwanted chewing and potty accidents!

You can establish boundaries with your puppy while they are still growing by using baby gates or a playpen to keep them out of specific areas of the house or in a designated zone where you can keep an eye on them!

peekapoo running through the grass

6. Cuddling and Handling Help To Build Trust

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned snuggle session! When you do this, though, integrating some basic puppy handling will help strengthen your bond even more!

The most appropriate moment to do this is when they’re drowsy. Then, start gently stroking their body parts with one hand while holding a few pieces of their food, and reward your dog when they let you! You can also incorporate light grooming activities such as brushing their fur or cleaning their eyes.

In addition, you may also offer your Peekapoo puppy massages to aid them in rest, which can be more calming than caressing, stimulating, and making them excited.

7. Embark on New Adventures With Your Puppy

Your new puppy will be curious about the world as well. So, allow your pup to accompany you on errand runs and to your next family barbecue. While they are young, try to socialize them as much as possible. The earlier puppies gain confidence, the better they will act in social situations.

Sheltered puppies usually are more reserved around strangers and in unfamiliar situations. Your dog will have something to look forward to every time you pick up your keys if they accompany you to dog parks, road trips, or hiking trails.

8. Permit Your Peekapoo To Have Their Own Space!

All of the new sights, scents, sounds, and people that a small puppy encounters when they move into a new home can be overwhelming at first. As you form a great attachment with your new puppies, it’s equally crucial that you remember to give them their own space and alone time away from you so that they feel comfortable and safe while also overcoming anxiety issues!

Setting up a playroom for your puppy to relax away from the chaos of the house and relatives is a brilliant method. In there, your puppy will still feel safe and secure, and they will be able to gain some independence, allowing them to mature into a well-adjusted adult dog!

9. Rehearse Some Hand Feeding

Hand-feeding your dog means feeding them from your hand, which is beneficial for timid or fearful dogs. It’s an exercise that will help you and your dog build trust, and it’s a great approach to start strengthening your friendship.

close up image of a white peekapoo puppy

10. Flyball

If agility appeals to you, but you’d like more social possibilities for your dog, flyball could be the answer! Flyball, a relay race for dogs, is an exciting canine sport.

The team of dogs sprints over multiple hurdles, retrieves a tennis ball and then sprints back to their handler. The team with the most dogs that successfully rescue the ball and return it over the hurdles wins.

Flyball will likely be an ideal fit for you and your Peekapoo if you are passionate and enjoy the high energy of sporting activities. But unfortunately, Peekapoo is so proficient at flyball that laws often limit the number of hybrid dogs allowed per team.

11. Go For Biking

Many people assume walking or running with their dog, which is an excellent possibility that will be addressed later. However, bicycling with your dog is also an option many people are unaware of. Nowadays, there are a plethora of suitable bike attachments that allow you to cycle beside your dog without having to hold its leash at the same time.

12. Herding

You’ve undoubtedly seen one of the many excellent herding videos on YouTube if you’re getting a Peekapoo.

It’s fascinating to observe the dog’s wordless communication with their handler. Moreover, herding is an excellent way for the owners to understand their puppies. It is widely regarded as the pinnacle of a solid attachment between a dog and its owner. According to one Peekapoo owner, herding is the activity that brought them the closest to their pet.

13. Flying Disc (Freestyle)

Flying disc is another fantastic dog sport. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of a canine sport like agility is that you either have to pay to utilize a facility every time you want to run your dog over the apparatus or buy your own, which is expensive.

The only equipment you’ll need for flying disc contests is some beautiful frisbees and a vast open space for you and your Peekapoo to practice.

You receive two and a half minutes of the judges’ attention in a freestyle flying disc competition, so turn on some Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran and amaze them with your frisbee-catching routine.

close up of a peekapoo in front of a white background

14. Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Preferences

Knowing your dog’s preferences such as preferred games, foods, bed, and blankets allows you to provide them with exactly what they want and be the source of all good things. However, you should also keep track of things your dog can’t stand. Knowing what most dogs dislike is an excellent place to start: head pats, citrus or intense flowery aromas, loud sounds, being gazed at, being dressed in clothing that restricts their mobility, and being cuddled.

15. Working Out With Your Peekapoo

With a hybrid dog breed as lively as yours, you’ll want to make sure you schedule some substantial exercise time for him. All the canine activities mentioned above are fantastic, but they all need money and competition, which not everyone can afford or want.

