How To Groom Your Beauceron at Home

Three wet Beauceron dogs lying down on a rocky shore

Having the perfect dog, whether mixed-breed or pure-breed, can make your life better in a multitude of ways. Dogs provide us companionship, protect our homes, become part of our families, and can even perform working tasks such as herding or hunting. It’s no wonder why dogs are considered man’s best friend. For many individuals, a Beauceron dog is the perfect addition to their home.

Bringing home a new Beauceron puppy or adult is an exciting time for any dog owner. As with most owners, their dog’s health and happiness are two big priorities. Because of this, learning all that you can about your Beauceron dog and its needs is essential. Dogs vary greatly by breed, age, size, and more, and properly caring for them requires a bit of knowledge and research.

So, what should you feed your Beauceron, and how often? How much exercise do they need? Is grooming and shedding a major concern for this breed? We’ll go over all of the Beauceron dog basics when it comes to shedding. With some practice and education, your pup will be looking great in no time thanks to some high-quality at-home grooming, that will also save you a few bucks in the meantime.

Beauceron Dog History

All dog breeds originated somewhere, and likely were created to serve a certain purpose or fulfill a working role. For Beaucerons, this purpose was herding. Beauceron dogs originated during the late 16th century in the plains of Central France, called La Beauce. They were initially used as form dogs who protected cattle and sheep. Later, their roles developed further and began to vary. In 1863, some Beauceron dogs continued to guard livestock and their homes, while others began to herd within the plains.

While Beauceron is the common name for this breed in America, they may be called otherwise in different regions. Common alternative names for the Beauceron include Berger de Beauce and Bas Rouge. While this breed may have originally gained popularity in their home country of France, they are now seen in many various regions. Many individuals made efforts to preserve the qualities of the native French breed in the 1960s. Today, Beauceron dogs are commonly seen as house pets and working dogs in the United States. The Beauceron Club of America was founded in 1980, and this breed was later recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2001.

Beauceron dog standing in a grassy field

Beauceron Personality Traits

Beauceron dogs have a temperament that is perfect for a variety of different homes. They are very loving with children and loyal to their families. There is nothing that this breed loves more than being around their humans. While they are fond of two-legged family members, Beaucerons typically don’t do well with other animals. With socialization from a young age, a Beauceron puppy may be warmer to other pets, though this should be considered when adopting a Beauceron. If you have other animals in your home, this breed may not be the best fit.

Beaucerons may be gentle in their homes, but they are very bold and intelligent, especially when working in the fields. They can easily memorize tasks and are highly efficient in herding and guarding. With a lifespan of eight to ten years and minimal common health problems, aside from hip dysplasia and bloat, you can expect many fun-filled years alongside your beloved Beauceron.

Beauceron Physical Characteristics

Beauceron dogs have unique markings and coats, which they are known and loved for. Their black coats have red markings, including their red stockings. Sometimes, a Beauceron may have a black, gray, and tan coat. They have a dense undercoat and coarse, straight, typical length outer coat. The Beauceron coat is also waterproof, making it ideal for rain or wet weather.

This breed is known for being strong and large, yet graceful and gentle. They average around 26.5 inches tall consisting of lean muscle and a lean physique. Overall, this breed is the perfect gentle giant, that can be protective when needed. Looking similar to a German Shepherd, they too take after the working dog breed tendencies.

Beauceron running across grass

Beauceron Grooming

Grooming is an important part of owning any dog breed, including a Beauceron. Not only does grooming keep their coat nice and healthy, but it also addresses other areas of health such as teeth, nails, ears, and more. Without proper grooming, dogs may be at risk for developing infections, coat issues, and other health issues. To ensure that your dog is living the best life possible, it’s important to know how and when to properly groom them.

Why Grooming Is Important

There are many reasons to practice grooming your Beauceron dog at home. Both physical and psychological health is enhanced through regular grooming. A Beauceron coat that hasn’t been groomed and maintained can end up becoming too long, matted, and even uncomfortable for your dog. The last thing that any dog owner wants is for their dog’s health or happiness to be impacted by something as simple as grooming.

