13 Activities to Do With Your Shorkie

Shorkie running through the grass

There's no question that dog owners sometimes struggle with finding activities to do with their dogs. It is the case that no matter what type of dog you own, there's no question about it. Whether you're looking for activities that'll help your dog release all that pent-up energy, or if you're looking for ideas on how to spend a relaxing evening with your dog, it can be tricky to come up with new ideas.

If you're the proud owner of a Shorkie ⁠— a Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu mix ⁠— then you're in luck. These dogs are known for being both energetic and affectionate, which means that there are plenty of activities that you can do with your Shorkie that'll suit both you and your dog's needs. These active, intelligent, and friendly little dogs will have no problem keeping up with you, no matter what activity you choose.

If you're stuck when it comes time to come up with ideas, there's no need to worry. Keep in mind that your Shorkie will love anything that involves being close to you and spending quality time with you, so as long as you keep that in mind, you're sure to come up with some great ideas.

Plus, it's easier to come up with ideas if you have a list of some of the best activities you can do with your Shorkie Tzu. Whether you're looking for activities for an older dog, a Yorkie pup, or anywhere in between, here's a list of 13 activities to do with your Shorkie that you and your dog will love.

Shorkie puppy yawning

1. Take Your Shorkie for a Walk Where You Live

One fantastic activity with your Shorkie is taking them for a walk around your neighborhood. This will give you some time together while also allowing your dog to explore and get some exercise. If it's nice outside, bring along some water and a few treats for your pup so they can stay hydrated and fueled up during the walk.

This way, you won't have to rush on your way back home. Instead, your Shorkie will be able to spend plenty of time roaming the streets around where you live and near their home. It is a great activity for plenty of reasons.

This activity doesn't take too much energy to prepare or effort to get started. Just pack some dog food or treats, water, and leash up your Shorkie. From there, you can let your Shorkie explore to their heart's content while you watch and follow along.

Another thing that makes this activity so great is that there's no doubt your Shorkie will enjoy it. Dogs, after all, are natural scavengers and searchers. They thrive off of going on walks, exploring, and finding new things.

It's also important to focus on safety when you take your dog for walks. It is especially true if you have a Shorkie puppy. A Shorkie pup will be small, so it's incredibly important to pack safety equipment whenever you go for a walk.

Be sure to follow the proper advice for walking your dog and pack plenty of deterrents like bear spray if you run across wild animals or similar threats.

Although this will never happen in general, it's always better to be safe than to be sorry. Avoid unfamiliar places, and always keep your dog on a leash while walking around where you live.

If you follow all these safety precautions and rules, nothing stops you from having a great walk with your Shorkie!

2. Go Swimming With Your Shorkie

Another fantastic activity for you and your Shorkie to participate in is swimming. There's no doubt that this is more of a summer sport than anything else, but going swimming with your Shorkie is a great energy-burning activity. There are plenty of different ways to take your Shorkie swimming, but almost every one of them would prove to be a good use of your time and a great way to entertain your dog.

Because swimming is a great activity for burning off energy, it's great for a small dog or big dog ⁠— it doesn't matter the breed. Your Shorkie will benefit from the mental and physical stimulation that swimming offers just as much as any other dog breed.

There are several ways to take your dog swimming. For one, you can take your dog to a lake or similar open and outdoor body of water. It is a great way to let your dog go swimming, but keep in mind that you have to watch your dog at all times.

Aside from this, dog parents can take their Shorkie to a dog swimming business ⁠— places built with the sole intent and purpose of letting dogs swim. It is great for a smaller dog like a Shorkie that will benefit from having closer attention paid to it while swimming.

Other options for taking your dog swimming include going to a dog-friendly sprinkler park or pool, setting up a pool in your backyard, and letting your dog swim there. No matter the place you let your Shorkie go swimming, though, there's no doubt that this small breed will love getting their feet wet and doggie paddling.

Black dog standing on a boogie board in a pool

3. Go on a Run

Going on a run with your Shorkie is a great idea for those looking for an activity that pairs exercise with fun. There's nothing better than taking your dog for an early-morning run to wake up and get ready to start a productive day.

When taking your Shorkie Tzu for a run, you need to consider several things. For one, this might not be an ideal activity for a senior dog. Because of this, you need to factor in your dog's age when it comes to taking them on the run.

Beyond this, it's important to note that a smaller dog breed might not do so well going for a run ⁠— depending, at least, on how active their owner is. It's always crucial to ensure your Shorkie isn't getting exhausted or tired during the run.

Because of this, you can consider taking your Shorkie to other fun activities that might not be energy-expending after the run. For example, you can let them rest at home or take them to some fun sit-down activity like a photo shoot.

4. Take Your Shorkie for a Photoshoot

Speaking of photo shoots, taking your Shorkie for a photoshoot is a fantastic idea for a fun activity. It is a great way to spend quality time with your dog while also getting some amazing pictures of your furry friend.

Plus, there's no doubt that your Shorkie will love the attention they get from the photoshoot. Shorkies are known for being attention-seekers, so this is a great way to make your pup feel loved and appreciated.

There are plenty of ways to get a photoshoot done for your Shorkie. For example, you can hire a professional photographer to come to your house or a nearby park and take some pictures of your pup. It is a great way to make sure that you're getting high-quality photos, but it is a bit more expensive than other options.

