Tractive GPS Dog Collars: The Low-Cost Tracking Device

Key Points

  • The Tractive GPS dog tracker is an affordable option for keeping track of your dog's location. 

  • Unlike traditional GPS collars, the Tractive GPS dog tracker is a device that clips onto your canine's current collar. 

  • Virtual fences, live mode tracking, sleep monitoring, and activity levels are just a few of the features included in this excellent product. 

Keeping track of your dog isn't always easy. Dogs like to explore their surroundings, are easily distracted and tend to have a one-track mind when they become provoked. If your pet is prone to leaving the yard, doesn't do well on walks, or is your regular companion on camping or hunting trips, having tracking assistance is necessary. The Tractive GPS dog tracker is an affordable tracking device that helps keep tabs on your dog's location and monitors their health and wellness

The Tractive GPS Dog tracker competes as one of the best tracking collars and is affordable for anyone looking for a cost-effective product. When choosing a GPS collar, it's important to review all of its functions to decide if it's the best fit for you and your canine. 

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What's Included?

The Tractive GPS tracker is offered at an attractive price due to the function of the product. Most GPS collars are thick and bulky and come with a new collar for your dog to wear. Tractive understands that you may not want your dog wearing the device at all times, or you may already have a collar that best fits your canine. 

The Tractive device is a small white clip-on tracker that clips directly on a collar. The device is minimal, lightweight, and won't disrupt your dog's normal routines. Alongside the device, Tractive also has an app and subscription service that allows you to track and monitor your dog throughout the day. Their app is a convenient way to keep tabs on your dog even when you're away. 

Accessibility and Battery

Using the Tractive GPS dog device is simple and easy. Once the device is on and charged, simply attach it to your furry friend's collar. The app is user-friendly and easily displays all of your dog's vital information, such as location, activity, and sleep monitoring. The tracker is lightweight yet extremely durable – it's almost as if your dog isn't wearing the device at all. Removing the tracker is easy, too; once removed, all you have to do to start tracking your dog again is reattach it. 

Some trackers' batteries only last 24 hours to a few days. The Tractive GPS trackers last up to seven days! This makes it incredibly easy to keep the device charged. Tractive even has a power-saving mode that lets you turn the device on standby when you're not using it to help preserve its energy. 

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Who Benefits From a Tractive Dog Tracker?

In reality, every dog owner can benefit from tracking their dog. Animals are unpredictable, and you never quite know when they'll dash off on their own. If you have multiple dogs, the Tractive GPS is a smart and easy way to keep track of all of your dogs. 

Hunters, hikers, campers, and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors with their canine benefits from this tracking device. When you're out in the wilderness, letting your dog off their leash is common. This gives them a sense of freedom and helps make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. 

A dog with a tracker can wander off on their own without you having to worry about their whereabouts. This is especially important for hunters who may need their dog to trail off ahead to help sniff out their prey. Hunters who provide tracking training for their dogs can use this device to help keep their pets on the trail in the beginning stages of their training.

Depending on the location, and if you've hunted there before, you may not always know your way around the trails, and your dog may not have a good sense of their surroundings. The Tractive GPS tracker helps remove this unnecessary stress and allows you to track your dog in real-time, helping you know exactly where they're at in a moment's notice. 

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Tractive GPS Tracker Features

Create Virtual Fences

Virtual fences are the answer if you have an unfenced yard or want to establish boundaries for your canine whenever you're out on a hike or camping. The Tractive GPS tracker has a function that allows you to create virtual fences throughout a specific location. 

Say you want to help keep your dog out of the garden; setting up a virtual fence is quick and easy. Once the fence is established, you'll receive an alert as soon as your dog approaches or crosses the boundary. This feature can help you create a training regimen to keep your canine out of certain areas without having to keep an eye on them the entire time. 

