Shelter Dogs Get An Early Christmas With An Entire House Made Out Of Dog Treats

‘Tis the season to celebrate shelter dogs!

With more than 60 dogs currently living at Cheshire Dogs Home, shelter staff knows a lot of them won’t have a home for the holidays. There are dogs of all ages and breeds, and they’re all waiting patiently for the right family to change their lives. Some have been waiting for months to be adopted, and the holiday season won’t be the same from the shelter. Too many dogs will spend Christmas behind a chain link fence. But if they can’t have homes, shelter staff wanted their early Christmas present to be the next best thing—a whole house made out of dog treats!
Cheshire Dogs Home hosted a Christmas fair complete with a visit from Santa. The public joined in on the fun, but the main attraction was for the shelter dogs. Created by Wilko, the “doggy grotto” was constructed with all dog-safe materials.

Anna Stansfield said,

“The pets have all had a brilliant day, and to be honest, I think we have as well, seeing how much joy it’s brought them.”

There were 2,000 dog biscuits used as siding, 1,600 chewy treats, 12 kilos of melted dog drops for “cement,” and 24 stockings adorning the walls. Everything was designed to be a shelter dog’s holiday paradise, and the happy pups were let loose to explore, sniff, and (of course) taste the special creation.

The early Christmas gift made the perfect opportunity to showcase rescue dogs ready to be adopted. One of those dogs is Benji, a dapper gentleman looking to be the only pet in an adult home. He enjoyed sniffing around the edible house and will hopefully find his perfect family in time for next year.
The shelter dogs explored the house for a holiday they will never forget. Now all they need are forever homes, and their holiday wishes will come true.

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