Small Fluffy Dogs You Should Consider When Choosing Your Next Dog

Prepare yourself. You are about to dive into a world of cuteness and so much fluff you might not be able to handle it.

On a serious note, if you’re looking to adopt your next fur baby, this list covers some of the cutest small fluffy dogs you’ll find.

Keep in mind, with small, fluffy dogs comes responsibility, as so much fur will require maintenance. Your adorable fuzzy puppy will reward you with snuggles and kisses for your upkeep.

Bichon Frise: A Bouncy and Loving Fluff Ball

One look into this small fluffy dog’s round and adorable eyes will make you fall in love. The Bichon Frise is a dog breed that loves to be with its people and would make a wonderful family or companion dog. They’re not shy around strangers, and will happily meet someone new.

The Bichon Frise is an energetic dog breed that is easily trainable and loves to perform for their human. This small fluffy dog is extremely affectionate. They are always looking for ways to achieve your attention and praise. Keep them active and alert by teaching them tricks and taking them outside to meet new friends. 

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Because of their adaptability and love for humans, this small, fluffy dog breed would make an ideal city dog. Since they love to be with you and are small, the Bichon Frise is a wonderful breed to have in an apartment. 

Pekingese: A Royal and Regal Companion

Small, perfectly fluffy, and as regal as an emperor, the Pekingese might just be your next loyal companion. This small fluffy dog breed has a fascinating history since it originated in the Chinese courts as the emperor’s royal companion. Throughout the years, they have not lost this high status, and they still hold themselves in the highest esteem. 

Though they are a small dog breed, their personality is quite large. They will make a fitting companion to their favorite human, but they don’t tolerate disturbances as well. This means they are not the best for families with young children or large, playful dogs. 

The Pekingese’s long double coat requires regular and consistent grooming. They shed a lot, but weekly or even daily grooming will help combat excess hair. 

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Because their ancestors lounged about in exquisite palaces, they aren’t a very active breed. That being said, to remain healthy, they need daily exercise. Make sure to play with and take your little Pekingese on daily walks, even if you have to force them out of the house. 

Because of their love for the indoors and their human, this small fluffy dog breed would make an ideal city companion. Don’t expect them to love your friends, though, as these aloof and independent dogs don’t need a lot of attention, especially not from strangers. If you’re on the lookout for a sassy but extremely loyal and small fluffy dog, consider adopting a Pekingese. 

Papillon: A Tiny Dog Breed You’ll Fall in Love With 

Looking for a tiny, silky, and playful puppy? The Papillon would make a perfect fit! With beautiful large ears that have silky trellises of long hair framing a petite and adorable face, you will fall in love with this small fluffy dog breed at first sight. Not only are they adorable, but the Papillon is also strikingly beautiful, especially with a maintained and healthy, vibrant coat. 

Appearances aren’t the only desirable quality of this small fluffy dog breed, as their personality captures the hearts of many as well. Exceedingly intelligent, loyal, and great with children, the Papillon would make a wonderful family dog.

They are a high-energy breed, so they require lots of attention and activities. To keep your Papillon busy, teach them new and fun tricks. They love to learn and please their human, so training will be an activity you will both enjoy. 

Photo source: Shutterstock

Though they require regular activity and exercise, they can easily achieve this through playtime in the house because of their tiny size. This makes the Papillion a fantastic apartment and city dog, plus they love to meet new friends, both animals and humans.

It’s important to keep in mind they need a lot of activity and love to be with their humans, so they are prone to separation anxiety. If you’re looking to adopt this small fluffy dog, you’ll want their living environment to be a place where they’re not alone too often. 

Shih Tzu: An Elegant and Adaptable Dog Breed 

Oh yes, the adorable and famous Shih Tzu. This list of small fluffy dog breeds wouldn’t be complete without this wonderful and elegant poof ball. A double coat that can grow as long and beautiful as theirs requires a bit of grooming. To keep your Shih Tzu’s coat healthy and vibrant, you must provide daily grooming, especially the long hair around their face. Because their hair can grow down to their eyes and irritate them, it’s important to keep that hair trimmed or tied up. Talk about adorable! 

