15 Ways to Keep Your Patterdale Terrier Active

Patterdale Terriers

The Patterdale Terrier dog is a small to medium-sized, black and tan terrier bred in the Lake District of England specifically for hunting foxes. They are a purebred dog breed that is tenacious and fearless with an intense prey drive, making them perfect for this work. Patterdales are also very versatile, excelling at both earthdog and agility trials. They are friendly and good with children but can be territorial with other animals. dog in water


The Patterdale Terrier is a stocky, small dog, most well-known for its hunting and tracking abilities. They have short, black fur, a white chest, and some white on their feet. Patterdale Terriers are quite fearless and make great companions for active people. They typically weigh between 10 and 15 pounds and stand about 10 inches tall at the shoulder. Patterdale Terriers are very active dogs that love long walks and running around at playtime. They have a lot of energy and will play fetch for hours with their dog owner.


The Patterdale Terrier is a small, working dog known for its aggressive temperament. This dog breed is not recommended for novice dog owners because of its strong personality. Patterdale Terriers are active and need plenty of exercise and stimulation, or they will become bored and destructive. They are also very vocal dogs and will alert their owners to any noise or disturbance in the neighborhood. While these dogs can be challenging to own, they are loyal and protective of their family and make excellent watchdogs. 


There is no breed of dog that does not require training. But some species, like the Patterdale Terrier, are a little more independent and willful than others and may require more patience and persistence on the trainer’s part. It is essential to begin training as soon as possible, preferably when the Patterdale Terrier puppy is still young. Training should be positive reinforcement-based, using rewards or treats to encourage good behavior. Be consistent in your commands and expectations, and be patient while training your Patterdale Terrier. With a bit of time and effort, you will have a well-behaved and happy family member! dog in a park


These dogs are known for their excellent hunting skills and are also very popular as family pets. While the Patterdale Terrier is generally a healthy dog breed, there are some pet health concerns that owners should be aware of. Some common health problems in Patterdale Terriers include hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies. Owners should also ensure their dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations and preventive medications, such as heartworm prevention

Here’s what veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Peter Wedderburn, had to say in regards to issues he encounters with pet owners’ approach to their pet’s health:

“Mostly problems are due to ignorance, which is why I am so motivated to spread the word about good animal care as widely as possible. Examples include dogs with appalling dental problems that owners have not noticed, overweight and obese animals that owners see as ‘normal,’ and many animals that are not given adequate daily husbandry because owners don’t know about what to do. Take your pet to your local veterinarian for a checkup at least once a year. Nearly every animal has at least two or three small issues that can be easily corrected once they’ve been identified – from dental problems to body weight to small benign tumors”. – Dr. Peter Wedderburn, Companion Animal Clinic

Activities for Your Patterdale Terrier

Keeping your Patterdale Terrier active is essential for keeping them stimulated, healthy, and entertained. A working dog bred for hunting often needs more stimulation than other breeds because they are built for doing a “job.” If you’re not someone that hunts, that’s no problem. You can still keep your Patterdale active by participating in the many other activities they will love. Here are 15 ways to keep your Patterdale Terrier active:

1. Hide Treats

Dogs are heavily influenced by food and especially by treats. Patterdale Terriers are known for their hyper-sensitive snouts and can sniff out prey in the wild. To keep your dog active, you can use their heightened senses to keep them on the hunt for different scents. Try hiding one of their favorite treats around your home, but make sure it’s possible for your dog to find. You can use just about anything, from dog treats to beef jerky, anything that won’t spoil if they cannot find them right away. Try placing some of their treats outside if you want to add to the challenge. The extra stimulation and scents of the outdoors will make this challenge even more difficult for your dog, keeping them occupied and determined for much longer. If you decide to hide the treats around your home, make a note for yourself to remember where you hid them. 

“Other indoor activities that are also beneficial include chasing a ball down a long hallway or mental exercises, such as snuffle mats and other wobble toys that contain food and require some thought and activity to access the food,” says Stephanie Liff, a veterinarian at Lemonade.

