15 Types of Toys Your Norwegian Elkhound Will Love


If you have a Norwegian Elkhound, you’re aware of just how rowdy these dogs can get. Norwegian Elkhound dogs are huge lovebugs who enjoy bonding with their family just as much as they enjoy using their agility to play around. This hound breed is a great pet and active animal, so they are great at dog sports and need a dog lover pet parent who’s not just willing to but is delighted to spend their time playing around with these fluffy puppies. If you are already blessed enough to own and care for a Norweigan Elkhound, you might be aware that they can tear through toys within a matter of days, and sometimes it only takes mere hours. This article will help you pick 15 different types of toys that are perfect for your Norweigan Elkhound. 


Norwegian Elkhound Dogs

The Norwegian Elkhound is the National dog of Norway, although that doesn’t stop dog enthusiasts all over the world from loving this breed. The American Kennel Club describes these dogs as “famously fine companions and watchdogs,” and this couldn’t be more true. Many of these dogs will stand proudly with their owners, and although they look fierce, they are one of the most affectionate dog breeds.

This breed traveled with the Vikings and are now figures in Norse legends. They’re part of the hound breed group of dogs, but that doesn’t stop this dog from being one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there. This dog breed has been around since 5,000 B.C.

Breed Overview

This historic dog is a trustworthy and strong pet. Any dog lover will easily understand why Norwegian Elkhounds have such a loyal fanbase as these dogs are strong, smart, confident, and filled with love. A Norwegian Elkhound puppy will appreciate being the only dog in their home. 

The Norwegian Elkhound breed is in the hound breed but is often described as being in the working group as well. The Norwegian Elkhound health is overall fairly good. These pups can live an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. An adult dog will grow to be 19 to 20 inches tall at its shoulders. These dogs are pretty average-sized, with most of them weighing 44 to 50 pounds.

While this working breed used to hunt large game, their name is still a misnomer. The breed standard was originally called Norsk Elghund, and ‘Elghund’ translates to moose dog. Europeans refer to moose as elk, so there was some confusion when this hound group made its way to the United States.


Since these dogs used to hunt big game, they are very strong dogs and have maintained this strength throughout their working dog history. Dogs with impressive stamina and strength, such as this breed, might destroy toys extra quickly, so it’s important for a dog owner to try to get the most out of their dog’s toys.

15 Toys Your Norwegian Elkhound Will Love

While it may not seem like a thoughtful process, owners can take time to pick out specially designed toys based on what strengths they want to help their dog develop. If you have a dog that isn’t always the brightest, you might want to start investing in puzzle toys, as these can stimulate your dog and entertain them while making them smarter.

Some dog toys are specifically designed to help provide something for your dog’s chewing urges. It’s a natural urge that many dogs have, and if your Norwegian Elkhound has a bad habit of chewing up your shoes, first get a shoe-hanging organizer and watch this never be a problem again, and second buy them toys to chew. It might sound funny, but you can even buy your dog an old pair of sneakers from a second-hand store if they’re that devoted to their shoe chewing breed characteristic. However, you can find many chew toys that are made to help provide this urge to dogs while also being long-lasting and durable toys.

Most pet parents don’t think too much when buying their pet a new toy, and that’s completely fine. This isn’t a high-stakes thing that will make or break your dog. In fact, any toy can provide copious amounts of stimulation and enjoyment for your furry friend. Still, one of the best ways to decide what toys to buy for your dog is by targeting certain needs they might have.


However, if you aren’t too worried because your dog already aces training and obedience lessons and is a total sweetheart, this list of toys can be used for inspiration the next time you want to buy your pup something nice.

1. Treat Dispensing Toys

Not many pet parents take advantage of the many treat-dispensing toy options in pet stores. Treat dispensing toys are excellent ways to provide your pup with a long-time distraction while providing them plenty of entertainment and mental stimulation. And bonus, when they use these during playtime, they get extra treats. Double bonus, animals with high anxiety levels can benefit from this because it provides a distraction from their anxiety causes, and owners can fill the toy with calming supplement treats.