Another option is to ask a friend or family member to take some pictures of your Shorkie. It is a great way to save money, but it's important to ensure that the person taking the pictures knows what they're doing.

If you have a nice camera and are confident in your photography skills, you can also take the pictures yourself. There's nothing better than snapping some cool shots of your Shorkie to end your day with a fun, relaxing, and memory-making activity.

Shorkie wearing sunglasses peeking out of the hatchback of a car

5. Go to the Dog Park

Ever a classic, why not take your Shorkie to the dog park to let them play with other dogs? This great activity helps your dog with socialization skills and lets them play and have fun.

However, ensure that you and your Shorkie follow the dog park etiquette tips that the American Kennel Club offers. These tips are a good way to ensure your Shorkie doesn't stir up any trouble at the park.

6. Take a Class With Your Shorkie Dog

Taking a class with your Shorkie is another great idea for an activity to do with your Shorkie. There are plenty of different classes that are offered that are either dog-friendly or dog-exclusive.

If there are classes exclusively meant for your dog to participate in, it may be more fun for your dog but will be harder to find.

There's always the option of finding some classes that are dog-friendly so you can bring your Shorkie along for the ride.

7. Do Seasonal Activities

Doing seasonal activities is another fantastic choice. If you're struggling to come up with activities, you can focus on finding some season-specific activities to do with your dog.

No matter if it's the summer, spring, winter, or fall, there are plenty of season-specific activities for any month and every season.

These activities include playing in the snow or making summer-friendly dog treats for your Shorkie.

Shorkie  looking into the distance while standing on a tree stump

8. Teach Your Shorkie Scent Work

Teaching your Shorkie scent work is a great idea if you're looking for a way to improve their skillset and have fun with your dog.

All you need for this activity is a scent-working kit or some products you can pick up at almost any local store. From here, you can begin training your dog how to find and identify items using their nose and basic commands.

9. Plan a Puppy Party

If you want to get a little bit more extravagant, why not plan a puppy party for your dog? There's no doubt that pup parties are great activities for those looking to get the grill on.

Keep in mind that these don't have to be pup exclusive ⁠— you can invite your neighbors and their dogs so you and your dog can socialize.

Overall, though, planning a puppy party may be a great activity that you can use to fill up plenty of time in your schedule.

10. Take a Nap

On the flip side, you might be looking for something simpler that you don't have to stress about or put in as much effort.

If this is the case, taking a nap with your Shorkie is always at the top of the list. Maybe there's a bit of bias speaking, but naps are one of the best activities any pet owner can do with their dog.

sleepy dog

11. Grab a Pup Cup

Grabbing a Pup Cup with your Shorkie is another fantastic idea when you're trying to come up with something to do and are looking to get your dog a little treat or reward for a well-behaved day. Pup Cups are essentially the doggy version of a Starbucks, and there's no doubt that your little Shorkie will love this treat.

So why not hop into a car and grab a Pup Cup for your dog? They'll love you and their Pup Cup without question. It's always important to feed your dog a proper diet. Because of this, you should make sure not to take them to grab a Pup Cup too often.

Always make sure you have your Shorkie's diet in mind whenever you buy them a treat or similar dog food.

12. Play Frisbee or Fetch

Playing frisbee or fetch are classic ideas for dog activities, but you shouldn't discount them just because of how classic they are. These are both classic activities for a reason. There's no doubt that your dog will love participating in these activities, running back and forth with the tennis ball or the frisbee.

So if you're looking for a great activity that both you and your puppy can participate in summer (or any time that you and your Shorkie can go outside), then fetch is one of the top options.

Beyond being a fun activity, fetch and playing frisbee are also great for promoting fantastic manners and resource management in your Shorkie. Because of this, these activities can help train your dog in addition to giving them a fun thing to do.

Just ensure you don't let your Shorkie get carried away while playing, and keep an eye on them to ensure they're not overheating.

13. Play Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with your Shorkie can be a great and creative way for a dog owner to let their toy breed have plenty of fun and exercise. You can either hide dog treats around the house (or your backyard) and then proceed to play a game of hide and seek with your Shorkie dog.

It is a fun activity for any companion dog that loves finding its owner and playing with them. Having said this, playing hide and seek might not be a great idea for a dog with separation anxiety. Because of this, it's probably best to try it out several times and observe your dog's reaction and body language.

If your Shorkie loves to play hide and seek, this is a great activity that never gets old. It'll give your dog plenty of mental stimulation while allowing them to be active. Plus, it's always fun for a pup parent to watch their Shorkie running around and having a blast.

Wet shorkie lying in grass and panting

Keep It Creative

Remember, all you have to do to come up with new activities with your Shorkie is keep it creative. There are not many limitations when it comes to mixing and matching activities, after all.

So long as it's something you and your dog will find fun, nothing stops you from doing it or finding something else you can do.

In the end, keep it creative and have fun!

-So long as it's something you and your dog will find fun, nothing stops you from doing it or finding something else you can do.

In the end, keep it creative and have fun!

So long as it's something you and your dog will find fun, nothing stops you from doing it or finding something else you can do.

In the end, keep it creative and have fun!

So long as it's something you and your dog will find fun, nothing stops you from doing it or finding something else you can do.

In the end, keep it creative and have fun!So long as it's something you and your dog will find fun, nothing stops you from doing it or finding something else you can do.

In the end, keep it creative and have fun!

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