2. Going for Walks

Walking your adult dog is one of the most critical components for keeping them active. When you walk your dog, you allow them to exert large amounts of energy while keeping them stimulated by their environment. Your Patterdale Terrier will also enjoy going for runs if that’s something you enjoy. They are very protective of their owners, so you’ll want to properly train them on how to interact with other people and animals before taking them out in public. If you live near a forest or hiking trails, these are great terrains where they can walk, run, roam, and enjoy themselves. Try creating a daily routine of walking your dog, and switch up your route periodically. Just like people, if dogs do the same thing continuously, it begins to lose its excitement. Keeping your walking path new will keep your Patterdale entertained and focused. upclose patterdale

3. Engaging Toys 

Certain dog toys on the market can be stuffed with peanut butter or other dog treats. A common form of this toy is called a KONG, a small hard plastic toy with a circular opening. You can stuff it with peanut butter or another favorite treat. This toy challenges your dog as they work to reach their treat. If there’s even a tiny morsel of peanut butter left in the KONG, your dog will continue to lick it until they’re satisfied. KONGs are the perfect toy to keep your dog busy when you’re watching TV or performing an activity that requires them to be calm and out of trouble. 

4. Playing Fetch

Fetch is one of the most common forms of entertainment for just about any dog and owner. You can play fetch with almost anything, from a stuffed toy to a frisbee. But, an adult dog is especially great at playing fetch because of their predatory approach. Start playing this game at a young age, as you may have to teach your Patterdale puppy how to bring it back to you. Once they’ve learned this, you can play fetch with them in your backyard or the local park. At the beginning of their training, offer them a small treat or reward whenever they retrieve the toy and bring it back to you. You can play fetch anywhere that it’s safe for them to run, jump, and enjoy themselves. 

5. Interactive Dog Bowls

Interactive dog bowls were designed for dogs that have a habit of eating their food too quickly. Interactive food bowls work by restricting your dog’s ability to consume large amounts of food or kibble. Instead, they must strategically lick and clean the bowl at a much slower pace, essentially only eating small amounts of food at a time. Dogs that require a lot of activity are often speedy eaters. You can keep your Patterdale Terrier mentally stimulated by using an interactive dog bowl, as well as slowing their meal times. It is not recommended to use these bowls while your dog is still a tiny Patterdale puppy, but once they’ve grown into their size, it would be worth a try!

6. Play Dates

One of the best ways to keep your dog active is to schedule play dates with other dogs or people. Your dog needs outside stimulation to stay active and burn off energy. When you regularly interact with other dogs, especially with dogs that aren’t a part of the household, this helps them expend energy while teaching them social skills. The same is true for interacting with other people who can help play with your terrier. It’s always important to be aware of how your dog acts around other dogs and humans before introducing them. With frequent exposure to other dogs and people, your Patterdale Terrier will love being social.

7. Hunting

Hunting is in a Patterdale Terrier’s DNA. If you’re someone that hunts, this will be an easy activity to keep your dog active. The Patterdale Terrier was initially used for hunting rats, foxes, and other small animals in Great Britain. They are great at exploring small spaces, and their fearless personalities make them skilled hunters. Take your terrier on your regular hunting trips for a fun companion who will get as much fulfillment out of the experience as you will. While this terrier breed has an instinct to hunt, it’s essential to train them while they’re puppies; otherwise, keeping them safe and obedient in that environment will be challenging. 

8. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to keep your dog active. Your dog will exert much more energy in the water than on land. The added stimulation of the water will also keep them occupied and entertained. Some dogs can naturally swim, which is where the term ‘doggy paddle’ comes from. You can start your dog off swimming at a young age, but even a senior dog will have it in their nature to be a successful swimmer. Playing fetch in the water is a great way to combine multiple activities for your dog. Always make sure to keep an eye on your dog and follow proper safety precautions when your dog is swimming. Still, bodies of water like lakes and ponds are much safer for your dogs than rivers. Rivers may have a strong current that can be unsafe for swimming. You can even use a small swimming pool in your backyard during warmer months. 

