17 Ways To Keep Your German Doodle Active

german doodle puppy sitting on a wood deck

A German Doodle is a mixed breed dog consisting of two purebreds frequently classified as medium to large: the German Shepherd and the Standard Poodle. The German Doodle breed comes in various sizes, from medium to large. It all depends on which parent breeds’ characteristics the puppies inherit mostly.

The United States Army created the German Doodle in the 1960s as police dogs for the military. They wanted an intelligent dog breed that didn’t shed much and would make excellent service dogs. Due to the German Shepherd’s loyal, vigilant, and watchful nature, the German Doodle was utilized as a guard dog and a police dog.

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the German Shepherd Poodle mix as an official breed.

The German Doodle’s intelligent personality is due to the excellent characteristics of its purebred parents. Poodles were utilized for herding, hunting waterfowl, and bringing back water. They are regarded for their intellect and beauty. Although Poodles are commonly shown as show dogs, they are just as capable as German Shepherds, only smarter.

The German Doodle is also known as the Shepadoodle, Shepherdoodle, Shepapoo, or Shepherdpoo. Since both parents have a large usefulness range, they are bred as working dogs. However, German Shepherds are still utilized in police detective work due to their sense of smell and attention.

Mini German Doodle

Although German Shepherds and Poodles are two large and medium dog breeds, some people who raise dogs have created a smaller version of the German Shepherd Poodle mix when crossing them with a Toy Poodle or even a Teacup Poodle.

Nonetheless, it is impossible to know the adult size until they are fully grown. It would be best if you made an effort to meet your dog’s parents so you can get a feel for how big they’ll be as adult dogs.

How Much Exercise Does a German Doodle Need?

“How much exercise does a dog require every day?” is a question many dog owners have asked themselves. Depending on your schedule, it may sometimes sound more like, “How much exercise does a dog really need every day?”

The amount of exercise a dog needs varies depending on breed, age, health, and temperament. You may follow a few general rules to ensure that your German Doodle gets adequate activity.

german doodle dog laying on a wood deck

How Much Exercise Does Your German Doodle Puppy Need?

Your puppy has probably gotten a case of the “zoomies” several times throughout the day. The zoomies are simple to recognize, and symptoms include racing around the house in a frenzy, followed by collapsing into a pile of fur, preferably in your lap.

Puppies have more energy than adult dogs, so they need more activity in short bursts — like the zoomies. Also, because puppies are continually developing, taking your German Doodle puppy on numerous short walks or playtimes throughout the day is better than going for one extended walk since this may be too tough on their growing body.

The more time you spend with your pup, the more you’ll discover how much exercise they require to stay happy — and you, sane!

Consult your veterinarian on how much activity is acceptable for your German Doodle puppy, and don’t forget that exercise is an excellent method to educate and socialize your new dog.

How Much Exercise Does Your Adult German Doodle Need?

The amount of physical activity your dog requires is determined by his breed. Physical activity requirements vary significantly according to breed, with high-energy breeds like the German Doodle, Golden Retriever, and Labrador Retriever requiring more than low-energy breeds like the Shih Tzu, Maltipoo, Old English Sheepdog, or the French Bulldog.

So, how much activity does a German Doodle need? A GSD is a breed that demands a lot of exercise. Vets will usually advise you to give your GSD one hour of exercise each day, and the American Kennel Club actually encourages them to do at least two hours each day.

The German Doodles are a breed developed for long hours of energy-intensive labor. As a result, they require a significant amount of exercise to be properly stimulated. Your Doodle dog will almost always be able to handle all the activity you can throw at it while still having plenty of energy left over.

The exercise demands of a breed should be considered when selecting a puppy. It is not ideal to acquire an energetic dog breed unless you already like being active, and it would be absurd to expect your Toy Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier to join you for marathon training unless you are pushing him in a stroller.

Your dog’s health is also crucial. If your adult Doodle has a medical condition, such as hip dysplasia or heart or respiratory difficulties, consult with your veterinarian about an appropriate fitness plan to maintain his health without causing discomfort.

german doodle puppy laying in the grass

How Much Exercise Does Your Senior German Doodle Require?