16. Give a Treat to Your Dog

A reward is a perfect way to express, your love and admiration for your small dogs. Giving your dogs gifts is sometimes unexpected and outside of their routines, and it may make them very happy. Apples, peanut butter popsicles, and blueberries are a few things you can consider.

Your puppy will fawn over you if you give him these treats. However, you should be careful not to feed them food that will make them fat. Consult your veterinarian to determine which treats are appropriate for your dog.

You can also dress up your dog with clothing and accessories that give them a fashionable appeal while protecting them from the wind or heat.

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17. Introduce Your Dog to the People That Follow You on Social Media

Bringing a puppy home and evolving into a pet care expert is usually more enjoyable when shared with family and friends. So instead of spending all your time with your puppy, share some images or videos of them on social media, or host a puppy reveal party via Livestream or video chat to introduce them to your friends.

peekapoo running through the grass

18. As Often as Feasible, Involve Your Dog

Remember that your puppy is in a new environment and will not enjoy being alone until they feel at ease. So allow your puppy to be around you as often as possible to help your hybrid dog breed overcome its early hesitations.

19. Prepare Their Favorite Meals

Most dogs love food. Providing healthy, delicious food for your dog demonstrates that you care. You further have the option of cooking for your dog or simply focusing on delivering the most incredible nourishment in the most delectable manner.

20. Find Out More About How Dogs Behave

It’s easy to protect your dog from circumstances that make them uncomfortable once you recognize anxiety and stress symptoms in them. In addition, if your dog knows they can rely on you to keep them safe, your trust and connection will improve. Therefore, you should try to understand your small dog, especially the stress-related body language and facial emotions. On this subject, you can seek books and DVDs by Patricia McConnell, Suzanne Hetts, Daniel Estep & David Grant, and Barbara Handelman to get a better understanding.

21. Care For Your Hybrid Dog Breed

How can people form bonds? It’s mostly via tenderness and affection. Similarly, dogs too need affection and showering of tender love. They can detect and avoid danger; however, they can also sense when someone is concerned about them.

Touch and grooming are two ways to make your dog feel loved. Grooming is an excellent way to bond with your dog. Grooming sessions include activities from brushing teeth to trimming nails. During these sessions, give your dog affectionate pats and rubs. Brush your dog’s fur or trim its nails with care and gentleness and listen and study your dog as you do so. Keep brushing your dog regularly; the dog will soon recognize how much you care.

peekapoo standing in front of a white background

22. Create a Sense of Trust

Teach your dog to sit or lie down on their mat when you’re in the kitchen. Then, to reward your hybrid pup for following your command, treat them with their favorite food but only when they are on the mat. They’ll soon figure out that they’ll get a treat if they’re on their mat, but not if they follow you around the kitchen when you’re cooking.

Teach them to sit and make sure they wait for you to release them before they consume their dinner. Then, when they are eating, don’t annoy your dog. Some dogs will defend their food if they believe you will take it.

23. Make Your Dog’s Nose Work

As it is so simple and plays into their natural scavenger and foraging abilities in their search for food, this is one of the best games to play with your dogs at home and in shelters. There are several approaches to this. Setting up two to four boxes in a room, baiting each box with a high-value, tasty, scented food, and then releasing your dog and saying, “Find it!” is the standard beginner method. The dog then searches for the stinky food you used to bait, and they enjoy utilizing their brain and natural senses to solve problems. The boxes are initially used as visual markers for the dogs to investigate and find food.

24. Select Learning Toys

A wide range of dog enrichment products is available, from chews and puzzles to food toys. It’s crucial to figure out what your dog enjoys and dislikes. For example, Kongs are fantastic because you can fill them with peanut butter, kibble, small treats, and canned dog food, then freeze them for later use.

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25. Practice a Few Simple Tricks

Puppies aren’t too young to pick up a few basic skills, and training is a terrific bonding experience with your new pet. However, remember that their attention is limited, so keep your training minimum. You’ll also want to educate your Peekapoo to come when called, so start setting the groundwork for a dependable recall now.

Final Thoughts

There are several strategies to develop a strong bond with your dog. These approaches include spending time together, grooming, making eye contact, traveling, and playing games. What’s essential is that you analyze your dog, understand its behavior, and identify his likes and dislikes to see what you can do to improve your bond with him.

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