Want a Dog Cone Alternative? Try These Excellent Options.

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The Dog Cone is something that symbolizes an injury or indicates a health issue with a dog. These terms refer to the plastic or soft dog cone that the dog must wear following surgery or an injury. The Elizabethan collar, or E-collar, is the most famous moniker for a dog cone, named from the "ruff," a renowned collar style in Britain during Queen Elizabeth I's reign in the late sixteenth century. This collar seems to be more beneficial to health than just being a fashion accessory.

A large plastic cone often called an E-collar or recovery collar, prevents dogs and cats from rotating their bodies to lick or gnaw on surgery sites, hot spots, or injuries. The E-cone has been given various names, including "lampshade" and "pet radar dish." Still, many people now refer to it as the "cone of shame" because of its poor reputation among dog owners, social media users, and animals. It irritates animals, and it irritates pet parents because dogs, in particular, are like bulls in a shop, crashing into everything and knocking things over. However, while the cone is vital in the recovery process, there are other options if the pet can't stand the traditional collar.

dog with elizabethan collar

Why Do Dogs Wear Cones?

Dog cones are used to prevent the dog from licking or scratching a wound, surgical incision, or another source of irritation. Dogs licking an injury is an instinctive response, and many people will worry about it all the time, causing more trouble and maybe infections because the wound will remain damp, which is ideal for germs to develop. 

Dogs lick their wounds for various reasons, one of which is to alleviate pain and discomfort. Licking the sore site energizes the brain, which can help numb the pain temporarily. Humans rub or similarly hold their wounds. Because dogs don't have hands to soothe or grip their injuries, they utilize their tongues, which are their only means of self-soothing. Cleaning away dirt and bacteria is also another purpose dogs lick their wounds. 

Dog saliva has been demonstrated in studies to have specific bacteria-killing effects. However, the product is minor, and it works only against E. coli and Streptococcus canis.

While licking may assist in reducing these two types of germs, numerous more bacteria can grow on the site. Unfortunately, dog saliva does not help clean or heal wounds. Therefore, it's better to keep dogs from licking them.

Even though licking the wounds can be temporarily beneficial, most dogs lick their injuries aggressively. This may introduce additional microbes into the wound, increasing the risk of infection. Licked wounds can cause illness and irritation and harm the healthy tissue and the injury itself. As a result, the damage may take longer to heal, and, in some instances, the wound may even get more extensive. Dogs lick their injuries so much that they reopen healed wounds in certain circumstances. Dogs sometimes lick themselves so hard after surgery that the sutures are pulled out, opening the incision site.

Dog owners can use a plastic cone to form a protective barrier that prevents the dog from accessing their wound so that they don't excessively lick it and obstruct the healing process. While the incision heals, these dog cones stretch further down their nose and provide crucial protection. Pets must wear the cone until the wound is completely healed.

chihuahua with cast on front leg and recovery cone around neck

Dog Cone Alternative Options

If you’re in search of dog cone alternatives, try these excellent options. The most significant products in the market are listed below, and they all fit perfectly on every dog's head and serve different purposes.

Protective Inflatable Collar for Pets
$16.98 ($16.98 / Count)


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BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar

The BENCMATE healing collar is a soft and pleasant inflatable collar that keeps the pet from clawing or biting the wounded region. The pet's peripheral vision is unaffected, and they may eat, drink, and sleep as usual. It also won't scratch or mark the furnishings. It's washable and ideal for dogs and cats recovering from surgery. Users can deflate it for storage when not in use. It is readily available on Amazon.

The inflatable function and soft exterior material allow the dog to wear the BENCMATE Collar comfortably. It does not restrict the pet's vision, so they can play freely while remaining protected. The protective collar is comfortable and washable, but it is also scratch and bite-resistant.

The materials the company used are supposed to be long-lasting and durable. Users can thread their pet's regular collar through the inner ring loops for added stability. After surgery, the dog cone alternative is created to safeguard the pets from injuries, rashes, allergies, and post-surgery wounds. It also prevents pets from biting and licking their wounded area or surgical site, promoting healing. The soft material gives loving care to the pets as well.

