Why Is My Dog Always Hungry?

If your dog is like my Milo, he is probably ALWAYS hungry. He scarfs his food down as quickly as his mouth allows and races to the kitchen every time that he hears the fridge open or a plastic bag open. Is your dog always hungry like my Milo? Then keep reading for some insight about these forever-hungry canines and how to help make them feel satisfied.
why is my dog always hungry?

Puppy survival turned into a bad habit

When in a litter, puppies must get as much food as fast as they can because they are competing for a meal when they are changed over to solid food. Unfortunately, sometimes this act of survival turns into a long-term habit. If this is the case, these dogs eat as fast as they can barely leaving themselves enough time to breathe. Making you think they are always hungry and cannot get enough food.
A puzzle feeder is a good option for these pups! Milo has one and this has helped him slow down eating his meals you tremendously (as well as the post-dinner gas). Luckily, they are super cheap and can be an easy DIY project with using a larger bowl and rocks that are too big to be swallowed – the dog has to move the rock around to get to the kibble.

Poor nutritional quality of dog food or not meeting the dog’s needs

A good brand of dog food is going to give your dog the right nutrition they need. Be mindful of the type of dog food versus what kind of dog you have. Is your dog a high-energy pup that requires hours of exercise? If so, it’s possible he isn’t getting enough calories and fat to how many he is burning. Look for a brand for high-energy dogs.
Being conscious of the brand is SO important. Stick to brands that are recommended by your veterinarian. It is even a good idea to talk with them about a food consult. They will want to ensure your dog is maintaining weight and a healthy body condition score. You would be surprised by the results of just feeding a good nutritional quality dog food brand.
why is my dog always hungry?

Extra Food Motivated

If your dog is like Milo, he just loves food. Does not matter what it is, he just wants a bite. This can be good and bad. Good in the way you should never have any problems medicating your doggo. Bad in the way that it can get a dog into trouble because we give into them by feeding treats or extra meals. Dog treats are equal to junk food in the human world. And what does a lot of junk food lead to? Obesity. Instead of giving in to the puppy dog eyes with a Milk Bone, give a green bean or carrot instead. Fewer calories, more fiber to make your dog feel full, but will not turn them obese. Win, win!

If Your Dog is Always Hungry, it Could Equal Health Problems

There are also health problems that can cause an increased appetite in dogs.
Hypothyroidism being one. A thyroid imbalance can cause both an increased appetite and weight gain. A patchy hair coat and feeling dumpy are also symptoms. Diabetes can cause increased appetite but usually is noticeable by a sudden increase in their need for more water. Other metabolic diseases can cause an increase in appetite.
Has your dog ALWAYS seemed like they are starving and eat too fast? If so, they could be like my Milo and it’s all in their head. However, if this is a sudden change in your dog, it is wise to contact your veterinarian. Diseases are easier to manage when caught early. It’s also a good idea to talk with them about the food you are feeding and if it meets your dog’s nutritional needs.
Do you have a Milo in your house? Let’s hear about it!

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