Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

The saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ clearly exists for a reason. Dogs routinely show us just how incredibly loyal and loving they are. They love to follow us around the house, cuddle up next to us on the couch, or give us licks when we are sad. When we come home, even from a quick errand, dogs act as if we’ve been gone for 20 years. That’s some serious love and loyalty.
Our adorable pups never seem to let us down. So, what makes dogs so loyal?
why are dogs so loyal?

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We’ve Been Pals for Thousands of Years

Humans and dogs have been best buds for thousands of years. In fact, humans domesticated wolves as hunting companions, anywhere from 14,000 to maybe 30,000 years ago. These wolves ultimately evolved into the various dog breeds we know today.
This history reveals how dogs have truly adapted to human behavior. This also came with increased trust in humans. The same goes for us humans – many of us see dogs and feel an instant bond. There’s a reason we are attracted to each other – we’ve been pals for millennia.
With such a long history of companionship, dogs can’t help but feel attached to us. We provide them with support just like they provide us with their protection and affection. The only difference is we are no longer cavemen and wolves!

We are Part of the Dog Pack

Humans and dogs became companions because of their similarities. When humans were nomadic, they traveled in groups, just like a wolf pack would.
Flash-forward to today, humans and dogs are now part of the same pack. Dogs are an essential part of many family units. That’s not just because we love our dogs –  it more relates to a dog’s wolf pack nature. This nature is a lot like our family nature – we are together to protect, support, and rely on each other.
Yes, that means to dogs that the bond is forever! To dogs, anyone part of the pack is part of a lifelong friendship. As we dog owners know, a dog’s trust is steadfast. We have to thank our long history as pals – we started in a group, hunting for survival. Today, survival may be a little easier, but dogs are more loyal than ever.

Dogs Feel Our Emotions

Many of us wonder how our dogs can seem to know what’s going on with us. It isn’t our own attachment to our dogs that make us think that – our dogs actually do pick up on how we feel.
Dogs are very keen on recognizing our emotions. From identifying facial cues to detecting high cortisol levels, dogs in various studies have showcased unique abilities to figure out how humans are feeling.
Having this exceptional sense inclines dogs to gravitate towards us. They want to comfort us and ensure that we are ok. That goes even if they might be in a bad mood. Dogs are able to overlook their own situation to make sure that their human(s) are ok. Now that is true loyalty!
why are dogs so loyal?

We Feed Them

As we know, dogs are smart cookies. They remember faces, smells, and routines. This includes remembering who gives them food. I mean, who doesn’t love someone who feeds them?
Providing dogs with food every day makes canines exceptionally loyal. It shows them that you are the one taking care of them by supporting their survival. Dogs repay us by always sticking around and never leaving our side.

Dogs Simply Love Us

Altogether, it’s just that simple – our dogs love us. We take care of them, nourish them, and give them all of our affection. Who could resist that? We are there for our dogs whether it’s for attention or to support their basic needs. We take them on walks, let them feel the breeze from a car window, or even let them sleep in our beds with us. This all heightens our dog’s sense of us, both physically and emotionally.
As we see, there’s a strong link between loyalty, protection, and trust for dogs. Through our long history together as pals, we’ve learned to trust one another and develop a true friendship. It must be some friendship if it managed to last millennia. That’s thousands of years of dogs evolving their loyalty and love for their human companions.

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