Doggy Destruction: Why Is My Dog Being Naughty?

Has ever this happened to you? You arrive home late after a long day of work, looking forward to a night of snuggling your dog and watching trashy television. However, when you open your front door, your dog is nowhere to be seen. You walk further into your house and find trash scattered everywhere. While you were at work, your dog got into the trash can and decided to spread its contents all over the place. Now your dog is in the bathroom trying to unroll every roll of toilet paper and generally making a mess. Now you have to spend half an hour cleaning up the house before you can even think about making dinner, all why your dog stares at you like you are ruining their fun. Why is this happening?
why is my dog being naughty?
There are several reasons your dog might be acting out. Separation anxiety often triggers destructive behavior when the owner is away, and the dog has no supervision. However, the most common reason dogs act out is the same reason most people do, they are bored and are looking for stimulation.

Boredom in dogs is more common than you think. 

Many popular dog breeds were initially designed to have large amounts of energy and strength to work alongside humans. Dogs pulled sleds, herded animals, hunted prey, and even retrieved ducks from ponds after their masters had shot them out of the sky. While most modern dogs live a life of leisure as a treasured family member, they are still genetically the same as their working counterparts, and without a job to occupy their time, they get bored.

Dogs can and will make their own fun. 

Unfortunately, that fun can often be incredibly destructive to the area around them. Proper training is essential to curbing your dog’s negative behavior because it also serves as a form of mental stimulation. Your dog may be desperate for something to do, so teaching them obedience and even special tricks can be life-changing for this kind of behavior. The other thing to look at is how much time outside your dog generally gets and whether they need more socialization. What works for a 5-pound Pomeranian dog won’t necessarily work for a great day and vice versa; they were bred for very different reasons.

Some dog breeds particularly prone to boredom are;

Border Collies
Golden retrievers
German shepherds

If your dog shows signs of boredom, take another look at its daily schedule. 

It’s possible that your dog needs longer walks or more time spent at the dog park. They might also need more playtime and mental stimulation. If your dog is left alone in your house all day because you work 9 to 5, it might be time to look into hiring a professional dog walker so that your dog can use up all of its energy. Remember, your dog isn’t trying to upset you with its behavior; it just can’t help it. Giving them the stimulation they need is the only way to alter this kind of behavior permanently.

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