There are many benefits of grooming your Beauceron regularly. Proper grooming will not only improve their health but also prevent odors from developing. In addition, grooming avoids fur matting and creates a shinier coat. Coats that are regularly groomed tend to shed less by removing excess dead hair before it falls off, meaning grooming will save you from sleeping bunches of dog hair off of your floor. Overall, regular grooming improves the look and feel of your dog’s coat.

Regular grooming can also be a preventative measure for various health concerns. When grooming, you will be able to see if your dog has any fleas or not, and get them the treatment that they need if fleas are present. Without grooming, fleas may often go unnoticed. In addition, grooming minimizes the risk of ear infections by keeping ears clean and reducing ear hairs that can trap debris and bacteria. grooming can also detect any health issues that are affecting the skin, such as allergies. Overall, there is an abundance of reasons that you should be regularly grooming your Beauceron dog.

Beauceron on its back, paw in the air

Beauceron Grooming Tools

There are a wide variety of canine grooming tools on the market, and knowing which are best for your Beauceron’s coat is essential. Beauceron coats differ from other breeds, and they need specific grooming tools because of this. To start, be sure to purchase a medium-toothed comb for Beauceron grooming. This comb is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different grooming tasks.

In addition to a comb, slicker brushes are another must-have Beauceron grooming tool. While this breed is known for a relatively short coat, they still need to be brushed regularly. To do so, a slicker brush is the best tool to use. This brush will remove any debris, dead hair, and tangles within the fur.

A rubber hound mitt is a great multi-purpose grooming tool that is very easy to use. Simply slip it onto your hand and rub your dog to collect debris. This rubber hound mitt product creates electrostatic forces that attract and gather hair, long, and small particles, and even works when wet.

Canine shampoo and conditioner are essential for proper grooming. These shampoos are specially formulated to clean and soften canine coats, leaving them smelling fresh and feeling soft. If your Beauceron suffers from skin issues, be sure to use a soothing shampoo with special ingredients, such as aloe vera or oatmeal. These special shampoos will soothe your dog’s skin by reducing inflammation, as well as the itching and irritation that it may cause.

Many owners may not realize the importance of canine oral health care. Brushing your dog’s teeth is an important part of grooming them properly. Because of this, be sure to pick up some dog toothpaste and a dog toothbrush. Teeth brushing should be done regularly to avoid bacteria build-up and dental diseases. In addition to brushing your Beauceron’s teeth at home, they will also need to be professionally cleaned, though much less often. Brushing their teeth between professional cleanings helps ensure their teeth are as healthy as possible.

Ear wipes and drops are a great way to keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy, as well as avoid ear infections. Your Beauceron pup is sure to thank you for keeping up on regular ear care during grooming. While ear wipes remove debris in the ear opening, ear drops go deeper into the ear canal and prevent infections from forming.

Nail clippers can help you trim your Beauceron’s nails in a healthy, safe way. While nails are naturally filed when your dog walks or runs on concrete, this may not be enough. Because of this, we recommend getting an auto-stop nail clipper for grooming needs. This nail clipper will keep your dog’s nails at a comfortable length, without cutting them too short and possibly causing injury.

Finally, if you plan to handle all Beauceron grooming at home, you will need electric clippers and hair-cutting scissors. These electric clippers can be used to keep your Beauceron’s coat at the desired length. Haircutting scissors can be used to trim the hair between paw pads, inside of and around the ears, and in other areas where electric clippers can be used. We don’t recommend trimming or buzzing your dog’s coat without proper instruction by a professional.

Once you have all of these grooming products, you will be able to properly groom your Beauceron pup at home. Doing so will keep them looking and feeling great, and can form a stronger bond between you and your dog. Only have a few tools to work with? That’s okay! Start slow with brushing or combing, and with time, you and your Beauceron puppy or adult are sure to love doing this activity together. This breed is an intelligent dog and will always notice and appreciate when you take extra great care of them!

A collection of dog grooming tools

How To Groom a Beauceron

Grooming your Beauceron is a relatively easy process that can vary by dog and frequency. Some tasks need to be completed more often than others- which we’ll go over in a bit. Overall, here is a good sequence to follow when grooming your Beauceron dog.