Dog owners may simply adjust the collar strap for a great fit, and owners can place the strap side at the back of the dog's neck in case of biting. In addition, deflating and storing the bag is very convenient; the owners can store it in a remote location to save space. Finally, there is a zipper opening on one side through which users can remove the bag and wash the outer material.

Due to the possibility of measurement discrepancies, BENCMATE strongly advises that you measure the dog's neck or head diameter before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, if the dog's collar is too big for him and goes off quickly, consider looping the daily and recovery collars together to keep the collar from sliding off.

It comes in two different colors: blue and grey. The following are the dimensions:

The Neck Circumference up to 4" is an X-Small size of the collar. The Neck Circumference of 5-8" is a small size, and the Neck Circumference of 9-12" is a medium, and the Neck Circumference of 12-18" is a Large size collar. The X-large size measures Neck Circumference from 19-25".

How To Use?

Place the inner ring loops of the pet's everyday collar into the inner ring loops of the collar. Using an air valve, inflate the collar (pinch & blow). When inflating, close the zipper. Inflate to the point when it feels full but not tight. Attach the everyday collar to the dog, secure the strap only at the back of the neck, and then adjust it for the best fit.

Inflatable Dog Cone Collar
$16.99 ($16.99 / Count)

by Katoggy

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Katoggy Protective Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar

This is a circular, inflatable collar that does not obstruct the view of dogs. It comes in four sizes and is made of durable canvas with collar loops. It's also simple to install and secure with a strap closure. Katoggy set out to design a collar that wouldn't obstruct pets' vision. The business created a pillow-like, circular collar that secures the neck area and prevents dogs from worsening their wounds. It's constructed of canvas, which can withstand a lot of scratching. Users can use the Velcro enclosure to keep it secure. Users may also use the loops to attach the dog's conventional collar. It is readily available on Amazon. The Katoggy protective pet cone is a favorite of every pet owner.

The inflatable collar is created to safeguard the dogs from injuries, rashes, and post-surgery sores. It will also keep them from biting and licking their wounded area or surgical site, allowing them to recuperate more quickly. In addition, there is a velcro strap on the base of the collar that will enable users to adjust the tightening of the dog collar around the dog's neck to the right fit.

The soft outer skin-friendly velvety material design and the inflatable PVC interior will allow the dog to wear it pleasantly while not obstructing their vision. When the dog wears this dog cone collar, they will not feel intimidated or nervous, and they will be able to eat, drink, sleep, and usually play. If this is the dog's first time wearing an inflatable collar, they may try and kick it off with their back legs. Therefore, it is recommended that you clip their nails or place stockings on them.

The Katoggy Soft blow up dog cone may not be ideal for dogs with high snouts, long legs, long tails, and long bodies, such as Afghan hounds, Dachshunds, Dalmatians, Dobermanns, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Silken Windhounds, and others, due to differences in breeds, body types, and growth circumstances.

When not in use, the inflatable recovery collar may be deflated and stored in a compact place, and there is zipper access on one side through which users can remove the bag and wash the outer material. It is available in four different colors: pink, dark grey, blue, and red plaid. The size varies from small to extra-large.

How to Use?

Inflate the collar via the air valve by pinching and blowing; quickly pull the zipper before inflating; inflate till it feels 80 percent-90 percent complete. To keep the donut in place, thread the dog's regular collar through the middle ring loop of the cone. Set the cone on the dog's head, secure the strap at the nape of the head, then adjust it to the right fit. When deflated after usage, pinch the inflating valve port to reduce it faster and make it easier to store. Finally, detach and wash the cover; simply brush the cover surface lightly to clean.

Dog Soft Cone


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MIDOG Dog Cone Collar For After Surgery

This inflatable Collar from MIDOG is as soft and velvety as an excellent neck pillow. It won't interfere with eating, drinking, or walking, nor will it impede the dog's peripheral vision. Even while wearing it, the dog will be able to enjoy a relaxing snooze. It's especially beneficial for dogs frightened by the size and hardness of a standard cone. Some customers claim that their dogs like wearing these. After all, what dog wouldn't appreciate a movable, attached pillow? It can be machine washed, deflated for storage, and will not harm floors or furniture. What's the drawback? Some dogs are unable to use it. This could be a stubborn dog or due to a severe incision or injury. It is readily available on Amazon.

