Terminally Ill Pit Bull Becomes Honorary K9 As He Fulfills His Final Bucket List

With only a few months to live, a rescue pit bull named Eddie is finally getting the love he has always deserved. He was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, but his friends at Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue want his final days to be more than perfect. To make that happen, they created a bucket list full of things Eddie would love to do. He’s busy accomplishing those goals, and he’s getting help from some pretty high-up places. The Pasco Police Department in Washington recently made this sweet boy an honorary K9.

Eddie enjoyed a whole day full of fun official duties.

According to Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue, an animal control officer found Eddie in October. He ended up at the non-profit rescue organization, and they had every intention of finding him a new home.

But then a vet visit uncovered the heartbreaking truth.

When Eddie was first brought to the shelter, rescuers noticed his eye was partially closed, and he seemed unsteady on his feet. Upon examination, a veterinarian discovered those signs were actually symptoms of a tumor on the right side of his brain. The tumor cannot be removed, and Eddie’s vet predicts he has about six months to live–although it could be longer. Eddie’s diagnosis is terminal, but his rescuers aren’t giving up. They’re doing everything they can to keep him happy and comfortable, and that includes a loving foster home.

Eddie’s foster family says that even with his illness, Eddie is a happy, friendly dog. He enjoys all kinds of treats and can’t resist a good squeaky toy. He likely doesn’t realize he’s sick, and his friends want to keep it that way.

After his former family abandoned him, everyone agrees that Eddie deserves to live whatever time he has left to the fullest.

To make that happen, his foster created a bucket list. Some of the items on that list include a spa day, riding in a convertible, and going to a baseball game. He still has quite a few experiences to check off, but the community has rallied to make those goals come true.

Most recently, Eddie spent the day with the Pasco Police Department. Officers officially swore him in as an honorary K9, and he dressed in an official K9 uniform.
But instead of taking down bad guys, this sweet pit bull spent the day making friends at PetSmart and eating ice cream. Everywhere he went, fans gathered around to wish him well. It was a wonderful day full of love and appreciation for a deserving dog.

You can help!

Eddie’s foster and friends from the rescue are determined to fulfill all the items on his bucket list. Their number one priority, however, is making sure Eddie is comfortable and free of pain. As long as he is happy, they will continue to make his life the best it can be.
If you think you can help Eddie fulfill a bucket list item, contact Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue!

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