25 Christmas Dogs To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Nothing says merry and bright like a happy dog!

‘Twas the days before Christmas when all through the land, cameras were clicking at the dogs of Instagram. Their sweaters were straightened and hats pulled down tight as they waited impatiently for Christmas Eve night.
You have to admit that there’s something special about celebrating Christmas with dogs. They might not understand why it’s all happening, but that doesn’t stop them from getting into the holiday spirit. They’re the first ones in the kitchen when they smell freshly-baked cookies, and they were basically born for ripping wrapping paper off toys. Our dogs make everything merry and bright, and it just doesn’t feel like the holidays without them.
To celebrate our pups’ important role in the holiday season, we’ve complied a list of our favorite Christmas dogs. These holiday hounds are guaranteed to make you smile!
And if you’re looking for ways to spoil your own Christmas dogs, check out this list of the best dog Christmas presents!

1. “Look mom, I helped!”

2. Have you ever seen a more perfect Christmas tree? We think not.

3. Santa? I KNOW HIM!

4. This is the best use of a letter board we’ve seen all season.


4. The prettiest reindeer we ever did see.

5. Great, now we have puppy fever.


6. Simple yet oh so classy.


7. “What do you mean all these presents aren’t for me?”

8. That. Mustache. ????

9. This is obviously Santa’s favorite reindeer.

10. There’s just something about little dogs in bandannas that we can’t resist.

11. Bring on the Christmas cookies!

12. So happy for Christmas time!

13. The best present under the tree is definitely a Christmas dog.

15. “Bark humbug”


16. Now I want a pittopotamus for Christmas, too.

17. Rudolph the red-nosed terrier!

18. I know this is a list for dogs, but here’s a cute snowman to melt your heart.

19. Nothing to see here, just a Christmas dog practicing for the big day…

20. Let the countdown begin!

21. Such a cute Christmas dog!

22.” Santa, all I want for Christmas is a home for every rescue dog.”

23. Proving you’re never too old for Christmas cheer.

24. Christmas PJs are a MUST.

25. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Now we want to see your Christmas dogs! Post your pictures in the comments!

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