Is the FURminator Brush Worth the Hype? Here Are the Facts.

welsh corgi pembroke dog lying next to a pile of shedded fur

While many dogs like being groomed, others might go insane when they see a brush. Brushing your dog's coat isn't only a good method to keep them looking tip-top, it's also an important aspect of responsible dog care. Grooming sessions regularly keep you linked to your dog's general health, allowing you to inspect their coat, body, and paws for any health condition that needs attention. Don't give up if your dog squirms, hides, attacks, or runs away when he sees a brush, there are methods to make the routine more enjoyable for both the dog and owner. For example, you can let your dog play with his favorite toy during grooming sessions.

Some dog breeds like the Labrador Retriever, Pekingese, and Newfoundland shed a lot. Others, such as Dachshunds, Poodles, and Border Terriers, seem to shed very little. It is important to brush your dog if he sheds often. Sometimes monthly, sometimes a few times a week, and maybe daily during periods of high shedding. Even if your dog does not shed a lot, it is still important to brush and groom them regularly. However, the frequency of grooming depends on their coat. You can also consult your vet to find out what's best for your dog.

Brushing is not a difficult task. You only need to understand your dog's coat type, which defines how often you should brush and what sort of brush to use.

husky being brushed

Long-Haired Breeds

Long-haired breeds, for example, Collies and Tibetan Terriers, need weekly brushing. Perhaps more often if the coat seems excessively entangled. The bristles of a pinhead brush are a good option as they hold the undercoat and remove loose hairs without causing harm to these breeds. Be careful, though, It may also penetrate the skin. Begin near to the skin and work your way away from it. Pull out any mats with a comb.

Short-Haired Breeds

Like Labrador Retrievers and Greyhounds, short-haired dogs do not need regular brushing since their hair does not mat or tangle frequently. However, you should still brush your dog every couple of weeks to eliminate loose hair. Rubber brushes are ideal for your short-haired breed since they have short, flexible rubber bristles. Rubber brushes or a grooming glove, massage the skin and bring dust and loose hair to the top of the coat, where you can easily remove them with a bristle brush.

Double-Coated Breeds

Double-Coated breeds like the Pomeranian need frequent brushing to maintain their beautiful coat. A brush such as an undercoat rake is best for such a full-fur puppy. Undercoat rakes include one or two rows of metal pins meant to penetrate the undercoat, remove loose hair, and remove and prevent molds. Also, you can use undercoat rakes on double-coated breeds of various hair lengths. However, you must choose the appropriate pin length for the length of your dog's coat. Wide-toothed combs may also help in the removal of mats and tangles.

Short-Wiry Hair Breeds

Dog breeds like Dachshunds and most Terriers have short, wiry hair that needs a slicker brush followed by a metal comb. Slicker brushes have brush heads coated with short, closely packed wire pins that are slanted to penetrate the coat while avoiding the skin. Use them to eliminate mats and prevent mats from developing on medium-coated, long-coated, wire-coated, and curly-coated dogs by eliminating loose hair. When using slicker brushes, use a soft touch since pushing too hard may cause skin irritation.

Excessive shedding may be caused by underlying endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism or congenital issues such as follicular dysplasia. In addition, it can be possible that your dog has allergies, which may create skin and shedding concerns. Talk to your veterinarian if you think your puppy has a skin problem. Otherwise, frequent brushing, combing, and pore- and follicle-dilating shampoos and baths are the most efficient ways to control shedding.

jack russel shedding all over sofa

About FURminator

A professional groomer and her husband created the FURminator after they spent a long time looking for a gadget that would efficiently remove her dog's undercoat. They set out to develop one since they had never found one that functioned they wanted it to.

FURminator dog grooming supplies and equipment are the best method to keep your canine looking great. These brushes, combs, and other pet accessories are intended to be used on various coat types. Each product has a unique function, ensuring that you can maintain your dog's healthy coat and keep it tangle-free while still looking its best. The FURminator de-shedding tool is the company's most popular product. This is the first grooming tool that made FURminator hype before they expanded into other product lines. Because the tool does not cut the topcoat hair, the undercoat is allowed to breathe and regulate the dog's temperature. This popular product is categorized into two groups that are for long hair and short hair canines.

