Adorable Golden Retriever Interrupts Live Weather Report To Become Our New Favorite News Anchor

While this lockdown has been far from easy, there have been more than a few silver linings. The fact that animal adoption rates are better than ever is definitely up there, and so is the fact that we’ve gotten to meet so many new dogs as people have transitioned to working from home. Dogs have proven to be the true champs of this quarantine, and one of our absolute favorites is an adorable Golden Retriever named Brody.
Brody earned his virtual fame when he decided to hijack his dad’s live weather forecast. The dog dad in question, meteorologist Paul Dellegatto, was delivering a live weather report from the safety of his home while a camera man filmed him from outside a window.
It was a creative solution to the strict shelter-in-place limitations, and it might have gone off without a hitch if it hadn’t have been for Brody. Apparently bored with his dad’s description of the weather, Brody took the news segment into his own paws.

Watch Brody’s weather report below!

First, Brody knocked into the computer. Then, having gotten his dad’s attention, he climbed into his lap. A weak reprimand didn’t deter Brody from stealing the show as Dellegatto attempted to continue his report. We all know, however, it’s impossible to get any work done when you have a cute dog wanting attention.
Brody continued to cause mild chaos as he went in search of the camera crew outside the window. Jumping up to investigate, the cute pup didn’t seem to care that he was blocking the shot. And while Dellegatto shook his head, even he couldn’t be mad at Brody’s antics.

Brody’s weather report even got Twitter’s attention.

Since Brody’s big debut a few weeks ago, his segment has since gone viral. People on Twitter and Facebook fell in love with the adorable golden. Sure, weather is important, but taking time to appreciate a goofy dog is what’s going to get us through this lockdown.
We’d also like to point out that Dellegatto has a framed picture of his dog sitting center stage on his desk. Now that’s our kind of person!
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