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Imprinting on a Cocker spaniel as a newborn, Carrie Chaffin has had a lifelong interest in animals. After being introduced as an undergraduate to operant conditioning using positive reinforcement training, she began a decades-long study into animal behavior, types of positive reinforcement, and canine cognition. Chaffin lives with her beloved spaniel and two Border collies, who continue to educate her about the mind of a dog.


  • Author of Animal Accolades, a dog cognition and behavior blog since 2008
  • Titled a variety of dog breeds in disciplines from American Kennel Club Trick Dog, Delta Pet Society Certified Therapy Dog, and North American Dog Agility Society
  • Career centered around medical science as a medical photographer and cynologist


Based on her study of canine cognition, Chaffin has written the training and behavior blog Animal Accolades since 2008, drawing on her experience training dogs in a variety of disciplines from trick dogs to therapy dogs for visiting nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals. In addition to her advanced degrees in Animal Science and career as a Cynologist, Chaffin recently completed the Fear Free Shelter Program core modules for improving outcomes in shelter dogs. Chaffin has titled her Border collie in the sport of agility and continues to study types of positive reinforcement.


Carrie Chaffin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Louisiana and a Master of Science degree in Animal Science from Louisiana State University.

Expertise: Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Animal Science

Education: Louisiana State University

Location: Texas

Title: Writer

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