The Shih Tzu is one of those small fluffy dog breeds that would be great for a first-time dog owner. This is because of their easy-going temperament and incredible adaptability. Easy to train and eager to please, the Shih Tzu is a loyal companion breed that does well with children and other dogs. 

Photo source: Shutterstock

Whether you live in an apartment in the city or in a neighborhood with a big backyard, the Shih Tzu will be sure to thrive. While they’ll probably want to spend most of their time in your lap, it’s important your small fluffy dog gets daily exercise. You can achieve this through playtime or short, frequent walks where they would love to meet new friends. 

Toy Poodle: Adorable and Intelligent 

Get ready for tiny little paws and adorable round eyes. The toy Poodle is a perfect, small fluffy dog that is active and highly intelligent. With such a dense curly coat, the toy Poodle requires specific grooming to ensure that its underlayer of fur stays properly groomed. To avoid the daily maintenance their coat requires, you can consider having your toy Poodle regularly shaved, and you can even learn to do it yourself. Because of how little they shed, the toy Poodle would be an ideal small fluffy dog for someone with allergies

The toy Poodle requires a lot of activity and mental stimulation. They would still do great in an apartment, but will need daily walks and playtime to expel all their energy. If you’re looking for a small fluffy dog that could still keep up with you out on the trail, then this is the breed for you. Their agility, endurance, and energy levels make them a wonderful companion for an active outdoor person. 

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The toy Poodle would make a great family dog and they do well with other pets. They thoroughly enjoy meeting strangers and will be happy to greet them. Easy to train, this small, fluffy dog is great for anyone who is looking to adopt a dog that is loyal and easy-going, but still requires a good amount of activity. 

Pomeranian: Your Favorite Smiling and Fluffy Dog

Filled with a sassy personality and an irresistible smiling face, the Pomeranian is basically the definition of a small, fluffy dog. They are a living puffball, full of energy and love for their family. 

Pomeranians are quite tiny, only reaching about six to seven inches in height. Their small size and sassy attitude don’t always mix well with other large dogs and young children, so they are best for a family with older children and well-behaved dogs.

Also, because of their small size, it’s important to monitor them, especially if you live in the country. They have been adventurous and escaped their enclosure, as well as have been prey for predatory birds and animals. 

The grooming of this small, fluffy dog needs to be regular and consistent, as their thick fur will easily become matted if not maintained. The recommendation is to make regular trips to the groomer every few weeks for a trim and full-body groom. 

Photo source: Shutterstock

The Pomeranian is a highly intelligent dog, making it a small fluffy dog breed that is easy to train and fully adaptable. They have a lot of energy and love to be active, so it’s important to make sure they have a lot of playtime and exercise. After you’re done playing or going for a walk, your Pomeranian will be eager to jump in your lap for some quality snuggle time. 

This small, fluffy and overwhelmingly cute dog is another fantastic breed to have in the city and/or apartment. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A Cuddly Couch Potato and Active Companion 

If you’re considering adopting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, you should know one thing — they’re amazing. Incredibly adaptable and highly intelligent, these small, fluffy dogs are simple to train and eager to please. They absolutely adore their human and will be your loyal companion. 

As a friendly and easy-going breed, Cavaliers are great with children and other dogs. Because of their desire to be close to their family, they shouldn’t be left alone for too long or they may develop separation anxiety. 

Being highly adaptable, this small fluffy dog breed can be both active and a lazy couch potato. Basically, whatever their human is up to, they want to do the same thing. Nonetheless, it’s important for this small fluffy dog to receive regular exercise for optimal health. 

Photo source: Shutterstock

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has long, luscious, and wavy hair – if maintained. To make sure its coat is shiny and healthy, make sure to regularly groom and trim your dog’s coat. 

This wonderful companion breed would make a great fit for someone in the city, suburbs, or out in the country. Whether you live in a house with a backyard or live in a small apartment, as long as your Cavalier is well cared for and loved, it will be happy. 

Japanese Spitz: A White Fluff Ball You’ll Love 

Beautiful yet not well-known, the Japanese Spitz is a majestic breed you should seriously consider adopting. As a larger cousin to the Pomeranian, they wear that classic smile that makes this breed so endearing. Unlike their smaller cousins who vary in color, the Japanese Spitz is only white in color. 