The FURminator de-shedding tool contains very fine metal bristles intended to remove two types of hair on your pet: loose hair and hair that makes up your dog's undercoat. When it comes to de-shedding, the FURminator performs well. Its sharp teeth make removing undercoats and stray hair from your pets extremely simple. Because of its depth, it can efficiently reach the undercoat and remove loose hair. Even if you are a busy pet owner with limited time to de-shed your dog, this gadget will still benefit you since features like the FURejector will help you maximize the time you spend de-shedding your puppy. Even though it may be a little expensive, there is an advantage since the pricing is dependent on the size you will be purchasing. So, if your dog is a small breed, the FURminator products can match your budget.

The more you use it, the less loose hair you'll have to deal with the next time you de-shed your dog, and with frequent usage, you'll notice a difference with much less hair buildup on your floors and surfaces. Additionally, it will make your dog feel lighter, with skin that breathes better beneath the remaining coat. The FURminator's efficiency is due to its well-thought-out design. It's composed of high-quality stainless steel and has rake-like teeth and a soft rubber handle that is easy to hold.

It comes in various sizes (extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large). Each size has short or long hair usage choices, making it suitable for all dog breeds. For example, Jack Russell owners will like the little size, while Labrador owners would appreciate the medium size. The various sizes are also useful for different body sections. For example, the giant brush softly removes loose hair in a few falling swoops, while you can use little brushes to brush away shedding fur from legs and ears. Each one has a different color, so you'll know what to search for if you want to buy another one. They're all equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfortable handling.

Undercoat Deshedding Tool

by FURminator

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FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool – Small

The FURminator is an extremely effective de-shedding equipment that provides you and your dog with a pleasant and easy de-shedding experience. It will not cut or damage your dog's coat and only brush away the upper coat and any shedding fur. This is the short-haired model for dogs who weigh no more than 50 pounds. For example, the Beagle and Terrier.

It comes as basic shedding equipment with a short stainless steel edge and an ergonomically good grip-friendly rubber handle. It also has a handy FURejector tool that, when squeezed, instantly expels the gathered fur for simple cleanup. So there is no formal setup necessary; just take it out of the packaging and begin using it. The FURminator is that simple to use. You have to place your pet on the lawn and wear protective clothing to keep the hair you'll be brushing off from getting on your clothes. For optimal results, use the FURminator once or twice each week for 10 to 20 minutes to prevent your dog from developing too much hair, making grooming him more difficult the next time.

This grooming tool outlasts most dog hairbrushes, and you simply need to replace the teeth with new blades when the old ones wear out. Aside from the technical issues, a few advantages to utilizing the deShedding dog brush make it a worthwhile purchase. Firstly, it makes the whole grooming procedure more relaxing for both you and your dog. Secondly, it encourages both of you to do it more often.

DeShedding Tool for Dogs

by FURminator

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FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool – Large

The FURminator is a highly recommended dog de-shedding tool that may help decrease shedding by up to 90%. It has an ergonomic design and is simple, making it ideal for anybody searching for an efficient approach to prevent dog shedding. However, it is best suited for dogs with coats longer than 2 inches. This means if your dog is 51 to 90 lbs and has medium to long-length hair/fur, this product will serve you best. The blade is also curved, allowing it to fit easily in your palm and contour to your dog's body.

It is recommended to run this de-shedding tool over your dog's coat in long, gentle strokes.

De-Shedding Tool

by Furminator

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FURminator De-Shedding Tool

It is recommended to use the FURminator DeShedding Tool once or twice a week for 10-20 minutes each time. The DeShedding tool is gentle on the skin and effectively removes undercoats and stray hair. Because the ears and tail are often sensitive parts for most dogs, extra care must be taken while brushing these areas.

When not in use, maintain the protective edge cover on the DeShedding tool. Brush your pet before using the gadget to eliminate any mats or tangles that may have developed. Before using a DeShedding tool on your pet, make sure that his or her coat is dry. Warm water can be used to clean the DeShedding edge. If required, you can apply a gentle soap.

