These Adorable Live Puppy Cams Are The Perfect Way To Escape Stress

With everything going on in the world coupled with normal everyday stress, I’m here to say that it’s time to take a break. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the doom and gloom. You can help yourself and your loved ones by taking a few minutes every day to relax and focus on things that make you smile. To help with that, I have a list of the best live puppy cams currently on the Internet.
Organizations including animal shelters and training programs came up with the brilliant idea to spread happiness through live puppy cams. They’ve set up cameras showing off their cutest puppies doing all the adorable things puppies like to do.
live puppy cam
When you start to feel overwhelmed or overburdened, these live puppy feeds will make you feel lighter, happier, and renewed. We all know that dogs are capable of a special kind of healing. And during uncertain times, simply watching puppies play wrestle or learn how to sit can do wonders for your mental health.
Each of these live puppy cams was set up for one reason–to make people smile. If you click on one and it’s currently not available (puppies can’t be on camera 24/7), scroll down the list and try another. Take the next few minutes to forget about everything except for cute puppy paws, boop-able snoots, and the power of puppy dog eyes.

Warrior Canine Connection Puppies in Training

Warrior Canine Connection is an organization that trains service dogs to help military veterans and recovering warriors. They train puppies to be the ideal companions for people struggling with PTSD and trauma recovery.
They have several live puppy cams set up, and my favorite is the nursery cam. This live feed introduces viewers to the organization’s youngest litter of future service dogs. These adorable lab puppies spend their time playing with toys, wrestling with each other and learning about socialization with help from human trainers.

Adoption Camera at Animal Wellness Foundation

The adoption room at Animal Wellness Foundation in Marina del Rey, California is full of adorable dogs looking for their forever homes. The shelter’s mission is to help as many animals as possible and make veterinary care more affordable for every pet parent. They provide low-cost veterinary services and work hard every day to provide dogs and cats with the best lives possible.
Their live puppy cam shows adoptable dogs having fun while they wait for the perfect new families.

Bergin University’s Service Dog Program Live Puppy Cam

Bergin University in California offers a unique experience for students interested in furthering the human-canine bond. They’ve been breeding purpose-bred dogs for over 25 years, and they currently have a new litter.
Their live puppy cam shows these adorable puppies learning to nurse and interact with their mother. As they grow, this litter of Labs will begin service dog training. They have bright futures ahead of them, and they’re already doing a great job at helping people smile.

Great Dane Puppies Training To Help The Mobility Impaired

Service Dog Project focuses on breeding, training, and donating certified service dogs to people with health conditions that affect their balance and mobility. Their Great Danes are responsibly bred to maintain the breed standard and trained to be ideal companions to people with disabilities.
Their live puppy cam shows their newest recruits taking their first steps in becoming trained service dogs.

Senior Dog Gathering Room At Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

It doesn’t matter how old a dog is, every canine friend is a puppy in my book. These rescue dogs might not frolic around the room like a litter of young puppies, but they play, snuggle, and snooze.
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee often takes in rescue dogs that would have a hard time getting adopted at a typical shelter. They give each and every dog a safe and loving place to call home. They currently have over 100 senior dogs living at their sanctuary and 300 more living out their golden years with loving foster families.
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