Man Springs Into Action To Rescue Dog From Elevator’s Grasp

For Johnny Mathis of Houston, Texas, he is quick to take action in the event of an emergency. We live in a world where many people are consumed by social media and their cellphones, bumbling about aimlessly and not really paying much attention to where they are going.
Johnny’s fast-thinking skills are the reason one very lucky Pomeranian is here to wag her tail today.

Check out the footage here shared by Houston’s ABC News of the rescue dog hero:

Johnny shared his story on his personal Twitter account on December 9th, and shortly after ABC News Houston caught wind of his rescue dog story and shared it with the world. It’s been said for years the many dangers of retractable leashes, so hopefully the dog’s owner might reconsider her choice of leash moving forward.
Retractable leashes are often a leash of choice for small dog owners to allow their dogs a bit of freedom. But in actuality, retractable leashes are confusing to a dog’s mind and a recipe for disaster. But thanks to Houston traffic, Johnny was later than usual coming home on December 9th. And one dog is here today because of it.

It seems that Johnny is just an all-around good guy and lover of dogs. He is completely humbled by the unexpected attention and sincerely hopes that his own rescue dog hero experience can serve as a powerful reminder to others, especially dog owners, that it only takes a split second for the worst to happen.

And not only has Johnny’s story been heard in Houston, but CNN caught wind of his heroic rescue dog efforts and reached out to him regarding the situation. He tells CNN that:

“When she (the woman) got on, I was looking at the dog, because it was a cute dog. I noticed the leash was kinda long but I didn’t think it wasn’t going to make it on the elevator or anything.”

As you can see in the above video, the cord for the least instantly shot up, taking the tiny dog right with it. It took Johnny 13 seconds to unhook the leash, but one can only imagine what would have happened should he not have been at the right place at the right time. Again, this just goes to show you the power of paying attention.

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