Meet This Adorable Oreo Cloud Who Is Training To Be A Therapy Dog

There's no such thing as a puppy that isn't cute. Whether they have long hair, short hair, floppy ears, or whatever else, I fall in love with every little pup I lay eyes on.  Even I have to admit, however, that this tiny Oreo cloud named Chief has something special in terms of extreme cuteness.

Just look at his face!

And all that fluff! When Chief's mom, Sarah Hamilton, posted pictures of her new puppy online, it didn't take long for basically the entire Internet to fall in love. Sarah posted in the giant Facebook group called Dogspotting Society. She received thousands of likes and comments, and now it seems everyone wants their own cookies n' cream puppy. Chief is a growing ball of fluff now, but the blue-eyed puppy won't be little for long. Sarah told Bored Panda that she and her husband named the puppy Chief because they know he'll grow up to be a strong, impressive dog. He's described as being a "merle Chow," and Sarah is also awaiting DNA test results to get an exact breakdown of his genetics.

Regardless of his breed, this Oreo cloud is a 100% good boy. While his official name is Chief, it's safe to say the Internet will forever recognize him by his appropriate nickname—Oreo cloud. Chief's unique coloring obviously makes him stand out. And his blue eyes, black tongue, and insanely soft fluff complete his adorable package. We could stare at pictures of this puppy for hours, but Chief is more than just his good looks. Sarah reports that he is extremely smart. And even at a young age, he already has a big personality. He loves bath time, snuggles, and helping out with household chores. Chief is busy learning important puppy skills, but Sarah also plans to train him to be a therapy dog. Current training opportunities are limited due to the pandemic, but Chief is receiving a lot of at-home training and attention. Sarah watches dog training videos on YouTube, and her little pup is already proving to be a star student. Once the world opens back up, Sarah says she plans to enroll Chief in classes with the goal to pass an official therapy certification test. From there, she wants to take her sweet pup on weekly trips to children's hospitals to share the joy that comes with meeting a real-life Oreo cloud. Follow Chief on Facebook and Instagram for more adorable pictures! Need more cute puppies in your life? Meet a Dalmatian who wears his heart (literally) on his nose! Click here

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