The XL dog cone has a neck circumference of 18"-24". Take measurements of the dog's regular collar and replace it with a more appropriate inflatable collar, which is highly recommended for Rottweilers, German shepherd dogs, Saint Bernard dogs, Boxers, and other breeds. Post-operative pets may recover more quickly. In addition, the cone for dogs after surgery prevents pets from licking wounds, sutures, or rashes. It allows the dog to eat, drink, and sleep freely, beneficial to rehabilitation.

It is made of non-stick pet hair material that is also easy to clean. The soft dog cone has a lovely and breathable fabric on the outside that will not trap pet hair and an environmentally friendly PVC material on the interior that is very easy to wash. It is available in 3 different colors: blue, rose, and grey.

How To Use?

Inflate the collar via air valve by pinching and blowing; you’ll need to pull the zipper before inflating; pump until it feels 80 percent full. To keep the donut in place, thread the pet's regular collar through the inner ring loops of the cone. Place the cone on the pet's head, secure the strap at the nape of the neck, then adjust it to the right fit. When deflated after usage, pinch the inflating valve port to reduce it faster and make it easier to store. Finally, detach and wash the cover; simply scrape the cover surface lightly to disinfect.

Things To Consider When Picking a Dog Cone Alternative

Not all e-collar options are suitable for all dogs. So, before pet owners buy one, think about these necessary considerations.

Wound Location

Because so many dogs touch the damaged place regardless of the restriction, the wound site is critical for identifying an appropriate cone alternative. For example, after neuter or spay surgery, a bodysuit is the best choice for a dog cone. On the other hand, dog sleeves cover wounds on the legs, hips, shoulders, and chest, while cones keep dogs from getting close enough to lick the affected area.

Fear Factor

Dogs are easily startled, and minimizing fear is essential for faster recovery. If the dog is afraid of Velcro sounds, use snap fasteners instead. Some dogs are bothered by tunnel vision and hearing. If that's the case, the neck collar doesn't obstruct the dog's peripheral vision.

Chewing Habits

Avoid using an Elizabethan collar dog cone made of thin material like cotton if the dog is a heavy chewer. Polyester cloth is far more durable, especially when padded with firm foam.

Dog Size

The pet owner will need the right product size for their dog to keep the collar on and not fall off no matter how hard the dog tries. Contact the manufacturer or read customer reviews and queries to determine the optimal sizing option when in doubt.

Easy Application

Nobody enjoys putting on or taking off a collar that takes forever. So, for a dog recovering from surgery, the most accessible alternative to the cone is one with Velcro straps. Snap fasteners, on the other hand, are an option to go for. They're beneficial for dogs who are afraid of the Velcro sounds. Because most bodysuits feature adjustable openings that don't require taking them off, they're also helpful for potty breaks or wound checks.


The majority of options necessitate rinsing and cleaning the material. On the other hand, others are safe to wash in the machine. For easy maintenance, soft cones for dogs made of material resistant to dog hair and dirt are advised.

Sad Golden Retriever dog with a cone collar after a trip to the vet

How Should the Recovery Cone Fit?

Most of these best dog cone options still go around the neck. The fit is more important than anything else for the dog's recovery. So, here are a few pointers to assist you. The first step is to measure the dog's neck. Most of these recovery collars come in various sizes, and they have size charts to help customers find the correct fit for the dog's neck. Ideally, whatever collar users choose should fit like a standard collar.

The recovery collar should fit snugly around the dog's neck, preventing him from escaping. And the dog will surely do everything in its power to get out. Dog owners don't want it to be too tight, though. 1-2 fingers should still be able to accommodate under the collar. Finally, it ensures that the dog cannot access the troubled region. There is always a collar available for the dog, no matter its size.

Final Thoughts

The plastic Elizabethan collar is helpful in veterinary treatment, yet it is a dog's greatest enemy. As a result, there are a variety of dog e-collar alternatives available, all of which attempt to deliver the best possible therapeutic experience. Patience, patience, and more patience is the key to making the dog tolerate a cone. Of course, dogs don't like having a dreaded cone around their neck, but pet owners and their best buddy will make it through with the correct collar and a lot of love. Sleep also aids the body's healing process. And the most fantastic dog bed provides a comfortable night's sleep while also protecting the dog's bones, joints, and mobility.

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