Corgi Beagle Mix: Breed History, Temperament, and Character

Are you thinking about making a corgi beagle mix puppy, a beagi, the newest member of your family? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that these incredible mixed-breed dogs are intelligent, friendly, and playful — they make great family pets. But it’s important to remember that no doggy is a perfect match for every family, not even one as adorable and affectionate as a beagi puppy. Even the most dedicated dog lovers should ensure that the puppy they are thinking about bringing home will be a great fit for them and their families. To help you do that, we’re going to take a close look at this amazing mix of the beagle and corgi breeds. We’ll go over the history of both the beagi breed and its parent breeds, as well as the beagi temperament, grooming and feeding needs, health concerns, and more. Enjoy! corgi beagle mix

Meet the Folks

The beagi is a designer dog that is a combination of two American Kennel Club recognized purebreds: the beagle and the Pembroke or Welsh corgi. These two breeds are incredibly popular and cute. Looking at the breed histories and general natures can give you a better idea of what kind of family dog they create.

Corgi Dog

The corgi is an adorable small to medium-sized dog breed that is very popular among dog lovers. They’re notable for their unique appearance: short-legged and long-bodied with large pointy ears. This cattle herding breed can be traced back nearly 1,000 years, where they were documented as travel companions for Flemish weavers in Wales. There are two distinct breeds of corgi: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. Both breeds are known to be friendly, playful, loyal, protective, and brave. Corgis have thick coats, which can become an issue when shedding occurs. They’re also prone to a few health problems, such as hypothyroidism.

Beagle Dog

The beagle is a medium-sized type of hound that was bred for hunting rabbits. Notable physical characteristics include their multi-colored coats and big floppy ears. This breed is one of the most well-known in the world and has been documented as far back as the 15th century. Beagles are considered friendly, affectionate, cheerful, and curious. They are known for experiencing separation anxiety and for a tendency to bark excessively if not properly trained; however, they require very little grooming and absolutely love human companionship. cute beagle puppy

Mysterious Origins

Although we do know that the beagi is a cross between the corgi and the beagle, the actual origins of the breed are not clear. They are designer dogs, careful and intentional breeding between two purebred breeds. We know that the designer dog trend began in the 1960s, but it is believed that the beagi breed is only about 20 to 30 years old.

What to Expect in a Beagle Corgi Mix

From their general appearance to the personality traits of this adorable mixed breed to potential health concerns, here’s a quick and easy guide for dog lovers who are thinking about bringing a beagi into their homes.


The typical personality traits of the beagi’s parent breeds are quite similar and that translates into this beautiful mixed-breed personality. They’re fairly high-energy, intelligent, curious dogs that take well to obedience training. They’re also very friendly, affectionate, and loyal. Beagis want to be around you quite often, and they may have a little trouble feeling comfortable around strangers, so early socialization is key. Because of the Beagle’s hunting background, he has a high prey drive and can be prone to chasing after smaller animals. Are Corgi Beagle Mix Pups Really Great Family Pets For New Owners?


In the same way that the beagi’s parent breeds add their personality traits to the mix, they also lend some of their health issues. Fortunately, the beagi breed isn’t overly prone to many health conditions, but there are still a few to consider. They can become overweight relatively easily. Their corgi parentage could contribute to some potential eye issues, such as canine glaucoma and retinal atrophy. The beagle side can make beagi's somewhat prone to hypothyroidism and ear infections. In spite of their short legs and long bodies, beagis don’t have to worry much about when it comes to hip dysplasia, which is really great considering how many other breeds are prone to this debilitating issue. With having a Corgie background, eye problems like progressive retinal atrophy and canine glaucoma can be a major concern. Another health issue to consider is epilepsy, which they have a somewhat higher risk of due to their parent breeds. If you give your beagi puppy great care, you can expect their average life expectancy around 12-15 years. That’s a pretty great lifespan for a pup.


