Which Indoor Game Should You Play With Your Dog?

woman laying with happy dog on floor

Trying to find out which game will keep your dog entertained while indoors? Take this quiz and we’ll offer suggestions based on your answers!

Which size category would you consider your dog to be in?

beautiful woman playing with her cute maltese dog at home. Drink Adobe Stock

What kinds of toys does your dog generally like to play with?

Little dog at home in the living room playing with his toys Adobe Stock

Where do you normally play with your dog indoors?

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How much attention are you able to devote to playing inside with your dog?

Young woman working at home office and stroking her Golden Retri Adobe Stock

Does your dog like treats?

Background of bone shaped dog treat biscuits Adobe Stock

How much energy does your dog typically have?

Beautiful young woman with her dog playing with ball at home. Adobe Stock

Which Indoor Game Should You Play With Your Dog?
Toy ball that is motorized

motorized ball for dogs

This ball is created by Cheerble, and is known as the Wicked Ball. The motorized toy ball can move at varying degrees, and can keep your dog’s attention while you’re working or are preoccupied with other things!
Mini Breaks of Tug-of-war

Toys for pets dog and cat. Rubber accessories on pink backgound

Mini breaks consisting of tug-of-war can get out the bursts of energy that your dog might feel throughout the day. If you have the availability to take time during the day, then this might be the ideal game to play with your pup when you’re free!
Treat Ball

German shepherd with hand holding treat ball

If your pet loves treats, then instead of a treat puzzle, your dog could play with this ball that you fill with their favorite treats! They’ll be in store for a delicious surprise, and you’ll have some time to spare!
Puzzle Game for dogs

treat puzzle for dogs

This puzzle game is notoriously known for keeping dogs districated and entertained for long periods of time. It’s called the Nina Ottoson Dog Brick.

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