2. Tennis Balls

It is a classic option when it comes to toys, which many pet parents might overlook. You might be thinking, ‘I’ve tried tennis balls, and they never last!’

While this is often true, plenty of dog brands now makes tennis balls out of a thicker rubber material specifically for breeds like the Norwegian Elkhound that can tear these things up extra quickly. Also, toys like this are extra good options since you can play with your dog, or your dog can play with tennis balls on their own. Play smarter, not harder, and get toys that have multiple interaction options for the most versatile toys for your dog.

3. Squeaky Toys

Perhaps you see the word squeaky toys, and your ears literally fold in on themselves. Many pet owners don’t like squeaky toys because they find them annoying or they see that their dog rips them up too quickly. Well, think about the last time you bought yourself something nice that didn’t last too long. People do this often, and most people do it every day when they buy their morning coffee. Some toys are excellent because they are long lasting, and some are great because they provide things other toys can’t. 

Squeaky toys are often not purchased for their longevity but rather for the fact that they offer stimulation both in your dog’s mouth and hearing. As stated earlier, dogs love chewing, and squeaky toys are often stuffed with plenty of padding, which can feel better in your dog’s mouth than some tougher toys. This is especially true if your pet suffers from any stage of dental disease, and most dogs do. 

You can tell if your dog has a slight case of stage one periodontal disease by inspecting their gums, and then you might want to offer something soft they can play with while also making a mental note to brush their teeth more often.

Also, if you refuse to get squeaky toys because you find them annoying, think about all the annoying things your dog puts up with but has no say in because they are a dog. It’s almost certain that your dog hates when you leave the house, but they can’t be too picky. Plus, squeaky toys really don’t last long, so you don’t have to keep a constant one in the house, but every now and then, you should consider splurging and getting one of these for your Norweigan Elkhound.

4. Tug of War Rope

Another absolute classic when it comes to dog toys is a tug of war rope. Dogs like the Norweigan Elkhound might be the type to chew ropes apart on their own, and that’s okay! You don’t buy dog toys for your dog so that they can stay pristine and go unused. Ropes are excellent toys that offer duality since your pet can waste hours ripping one up on their own time, or they can spend their playtime with their owners enjoying the company of people they love the most.

5. Puzzle Toys

Remember when this article said some toys could entertain your dog and make them smarter? Well, if you want that for your pet, look no further than puzzle toys. Puzzle toys come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and challenging levels. 

Suppose your Norwegian Elkhound seems to have boundless energy even after training and exercising daily. In that case, puzzle toys can be a great and healthy way for them to use that energy and entertain themselves.

If your dog is new to puzzle toys, it’s important to start small and simple and provide plenty of encouragement and patience. It can take dogs a while to get the hang of how puzzle toys work, especially if they don’t figure out that these bad boys spit out treats, but once your pet starts understanding these types of toys, you will be able to see how excited they get when you use them with them.

Also, an extra bonus of these is that puzzle toys are great ways to relieve your dog of stress symptoms, and you can provide calming treats in these to help your dog de-stress. Talk about a double-whammy!


6. Classic Kong Toy

New and improved toys like puzzle toys are great in many ways, but you can never go wrong with a classic Kong toy. These bad boys are made to last and are great for dogs with the breed characteristics that Norweigan Elkhounds love. They can chew all day and night and still have a Kong toy left to chew another day. If your Norweigan Elkhound has already destroyed one of these tough nuggets, buy a stronger one. Kong is great at manufacturing different toy strengths based on your dog’s natural chewing power. 

7. Enrichment Toys

Enrichment toys and puzzle toys are quite similar, and some might go so far as to say they’re the same, but this article says otherwise! But in all honesty, these toys are pretty similar to puzzle toys, and there are just far more options when it comes to enrichment toys. 

Some dogs don’t like puzzle toys because they are too difficult, and your pet cannot understand why you would hand them a block that offers no chewing, pulling, squeaking, or entertaining qualities. You can’t blame them for that either. As far as they know, most puzzle toys are about as fun as a brick. 