The beagi’s appearance will melt the heart of any dog lover out there! They’re an adorable combination of two distinctive pure breeds. They generally have the long bodies and short legs of the corgi, but everything else is a total mix of both parent breeds. Beagi's are small-medium-sized dogs so you can expect your pup to grow to be somewhere between 15 to 30 pounds and about 10 to 16 inches tall. They may have the big floppy ears of the beagle or the pointy ears of the corgi. They’ll have a fairly long tail, unlike the Pembroke corgi, which traditionally has its tail docked when it is young. You can expect a variety of coat types and colors from the Corgi crossed with Beagle puppies. The color combinations of the coating range from two colors to tricolors. The colors could be shades of black, tan, fawn, white, sable, orange, and red. Regardless of which mix of traits they wind up with, your beagi is likely to be an absolutely beautiful dog. While the traits will obviously vary for each individual beagi, some combination of the above factors can generally be expected for this beautiful crossbreed. 20 Awesome Beagle Mix: Complete Guide to Beagle Cross Breeds

How to Care for the Beagi

So you’ve decided to bring a corgi-beagle mix home to your family and you want to know exactly how to take the best possible care of it? That’s great because this beautiful breed — and all breeds of dog for that matter — deserve high-quality care. Giving that care requires time, some research, and dedication. Beagi's are not the most demanding breed of dog out there, but they’re not the least demanding, either. Read on to learn all you need to know about caring for your new corgi beagle mix puppy.


A big concern of many potential pup owners is how much the breed they’re interested in sheds. Well, the corgi beagle mix is somewhat of a shedder, as they have a thick double coat that requires some diligent grooming. We recommend that you give your beagi pup a good brushing about two or three times every week. Beagi's are not hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from an allergy to dogs, this is most likely not the best breed to bring home to your family. With the moderate amount of shedding they do, you’re likely to be quite uncomfortable with one in your house. Bathing your pup regularly is vital, as is regularly checking their eyes, ears, and teeth for any signs of infection. Remember that this breed is prone to ear infections. Always make sure to keep their nails a moderate length because overgrown nails can present a problem to not only the people they play with but also to the beagi's themselves. Pin on BMX Lovers


Regardless of the dog breed, you choose, ensuring that your pup receives the proper amount of high-quality dog food every day is always important; however, but it’s even more crucial with the corgi beagle mix dog, as they can be prone to obesity due to genetics passed down to them from the beagle side of the breed. The amount of food you should feed your pup depends on a number of factors, including size, age, level of activity, and metabolism. Some of the key elements of a good beagi diet include fat, protein, vitamin C, and vitamin E. It’s always good to speak with your vet when trying to determine a proper diet for your dog, and it’s always best to aim for natural food products.


Your corgi beagle mix is part herding dog and part scent hound, so they tend to be quite high energy and require plenty of attention and exercise. A good long walk or some extended playtime each day should be enough to keep their energy level in balance. Ensuring that your pup gets a lot of exercise will also help to combat obesity and all of the doggy health issues that are associated with it. An added bonus is that it will give you an opportunity to build a bond with and train your pup, too. Early socialization is very important for your beagi pup because they tend to be a little shy and uneasy around strangers and other dogs. If you regularly take them out into the world and allow them to socialize with other people and dogs, they should grow up to be quite well-adjusted and comfortable with all kinds of dogs and people.


Backyard Breeders

The biggest problem with the increasing popularity of hybrid, ‘designer’ breeds is that irresponsible breeders are taking advantage of this demand. These backyard operators and puppy mills are often breeding with no regard for the parent’s health and lineage. Without a structured breeding program, this means that they could actually be promoting a genetic health problem in their breeding lines. Not only do bad breeders increase the chances of you having an unhealthy dog that could develop behavior problems, but you are also perpetuating the problem by funding their business. It is highly recommended to visit personally the breeders. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) strongly discourages buying puppies online. So, be a responsible dog owner and only purchase beagle corgi mix puppies from responsible breeders!


That’s the basic information you’re going to need to raise a well-trained corgi beagle mix dog. They’re truly a great breed that doesn’t have too many caveats to consider when looking to adopt one. Other Corgi mixes you may be interested in:

We hope you found this guide interesting and useful, and we encourage you to continue your research on the beautiful beagi breed because when it comes to raising a pup, you can never know too much. Good luck!

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