21 Pictures Of Huskies Just Because They’re Gorgeous Dogs

With their wolf-like good looks and goofball personalities, Siberian Huskies are climbing the ranks of the most popular dog breeds. The American Kennel Club ranked them as last year’s 14th most popular breed, and it’s fairly common to see this pretty dogs at dog parks, pet stores, and just about everywhere else. Huskies are, of course, more than their looks, but we can’t help but appreciate physical features like their stunning eyes, bold coloring, and (my personal favorite), all that floof.
I’m a firm believer that admiring pretty dogs is a great way to relieve stress. That’s why I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures of this gorgeous dog breed for you to scroll through and enjoy.

Just look at that happy face!


Being popular isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to point out that Huskies are not for everyone.

Siberian Huskies and their mixes are energetic dogs that can be stubborn and independent.
They are high-energy, extremely smart, and they have the escape skills of a canine Houdini. Keeping them healthy, happy, and at home isn’t always easy, and that kind of hard work coupled with their growing popularity can land these cold-weather dogs in serious trouble.
Countless Huskies end up in shelters every week because their owners realize they’re in over their heads. While we can all admire these pictures and agree that Huskies are beautiful dogs, remember to do your research before bringing one home.
And if you’re sure a Husky is the right breed for you, why not consider adoption? There are rescues all over the country commuted to helping this specific breed.

Huskies didn’t start becoming popular dogs until they started winning sled races in the 1900s.

With their thick coats, nimble strength, and willingness to work, they’re the natural champs when it comes to racing across frozen tundra.
Today, dog sledding is mostly a recreational hobby, but it used to be the main means of transportation for isolated villages in Alaska, northern Canada, and parts of northeastern Asia. Teams of Huskies were used to transport both people and supplies.
The most famous example is the 1925 serum run that brought life-saving medicine to the town of Nome, Alaska. Lead dogs Togo, Balto, and several others battled extreme winter weather to prove once again that Huskies are amazing animals.

Besides the famous serum run, the Husky’s claim to fame will always be their good looks.

Smaller than the Alaskan Malamute, the Siberian is a medium-sized dog built more for speed than strength.
The classic Husky coloring is probably black and white, but there are several standard colors including red and white, brown and white, white, and black.
And we can’t forget about their eyes! Siberians have either almond or ice blue eyes⁠⁠—and some even have one of both!
Husky Husky Husky
Here’s an example of different standard colors accepted by the AKC. Huskies can be bred for specific colors, and one litter can include different-colored puppies. It all depends on the genes they inherit from their parents.
Look at those piercing blue eyes!

HuskyHuskies are true cold-weather dogs.

Huskies are built for cold weather, and they’re often happiest lounging in the snow. They have double coats that keep them warm, and they can easily overheat if the temperature gets too high.
It’s important to remember, however, that even Huskies can suffer from prolonged exposure to cold weather. A Husky in New York was recently found with frostbite after being outside for too long. Thankfully, that dog made a full recovery! You can read the full story here.

Husky Husky
Do you have a Husky in your life? We’d love to see pictures!
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