Enrichment toys can be an excellent build-up to puzzle toys, as most of these toys are much simpler in design and still offer plenty of fun and mental stimulation. 

This specific dog toy is a great example of how enrichment toys can be simpler in design and, therefore, easier for your dog to understand. 

As with puzzle toys, you can get more advanced enrichment toys as your dog begins to learn and understand the designs of these objects, but start simple with a toy like the one linked above. After your pet learns how to love that, then you can move on to another enrichment or puzzle toy that provides more of a challenge.

8. Hide and Seek Toy

Some people prefer playing good old-fashioned hide and seek with their dog rather than purchasing a toy that plays with them. If you’ve never tried to play hide and seek with your Norwegian Elkhound, this article strongly encourages you to do so. Not only is it incredibly good for your dog and entertaining, but it is also honestly some of the most fun in the world to hide and listen to your dog search frantically to find you. It’s even more uplifting when they get beyond excited once they’ve found you. If you’re having a bad week or need something to make your heart sing, this is a perfect time to try this game with your pet.

But, this article is about toys, and there are plenty of hide and seek toys that offer similar stimulation to the actual game. These toys also have multiple parts, and dogs can get very entertained when they get a toy, pull another toy out of it, and then find another toy in that one, and, well, you get the idea.

9. Interactive Toy

Interactive toys can mean a lot of different things, but for the sake of this specific section, use this toy as an example to base your interactive toy inspiration. Puzzle toys and other enrichment toys allow your dog to use their natural intelligence to fill their energy needs and mental stimulation. Interactive toys such as the one listed can do this for your dog but in a way that feels more natural to them. There aren’t many toys that allow your dog to dig freely at home, and in a world where everyone cares about random holes in the ground (which is fair), your pet isn’t exactly free to dig out and about either. If your Norweigan Elkhound has a habit of digging and you want to give them the opportunity to run with it, this toy can be great for them.

10. Fetch Toy

Classic toys like fetch toys will always go unmatched in the dog toy market. These toys have been fun for people and dogs for decades, and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Owners can up their fetch toy game by buying toys like this one.

11. Frisbee

While frisbee is similar to fetch toys, some dogs get even more excited at the sight of a flying disk than they do at the sight of a ball. Maybe your pet is a UFO enthusiast, or maybe they just enjoy catching flying disks midair. Regardless of which they are, frisbees have been an excellent toy for dogs over the decades. Some people think frisbees are also just easier for your dog to catch in the air than a ball, and if you have a puppy or an older dog, a frisbee might be an excellent alternative to a ball.


12. Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Kong and Wishbone are two iconic dog toy manufacturers because they actually make products that will last more than a month for tough chewers like your Norweigan Elkhound. While any chew type of toy can be greatly beneficial for your pup, this one, in particular, can be a great, long-lasting option.

13. Balance Toy

Some people love surfing, skateboarding, or other activities that test their balance. Dogs can share this quality, too, and they might really enjoy playing with a balancing toy like this one. Toys like this can also allow your dog to use their muscles to balance without putting too much pressure on their joints, making this a good option for older dogs.

14. Sniffing Mat Toy

If you haven’t noticed yet, Norwegian Elkhound dogs love sniffing things out. In fact, many dog breeds share this quality. Using an interactive toy like this sniffing mat toy can let your dog run wild with their nose while they try to sniff out some of their favorite snacks. This is an excellent option when it comes to picking mentally stimulating toys that your dog can enjoy on their own time, without too much intervention from you.

15. Anxiety Toy

One of the most overlooked types of dog toys on the market is the anxiety toy. These toys are excellent distractions for highly anxious dogs and can even offer them comfort in times of your absence. They might not offer much in the ways of activity and mental stimulation, but not many other toys are the equivalent of a nice hug for your dog. If you want your pet to feel your love when you’re away, this toy can be an excellent option.


Why Toys Are Important to Your Dogs Mental and Physical Health

Being picky about the toys you provide for your dog isn’t too important but ensuring you give them the proper amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation is incredibly important to their health. Choosing specific toys can make providing these needs easier on your part, which can leave you as happy as your dog will be playing with their new toys. 

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