9. Dog Walker

If you’re someone that enjoys taking your dog for a walk but doesn’t have the time or energy to walk them regularly, there are options out there for you. You can hire a dog walker that will come to your home and walk your dog when you’re unavailable. This is a great option to keep your dog active while getting used to interacting with people outside their home. It’s easier than ever to find a dog walker today; there are many apps and websites where you can find a dog walker that you can trust and easily schedule their walks. 

10. Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Teaching your dog tricks is a wonderful way to keep them active and entertained. Learning tricks often takes many sessions of repetitive tasks before your dog understands the task. It’s essential to start with a simple trick, such as ‘sit’ or ‘shake,’ and increase the difficulty once you’ve created an understanding and connection with your dog. As training progresses, your dog will become more focused and able to learn new tricks more quickly. puppy

11. Hide and Seek 

Hide and seek isn’t just a children’s game; it can be a fun game for you to enjoy with your Patterdale Terrier. Because of their excellent smelling and hearing abilities, this game is perfect for keeping your dog active. Start by going off and hiding somewhere tricky when your dog is resting. Call out to them once or twice and allow them to find you. They’ll hunt for you until they find your place and greet you with love and kisses. After they see you, go to a new space and hide again. If you play hide and seek regularly, try getting more creative so your dog doesn’t remember where you hid last time.

12. Add Another Dog to the Family

Dogs are social animals and thrive living in a pack. While Patterdales are relatively independent dogs, getting them another companion is a great choice to keep them active. There is only so much a person can do to keep a dog entertained, but having another dog around allows them to stay active, engaged, and have a stronger sense of companionship. Also, their companion doesn’t just have to be a dog. You could even try getting a cat if your dog is friendly with other animals. While cats and dogs are very different in temperament, they often make great friends and enjoy playing with each other. 

13. The Dog Park

The dog park is the perfect place to let your dog roam free with other dogs and burn off some of their energy. Most dogs love parks because they allow them to act like dogs, be free, and let loose. Dog parks also help them develop beneficial social behaviors and gain more experience interacting with other dogs and people. Before bringing your dog to the dog park, it’s helpful to understand how they react towards strangers and other canines. Your dog will be able to meet new friends and form new bonds, and you may even be able to schedule a few play dates from bringing your Patterdale to the dog park. 

14. Dental Chews

Certain dog treats are designed to help strengthen your dog’s dental hygiene. They are made of tough materials that entice your dog to continuously chew on them for long periods. The ingredients help clean teeth, and the tough chewing also helps strengthen your dog’s teeth. These are great for mentally stimulating your dog and keeping them occupied. Regularly giving your dog one of these treats also helps freshen their breath as a bonus!terrier in leaves

15. The ‘Which Hand’ Game

Playing games with your Patterdale Terrier is a great way to keep them active. Games that allow you to incorporate more than one of their senses are best. The ‘Which Hand Game’ is played by showing your dog a small treat or toy that can be concealed in your palm. Once they know what you have, their focus will be on it no matter what you do with it. Place it in one of your hands and move it between both hands to confuse your dog. Hold both palms shut and put them out in front of your terrier to get them to guess which hand it’s in. Only give them the treat if they guess the correct hand. If they don’t, start the process over again. 

An Active Dog is a Happy Dog

The Patterdale Terrier is an intelligent dog built for activity, mission, and purpose. To keep your terrier happy, especially when they’re puppies, keep them as physically and mentally active as possible. Keeping your dog active helps with their cognitive function and physical pet health, helps burn off some of their energy, and keeps them calm and well-behaved at home. Create a routine for your dog to ensure that they’re staying active every day. Try out these 15 ways to keep your Patterdale Terrier active. These activities are a great way to strengthen your dog’s health and create a strong bond. Not only that, but you’ll help increase their social behaviors and overall quality of life. 

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