The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Dog Lovers Made Easy

Key Points

  • A Valentine’s Day gift for dog lovers doesn't just have to be for a human – it can also be for a special dog.

  • Dog-inspired jewelry makes a great gift for the holiday.

  • Dog toy boxes, treat dispensers, and orthopedic beds are also great gift ideas

  • Include your canine in your plans this year when you are shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for dog lovers.

Coming up with a gift idea is challenging if you're not sure where to start or what your person likes. Finding a Valentine’s Day gift for dog lovers is a sure path to their hearts and the hearts of their furry friends. Choosing a gift that also includes their dog is an excellent way to recognize that pets are family.

If you're looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for dog lovers, you'll enjoy the products and services outlined in this article. Follow along for five unique dog-inspired holiday gifts!

Valentine’s Day Dog Gift Ideas

When choosing a Valentine’s Day gift, decide whether you want a gift that's specifically for your person or if you want to go for a gift for the dog. There are many choices for dog gifts, like automatic treat feeders, orthopedic beds, clothing, or toys. 

There are also plenty of dog-inspired gifts for your person, specially made for those who love dogs. A necklace featuring a dog's face or a ring that showcases a beautiful heart and paw print are two excellent choices that will impress your person. 

A black dog with red heart-shaped glasses lies in bed of rose petals

Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

by Furbo

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The Furbo Dog Camera

If you’re a dog lover, you take plenty of pictures and videos of your little furry friend. While storing these on your camera roll makes for easy access later, it doesn’t let you check in on your dog in real-time.

The Furbo Dog Camera is an excellent product for anyone wanting to monitor their dog when they're in another room, working outside the home, or running errands for the day. Not only can you monitor your dog from this product's live stream video, you can also communicate with them through the speaker.

The Furbo has a two-way audio ability that allows you to speak to your dog and hear if they're barking or getting into trouble. This device even has a treat-tossing component to help keep your dog out of trouble and entertained.

If your canine is prone to barking or loneliness when you're away, this product is excellent for keeping them engaged and in your company even when you're not physically there. Accessing the video live stream is easy through the Furbo iOS/Android app.

A barking alert feature sends a notification to your phone anytime your dog is barking.

The Furbo Dog Camera comes in a minimal white design and is small enough to store next to your dog's food dishes or discreetly in another room around your home. Dog lovers will enjoy having this extra way of communicating with their dogs and seeing them anytime, day or night. 

At the time of this writing, the Furbo Dog Camera cost $199.00.

Personalized Dog Necklace for Women

by MignonandMignon

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03/11/2024 01:47 am GMT

MignonandMignon Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for dog lovers. MignonandMignon offers personalized, custom-made necklaces featuring a portrait of your pup’s face.

The necklace comes in a gold, silver, or rose-gold chain with a matching circular pendant. The delicate design offers a high-quality image of your pet with their name underneath the image. 

Creating this necklace is simple. Find a picture of the beloved pooch. Make sure the picture is clear and focuses on their adorable face. The more their furry little face is centered in the picture, the more detail the necklace will have.

Choose the design style for your necklace and upload it to the manufacturer's site. It's as simple as that!

The necklace takes about a week to ship, so make sure to plan ahead if this is the gift you want for your dog lover.

If you're looking for a way to melt your dog lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day, there's no better option than the custom-made pet necklaces at MignonandMignon. 

Even better? This adorable piece of jewelry is only $24.99.

A dog lays down next to a Valentine's Day heart

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Memory Foam

by The Dog's Balls

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The Dog's Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed

One way to impress a dog lover this Valentine’s Day is to get them a high-quality and thoughtful gift for their canine companion. A dog bed is an excellent choice for a gift – especially for anyone whose dog sleeps on the ground or around the house.

Some dog beds consist of low-quality material that wears down over time. The Dog's Bed memory foam bed contains plush, form-fitting material that supports your dog's body and offers superior comfort.

Choose between the many size options; they have a bed for just about any dog. There are also over a dozen designs, ranging from plaid, blue-red, and gray fur. Each style offers the same next-level comfort and orthopedic properties.

