These New Tiny Dog Sofas Are Just Another Reason Why We Love Aldi

Aldi already had my heart, but their new miniature dog sofas make me love them even more.
When your dog is family, you do everything you can think of to make them happy. I’m guilty of spending way too much money on toys and treats, and I occasionally do things that non-dog moms would probably label as insane. I’m going to spoil my dogs regardless of what anyone thinks. But I have to admit, it’s nice when my favorite stores support my goal to be the best dog mom ever.
aldi dog sofa

Aldi recently announced they’re ushering in an entire collection dedicated to pets that are treated like family.

The collection is called Aldi’s Pampered Pets Special Buys, and it’s set to arrive at your favorite discount grocery store on March 21.
The entire collection includes everything proud dog moms and dads need to spoil their pets. There will be toys and treats, but we’re most excited about the miniature dog sofas.
Of course, I believe all dogs have the right to lounge on the sofa of their choosing, but these tiny dog versions of living room furniture are too cute to pass up. These stylish little sofas will come in two sizes to accommodate most of our furry family members.
The small version ($59.99) is designed for dogs less than 33 pounds. The large option ($99.99) fits our big boys and girls up to 100 pounds. If you really want to pamper your pet, you can also get a matching paw print blanket.
aldi pet sofa
There’s no knowing how long these dog sofas will be available. Now that the sercret is out, the dog world is already buzzing with excitement. People are making plans to shop at Aldi on March 21 in hopes of being the first to get these tiny dog sofas.
I know from experience that when Aldi comes out with something truly awesome, it doesn’t last long on the shelves. If your dog needs a new nap spot, it’s time to find a quarter and get shopping. Your pampered pet will thank you later.

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