To begin grooming, be sure to thoroughly brush your Beauceron from top to bottom with a slicker brush. Doing so will eliminate any debris, tangles, mats, and knots from their coat. After brushing, consider combing their fur if needed to remove any stubborn tangles or mats. If needed, clip any areas of their coat that are overgrown. some days may need their anal sacs cleared. If you know how to do this at home, be sure to check if your dog needs theirs done during at-home grooming.

After thoroughly combing, brushing, and checking your dog, start by giving them a bath. Simply wash them with medium-warm water, soaking their fur with shampoo. After rinsing the shampoo, coat them with canine conditioner and allow it to sit a few minutes before rinsing. Once they have been washed, be sure to thoroughly dry your Beauceron dog with a towel or dryer.

Be sure to clean their ears and eyes with drops, if needed, and thoroughly brush their teeth. If you are concerned about your dog’s oral health, consider using additional products to keep their mouth clean between brushing and deep cleaning sessions. Dental chews, wipes, and foods are all effective and easy ways to keep up on your dog’s oral health and prevent any bacteria.

After you have tended to small areas, brush your Beauceron’s hair out once more. If you are using canine leave-in conditioner, apply it to your dog now. Some owners may use this time as an opportunity to clip any hair that needs attention. Once finished, your Beauceron is sure to be looking and feeling great.

Dirty Beauceron dog in back of car

How Often To Groom Your Beauceron

How often you should groom your dog typically depends on their breed. For example, a short hair dog such as a Beauceron, Beagle, or Bulldog typically needs less frequent combing, brushing, and hair trimming than other dogs. Long hair breeds such as Poodles and Newfoundland Dogs need much more frequent grooming and coat maintenance.

On average, Beaucerons are considered very low maintenance in terms of grooming. Thanks to their short, double coat, you shouldn’t find yourself overwhelmed by their grooming needs or shedding levels. Bathing should be preformed once every three months at most to ensure their coat stays clean and soft. Aside from that, it’s recommended that you brush your Beauceron several times per week. Doing so will ensure that any debris, dead hair, and tangles are removed. With time, you are sure to find an at-home grooming practice and schedule that works best for you and your Beauceron.

Beauceron Shedding

Shedding is a concern for many dog owners, especially those with dog allergies. While Beaucerons are not hypoallergenic, they do have a very low shedding level. No dog doesn’t shed at all, but some shed less than other breeds. With proper grooming, you can expect minimal shedding and cleanup when owning a Beauceron dog.

You can expect shedding to slightly increase during shedding seasons of spring and fall. These seasons of shedding remove old, dead hair and make room for an appropriate seasonal coat. These seasonal coats keep your dog from becoming cold or hot during these different climates. Aside from shedding seasons, shedding shouldn’t be a major concern for Beauceron owners, even those with dog allergies.

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Wrapping Up

The Beauceron dog breed has a rich French history of herding and protecting cattle and sheep. While they are more commonly seen as house pets, many Beauceron dogs still perform work duties. Given their working past, they are known to be a highly intelligent dog breed with extreme loyalty to their family members. Beauceron dogs stand out from other breeds due to their beautiful markings and large stature. They are the perfect breed for a diverse group of dog owners.

Grooming your Beauceron at home has a variety of benefits for their physical and psychological health. Proper grooming allows your dog to look and feel good, while also preventing common health issues such as fleas, ear infections, and more. With a relatively short hair coat, grooming your Beauceron shouldn’t be too much of a difficult task.

Brushing your Beauceron should be done on a regular basis, such as a few times per week. this can be done with a comb, brush, or rubber hound mitt to remove debris and dead hair. Aside from that, bathing needs to be done at least once every three months. Nails should be trimmed as needed, as well as clearing anal glands. Beauceron teeth should be brushed regularly, alongside the use of other dental products and professional teeth cleaning. All together, proper Beauceron grooming won’t take up too much of your time and will help save you time that you might have spent cleaning up dog hair due to shedding. There is nothing better than seeing your dog be healthy and happy, and at-home grooming can help you attain that. Be sure to give various grooming methods a try and see what works best for you and your pup.

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