An orthopedic bed relieves joint pain and increases joint mobility. This product is helpful for dog breeds prone to joint issues or older dogs.

The orthopedic bed is an excellent choice whether your dog lover's pet is a puppy or is in their older years. The product also comes with a removable cover that is easy to wash and quick drying and a waterproof mattress protector for dogs prone to accidents. 

Veterinarian Dr. Ayeley Okine tells CareCredit which dogs are most prone to joint issues and which will benefit from this product most: "Rottweilers and Labs are probably some of the more common breeds we see [joint issues] in. Breeds prone to hip dysplasia may also be more prone to arthritis.”

An orthopedic bed is a thoughtful gift that shows your person how much you care about the dog who means so much to them.

These beds start at $79.99 and have options up from there. 

A dog lover kisses her white dog

Puppy Pet Lovers Paw Print Ring Heart Jewelry

by Sariel

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03/10/2024 01:13 am GMT

Puppy Pet Lovers Paw Print Ring

If you're planning to surprise your dog lover with a piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day this year, Sariel has a unique gift they may love.

The Puppy Pet Lovers Paw Print Ring features a silver ring with a heart and paw print design. There are three variations of this ring for you to choose.

The first is all silver and doesn't contain any additional message on the inner band. This is a great choice if you're looking for a minimal design or if it's your first Valentine’s Day with this special dog lover.

The second option features a black filling inside the paw print and has "always in my heart" etched in the inside band of the ring.

The third option features the standard all-silver ring with the message "we are family" etched in the inner band.

These rings are a beautiful and personal gift that reminds your person just how strongly you feel about them and their dog.

Each ring consists of high-quality sterling silver, which is nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic. They are also adjustable, so if you're unsure of someone's ring size, you can rest assured that it will fit.

The rings start at $15.98 and go up. 

Two dog lovers kiss their dog's head

If you're looking for a way to impress the dog-lover in your life, has various Valentine’s Day-themed toys and clothing. Take a look at their site and browse through all of the product offerings for some inspiration.

Valentine's Bones Baked Dog Treats

by Claudia's Canine Bakery 

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02/18/2024 12:08 am GMT

Not sure what to get? Choose one of the many goody boxes they offer. A few Valentine’s Day boxes are available that include dog toys and treats in various sizes. These treat boxes are available in themes for any occasion.

Chewy is a great resource to buy from any time of the year. They offer other products such as flea and tick treatment, crates and gates, vitamins and supplements, and leashes. If you don't live near a pet store or enjoy shopping online rather than in-store, head over to Chewy and see all of the wonderful products they offer.

Valentine’s Day With a Plus-One Pup

Spending time with your person this holiday doesn't have to exclude your – or their – canine. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day options that are both romantic and dog-inclusive. 

Picnic in the Park

Depending on where you live, the weather may be nice enough to have a romantic lunch or dinner in the park.

Make a batch of your favorite foods, bring a bottle of wine, and let your furry friend tag along.

Enjoying the natural scenery and playing fetch in the park with your dog is a great way to spend this loving holiday. 

Woman embraces her pug dog for Valentine's Day

Dinner for Three

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days for showing off your cooking skills. Schedule a date with your person and dog and cook them their favorite dishes.

Find a dog-safe treat recipe to show your dog how much you love them. 

Weekend Getaway

Taking a quick trip this holiday provides a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your person and dog. Find a nearby location to drive to, allowing your canine to tag along for the road trip. 

While you enjoy dining at a new restaurant, your pup can relax and enjoy sleeping at the pet-friendly Airbnb.

Dog lays down with red heart headband

Valentine’s Day Is Just Around the Corner

There's no better time to start shopping for Valentine’s Day than today. The holiday is just around the corner, and giving the perfect gift to that special someone – or somepup – shows how important they are in your life.

With all of these thoughtful ideas, you’re sure to find the gift that will get you some wet, sloppy kisses. Who knows? You might get a kiss from your dog, too.

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