White and puffy, this small fluffy dog breed looks like a large snowball. With proper and regular grooming, you’ll uncover a wonderfully friendly and sweet dog that is eager to be your companion. With so much hair, you would expect excess shedding, but surprisingly; the Japanese Spitz only moderately sheds with regular brushing.

Photo source: Shutterstock

This breed is highly intelligent and trainable, making them great for first-time dog owners. The Japanese Spitz is a more active breed, which means they need regular and consistent exercise and playtime. Because they love to be where their humans are, this small fluffy dog breed is prone to separation anxiety if left unattended. 

Whether you live an active lifestyle outdoors, or you love to cozy up in your apartment – or both – your Japanese Spitz will love to tag along. This small fluffy dog breed can easily adapt to the life you live and happily do so! 

Yorkshire Terrier: A Faithful Watchdog 

Though they are little, Yorkshire Terriers are known to be protective of their owners. Ever faithful and loyal, they are the perfect little watchdog who will quickly alert you of any potential danger. 

Because they can be a bit more aggressive, this small fluffy dog needs adequate training and socialization from an early age. For this reason, the Yorkshire Terrier does best in a home with older children and well-behaved dogs. While they are a bit unsure of strangers and other dogs, they are extremely affectionate and loving to their humans. They love to be on your lap or right by your side when out on a stroll. 

Photo source: Shutterstock

This small dog breed sheds very little but still requires regular grooming to keep its silky coat soft and healthy. As an active and energetic breed, the Yorkshire Terrier thrives in environments where they receive regular exercise and playtime. Because this breed can be a bit stubborn, housetraining can be a challenge. The best chance for success is to start training early and be dedicated to the process. 

The Yorkshire Terrier is extremely adaptable and would make an excellent city dog. A positive aspect of their large personality is that they are very brave. This is a wonderful dog to adopt if you are looking for a little companion who is up for adventures. 

Cockapoo: An Adorable Mixed-Breed You Should Seriously Consider 

Not only is this mixed breed outrageously adorable, but also just saying their name is fun! The Cockapoo is a cross between a poodle and cocker spaniel, resulting in a super friendly and intelligent dog. With this mixed-breed, you really get the best of both worlds from two outstanding dog breeds. 

Because they are a mixed breed, the Cockapoo can vary in appearance. Their face can resemble that of a poodle more, or they can appear more like a cocker spaniel. This diversity within this small fluffy dog breed helps set these unique dogs apart and shines a light on their individuality. 

The Cockapoo is very friendly, they love people and are excited to meet just about anyone. With its highly intelligent nature, this small fluffy dog breed is easy to train.  They love to please their human, so they’ll be eager to learn their next trick.

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With the poodle genetics, the Cockapoo is hypoallergenic and sheds very little. They still require regular grooming and trimming to keep their coat healthy and to prevent the fur from matting. This is an active and energetic breed, so they need regular and consistent exercise. The Cockapoo thrives with mentally stimulating activities such as going on walks and visiting new places. 

This would be a great breed to have in the city, to visit dog parks, and to meet new people. If you’re a first-time dog parent, this is another small fluffy dog breed you should seriously consider! 

Things To Consider as a Small Fluffy Dog Parent 

If you’re ready to commit to adopting a small fluffy dog, there are some important things to consider. You will want to take stock of your environment and make sure it will be a place that a small dog would thrive in. 

Owning a small dog comes with responsibilities, such as training, grooming, and daily exercise. Before adopting, make sure you’re ready to dedicate time, patience, and discipline to your new fluffy companion. This will ensure that you create an environment and relationship where you both thrive and succeed together. 

Another important part of owning a dog is considering and preparing for any health concerns that might arise. Thoroughly research the breed you want to adopt so you are aware of any potential health issues the breed might be inclined to. 

The Gift of Having a Fluffy Companion 

While there are serious things to consider before adopting a dog, the reward of having a small loving companion by your side will surely outweigh the challenges. The love and dedication you put in will be met with a dog who is fiercely loyal and affectionate. 

May your dog adopting journey be blessed! 

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