Your senior Doodle may not be able to go as far as she used to, and you may have to limit her run to a stroll eventually, but appropriate exercise is just as crucial for your senior dog as it is for your puppy.

Exercising your senior dog is a good idea, so speak with your veterinarian about it and pay attention to her actions. You are the most qualified individual to determine how much activity your dog can handle.

Regardless of their breed or size, all dogs can benefit from exercise since it increases mental stimulation and keeps them active. This may help to extend their lives and lower the danger of obesity.

Tips on German Doodle Exercise

“How much exercise does a German Doodle need each day?” is frequently the first inquiry owners ask. The second (and one that owners often ask of high-energy breeds) is “How can you keep your dog fit?

Taking your dog for a walk around the block is a fantastic place to start, and it may be enough for breeds with less rigorous needs. However, even couch potatoes like variety from time to time, and there are plenty of options for exercising your dog in everyday life.

Here Are 17 Ways To Keep Your German Doodle Active

German Doodles are a unique breed of dog that are known for their intelligence and trainability. They are also a very active breed, which means they need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. During the summer months, German Doodles enjoy hikes, swimming, and playing fetch. They also love being outside in the yard, chasing squirrels, and exploring.

However, during the winter months, they need to find ways to stay active indoors. This can include playing fetch in the house, going for short walks around the block, and practicing basic obedience commands. By providing German Doodles with plenty of activity during both the summer and winter months, you can help them stay healthy, happy, and well-adjusted.

A rigorous dog exercise is a daily routine for pet owners who want to avoid such health problems as dog depression, obesity, muscular wasting, heart issues, diabetes, and other diseases.

#1 Run Your German Doodle Up and Down the Stairs

Running up and down the stairs in your home may be a fantastic exercise for your German Doodle. However, it’s not advised if your dog is older or has any joint problems.

Using the stairs is a fantastic way to tire out your dog, and the steps provide an extra difficulty with the elevation change. In addition, they engage different muscles than those used on a regular walk or run and add another level of a challenge due to the height difference.

At the top of the stairs, toss a toy to your fur buddy. Call his name and have him bring the toy to you when he catches it. He will be out of breath after many rounds of this.

german doodle dog laying on a couch

#2 Build an Obstacle Course for Your German Doodle

In rooms with plenty of space, it’s simple to set up obstacle courses for your dog. Most activities seen on dog shows can be recreated at home, including leaping over tables and crawling beneath tables.

When Cesar Millan enters someone’s house on his program, he searches for anything in the space that may be reused to assist the dog—making a tunnel out of cushions, for example, or utilizing an old hula hoop for him to leap through.

Think about how you want to do things before beginning. Then, create a plan and lead your dog through the various challenges. Both mentally and physically, this game will stretch your dog.

#3 Use a Dog Treadmill for Your German Doodle

Treadmills are an excellent method for your Doodle to get some physical activity indoors. Allow your dog to adjust to the sight and sound before starting. After that, put your dog on the treadmill and offer him a gift as a reward.

Turn the treadmill on at the slowest pace. To keep him on the machine, offer him snacks. The dog’s leash may be used as a support, but never tie your dog to the treadmill.

Your dog may also feel safer if you stand in front of the treadmill and offer him goodies for walking. You can gradually increase the speed after your dog is acclimated to provide a more strenuous workout.

#4 Play Hide and Seek With Your German Doodle

Hide and seek is a fun way for dogs to stay active indoors. You may either use a favorite toy or a tasty treat to play. Then, hide your item of choice in your home while your dog is away in another room. Allow your dog to attempt to discover the concealed food once you’re ready!

If this is your dog’s first experience with a game inside, give them a treat to assist them since they can use their excellent sense of smell to help guide them. You may also modify the game if you believe it might be too difficult for your dog.

Hide a snack in one of your hands and see if your dog can tell which hand contains the tasty treat. To make the game more difficult, you may move the prize farther away over time. You might eventually be able to play hide-and-seek with your dog throughout the entire house!

#5 Play Tug of War With Your German Doodle

If you’ve ever played tug of war with a dog, you know that they utilize every muscle in their body to keep the rope. So likewise, playing this game allows your four-legged companion to use every part of their body, which is a great way to burn off pent-up energy and keep them physically and mentally engaged.