Health and Wellness

Tracking your dog doesn't only include their location. Tractive knows just how important your dog's exercise is for maintaining health and wellness. Depending on the breed, dogs have varying daily activity levels. You can manage and review your furry friend's activity levels throughout the day through the Tractive app. If your dog needs a little help shedding a few pounds or if you want to make sure they're getting enough exercise, you can set fitness goals through the app. The goals allow you to hold yourself and your dog accountable each day, ensuring they're going on walks, spending enough time playing, and helping keep them active. 

Sleep is also one of the most important aspects of keeping your canine healthy. It's tough to know just how much sleep your dog's getting each night. If a dog is sick or dealing with stress, they may exhibit a lack of sleep. This can help determine that there is an issue in the first place. Tractive's device tracks your dog's sleeping patterns and can be compared to other dates. 

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Live Mode 

Live Mode allows you to see your dog's location in real-time. The app lets you view your dog's route, which is updated every few seconds. This feature helps you keep an eye on your dog and can be helpful if they are ever lost or outside of your set boundaries. Knowing exactly where your dog is in real time helps you find them quickly and can help avoid any potential accidents. 

Find Your Dog Nearby

The Find Nearby feature is a great way to know when you're close to your dog's location, even if you can't see them initially. As soon as you approach your dog, the Find Nearby feature will alert you, letting you know they are near. 

Location History

If you have a dog walker or a trusted family member walking or taking care of your dog, the location history feature helps you keep tabs on your canine from a distance. The Tractive app also keeps records of everywhere your dog has wandered throughout the day. This feature helps find lost dogs; it helps you stay on their track and know where to look. 

Family Sharing

The Family Sharing feature enables multiple users to keep track of your dog. If you're ever away and need to locate your dog, having other members of the family or friends in the know can help keep them safe and sound

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Subscription Services

To use the Tractive GPS dog tracker, you'll also need to purchase a subscription to the Tractive app. Don't worry; the subscription service is relatively affordable and offers you the ability to track and monitor your dog wherever you are. 

The subscription comes in two tiers, both with their own set of inclusions and pricing. 

Basic Subscription

  • Activity and sleep monitoring capabilities

  • Constant location updates

  • Unlimited LIVE tracking


  • The monthly plan costs $13/month.

  • The yearly plan costs $8/month.

  • The two-year plan costs $6/month.

Premium Subscription

  • Family Sharing

  • Activity and sleep monitoring

  • Constant location updates

  • Unlimited Live Tracking

  • GPS Data Export

  • Worldwide coverage

  • 365-Day Location History


  • The yearly plan costs $9/month.

  • The two-year plan costs $7/month.

  • The five-year plan costs $5/month.

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Track Your Dog Wherever They Go

Tractive doesn't believe in setting boundaries for how far you can track your canine. You can track your dog wherever they roam without the confines of any range or boundaries. This allows you to continue to track your dog if they ever escape without worrying about them running off too far. This is also helpful for traveling, ensuring that no matter where you go, you'll be able to continue using this device. 

Remember: It takes time for dogs to learn new behaviors. If your pup isn't used to staying within certain boundaries, you'll have to work with them many times until it sticks. 

Dog Trainer Sara Reusche, talks about the importance of giving your dog enough time when training them on new habits: 

"Remember that each dog is an individual, so as long as your dog is making progress, you should celebrate her success. She may not make progress as quickly as other dogs and may make progress more quickly than others, and that's okay. You probably learn things faster than some and slower than others as well. Focus on your own dog's successes. If your dog isn't making any progress at all, look back at your notes and touch base with your support group to see how you can tweak your training plan."

The Bottom Line: This Is an (At)Tractive Option for Dog Lovers

With all of these combined features, the cost of the product, and the ability to choose between the different subscription tiers, the Tractive GPS Dog is an excellent choice for dog owners. There's no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a collar when Tractive offers you all of the features needed to maintain your dog's location and then some. 

The Tractive is a comfortable, safe, and affordable way to keep your dog secure, monitor their activity, and help you two stay connected with the touch of a button.

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