Border Collie Saves Flock Of Sheep From Australia Bush Fire

Our hearts go out to Australia as raging fires continue to devastate the land. Thousands of families have lost their homes, dozens of people have died, and millions of animals have perished in the flames. Through all of that destruction, we try our best to look for the light. There are stories of people saving wild animals with literally the shirts off their backs and crafters from around the globe are sending handmade supplies like koala mittens and joey pouches (click here if you want to make and send your own).
Every individual effort is important, and that includes the good work done by a very good dog.

Patsy is a six-year-old Border Collie who works on her family’s farm in Corryong, Australia. Her job is to protect the sheep, and she’s good at what she does. Her skill as a herder was put to the test when a wall of flames from a nearby bush fire bore down on her family’s farm. Undeterred by the immediate danger, Patsy got to work.

The ground was scorched and the air was thick with smoke, but Patsy managed to herd dozens of sheep away from the flames. When the sheep were safe, Patsy’s owner went on a tractor with a tank of water to try and slow down the flames. Together, Patsy and her human managed to save the sheep, hay bales, shearing shed, and farm houses. But their battle isn’t over.

The fire in Corryong is not out, and pictures on Patsy’s Instagram show the hero dog sitting calmly amidst the wreckage. Cath Hill posted to social media about her brother’s extraordinary dog saying Patsy was “cool as a cucumber” despite the terrifying situation. Patsy didn’t panic or get distracted. She knew what she had to do to save her flock, and she did it without hesitation.
The Australian fires are expected to burn for weeks, and we won’t know the full extent of the damage until they’re put out.
Click here to donate to the ongoing efforts to save lives in Australia. 

All images via Instagram/Patsy The Wonderdog

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