Reasons to Brush Your Dog

Distributes Natural Oils

Dog coats contain natural oils, which need to be dispersed. It will keep the dog's coat looking shiny and gorgeous while preventing a greasy buildup on their skin.

Prevents Painful Mats

Mats are those ugly, knot-like clumps of hair that form due to improper grooming (i.e., brushing) and may gather dirt and cause discomfort as they strain on the dog's skin. Some dog breeds are more prone to matting than others. Such breeds may include Poodles, Bishon, and ShihTzu. Regular brushing is the key to removing tangles and mats in your dog's coat.

Helps You Notice Anything Harmful

Brushing is also an excellent method to check the health of your dog. Look for lumps, ticks, bugs, hair mat, cuts, and anything else that seems strange when brushing. Dogs can develop a few additional bumps and lumps as they mature. If one of those bumps is harmless, it's preferable to find out sooner than later.

Reduces Shedding

The more frequently you brush your dog, the more hair you will remove, preventing excessive shedding. Brush your dog at least twice a week, or as recommended by your vet, throughout the shedding seasons of autumn and spring. If your dog is a double coat breed, which is common in breeds such as Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, Corgis, and Shetland Sheepdogs, use a shedding hair grooming tool.

Promotes Healthy Coat

Brushing your dog is important for developing a shiny coat. Whether it has short or long hair, brushing your dog's coat can help eliminate dirt and increase cell turnover. Furthermore, it will remove any dead, dull hairs, leaving just the gleaming, healthy hairs. The greatest thing about brushing your dog often is that it reduces the amount of hair your dog sheds about the home or on your clothes. It is an excellent method to improve the dog-owner relationship.

brushing golden retriever dog after bath

How to Brush Your Dog?

It is recommended to start with brushing the head. The skin and fur surrounding a dog's face are very delicate, and you must take care not to injure the dog's eyes or ears. Use a soft slicker created particularly for the face if your dog's coat or the hair on their face is short. If your dog has long facial hair, such as a fall over the eyes or a beard, place your fingers under the long hair and gently comb it out to protect your dog's delicate skin from the comb's harsh, pointed teeth.

Put your fingers between the comb and your dog's sensitive skin to groom lengthy ear hair. If the ear fur is matted or knotted, softly comb away from the tangles with a washcloth soaked in detangle solution. If the ear fur knots are very large (many dogs have them behind the ears), use electric clippers (moving your hand between the skin and the clipper) to remove them, or just call a professional to do it for you to prevent harming the skin.

Additionally, short hair on a dog's forelegs doesn't normally need to be brushed. However, if your pup has feathering – long hair on the backs of the legs that extend from the armpit to paw – you must comb it out since it tangles more than the rest of your dog's coat. Brush in the dog's coat direction, always in a down-and-out motion. You should not brush your dog outwards. Keep the brush perpendicular to the dog and prevent pushing upward. Be gentle, otherwise your dog may develop a disliking for grooming appointments. It's okay to take your time while brushing your dog as you would not want to pull on tangles since you'll end up tugging your dog's hair out.

Use a decent mat spray or coat conditioner if you encounter any mats. Follow the packaging instructions, which normally call for leaving it on for a few minutes. This will help in loosening the mat and making it simpler to remove. Lastly, grooming your dog should be done in short sessions. If your dog needs more than a quick brush, spread out their grooming requirements across a few days. Brush half of them one day, then the other half the following. Just make certain that the right quantity of brushing is done to all areas. This will help you and your dog to get less stressed and won't spend long hours brushing.

Final Thoughts

The FURminator seems to be receiving a lot of great reviews. But, to see whether it's all hype or if this is one of the greatest de-shedding products available, it is important to look for what benefits it provides and how user-friendly the product is.

Its stainless steel provides efficient removal of loose hair from your dog's coat. The handle's ergonomic design is a big plus that provides an easy grip. Whether you have a long-coat or short-coat puppy, all FURminator products are made with your pet's health in mind. The FURminator is a fantastic investment for any pet owner. It may help keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

If you're on the fence about buying any FURminator grooming products, then you might consider them as they provide amazing results and reduce shedding. FURminator also provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your pet while giving him the grooming session.

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