When playing tug-of-war with your dog, remember to let them win occasionally and maintain a light and fun spirit. Games like this appeal to your canine’s natural inclinations, making it a motivational, reinforcing, and high-value indoor activity.

german doodle dog and puppy laying on a couch

#6 Play Keep Away With Your German Doodle

You can have a lot of fun playing this game at home if you have some space. But, of course, you’ll need someone else to play with you and your dog. So, simply take any small item that may easily fit in your hand and throw it to each other while the dog tries to get it.

The good news is that two or more dogs may play it without their owners!

#7 Beach Trip With Your German Doodle

Dig your toes and their paws into the sand. But be sure you go to a dog-friendly beach with your canine companion. Unfortunately, many beaches do not allow dogs during the summer season, so be sure to check before you plan your outing.

If you have a large dog, always bring a leash and secure them to a post or your person when they’re not swimming. This will help to prevent them from running off after other beach-goers or chasing seagulls.

#8 Take a Hike With Your German Doodle

Hiking is a wonderful way to exercise and stretch your legs. It’s simple to get started with this beginner-friendly sport; simply be cautious about your dog’s size and energy level before hiking.

#9 Go Camping With Your German Doodle

Nothing compares to a star-studded sky, a chorus of crickets, and cuddling up with your beloved friend beside a warm campfire. Camping is an excellent method to spend quality time with your dog while getting out in nature. In addition, many campsites allow pets and are frequently near lakes and streams, making them an excellent diversion for water-loving dogs.

#10 Try a Unique Way of Hunting With Your German Doodle

Geocaching is a game where you hide and seek containers, commonly known as “caches,” using a GPS receiver and other navigational skills throughout various outdoor locations. Your dog is already eager for adventure, so he’ll be delighted to join you on this 21st-century treasure hunt.

happy german doodle puppy looking up at the camera

#11 Take Your German Doodle to the Dog Park

Your dog will connect with you and have fun with other four-legged pals. There are numerous big and small dog play areas at many dog parks, so whatever size your dog is, they’ll have a lot of fun (and get some exercise) playing outside. But, of course, you’ll get some human interaction as well.

#12 Take a Roadtrip With Your German Doodle

The nicest thing about going for a drive is that the weather isn’t required to be perfect for enjoyment. Make sure your dog is securely buckled in, open up the windows, and let them feel the wind on their fur.

Your best buddy would want to tag along with you wherever you go. So, the next time you’d like to go outdoors, don’t hesitate to bring your dog along for the adventure.

#13 Take Your German Doodle to the Farmer’s Market

Find a local market and go on a brief outdoor shopping excursion with your dog. You may also get nutritious food to share with your dog, such as blueberries or an apple if you’re hungry. Just make sure your dog is leashed.

#14 Set Up an Agility Course in the Backyard for Your German Doodle

Set up some obstacles, such as hula-hoops and sports cones, and have some pet-friendly fun. Physical exercise is an excellent method to keep your dog in shape by building their joint, muscular, and heart muscles.

#15 Take Your German Doodle to a Baseball Game

Minor league parks frequently provide limited days for pet owners to bring their dogs to the park. Isn’t it great? Bring your dog to the grandstands and watch America’s favorite sport.

german doodle dog laying on a couch

#16 Jump in Your Pool With Your German Doodle

Splashing in the pool or running through a sprinkler to stay cool this summer is a great way to spend time with your dog. You may also play fetch by having your pal retrieve a ball or toy from the water (safely, of course) or jump through the sprinkler while pursuing a ball or toy.

#17 Take a Walk Through Town With Your German Doodle

Take advantage of the weather and explore your city in new areas. Every metropolis has its little secret gems — businesses, parks, and more — that can make exploring more pleasurable when you add a dog or two to the mix.


So, whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities to keep your German Doodle entertained and exercised, we hope this article has given you some ideas.

Outdoor activities are great for bonding with your dog and getting some fresh air (and maybe a little exercise yourself), while indoor activities can be perfect when the weather isn’t cooperating or if you just want to have some fun indoors.

Be sure to mix up indoor and outdoor activities, as both are important for their physical and mental well-being. Have fun with your companion dog, and watch them thrive!

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