20 Gorgeous Images Of Black Dogs To Celebrate Black Dog Syndrome Awareness Month

Take a trip to your local animal shelter, and you’re bound to notice a few things. There will be big dogs and little dogs, short-haired dogs and long-haired dogs. You’ll see dogs that are so scared they hide in the corner, and others will be right at the fence begging for attention. Amidst all of that barking and tail wagging, take note of the color of each dog’s fur. Shelters across the country face the same problem–black dogs are harder to get adopted.

This problem even has a name. It’s called “Black Dog Syndrome.”

For one reason or another, dogs with dark fur (especially big dogs) have the worst chances of finding new homes after entering a shelter.
They have the lowest adoption rate out of all other dogs, and they also have the highest euthanasia rate than any other color dog. Studies show that of the black dogs that do get adopted, it typically takes them four times as long to find a family.
The reasons behind Black Dog Syndrome aren’t an exact science. Rescuers speculate that people prefer other colors because they consider black to be “boring” or even bad luck. Black dogs are also notoriously difficult to photograph, and shelters have a harder time “advertising” their good looks.
Regardless of the reason, we’re here to prove that black dogs are beautiful!

Check out these beauties!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Image by ceskyfreund36 from Pixabay
Image by karisjo from Pixabay
Image by Алексей Чижов from Pixabay
Image by Andrew Price from Pixabay

black dog
Photo by Alexandre Boucey on Unsplash
Photo by Derek Story on Unsplash

black dog

Photograph by Amanda Klamrowski

black dog

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen
Image by Joshua Choate from Pixabay

black dogblack dog

Image by Deana Zelinová from Pixabay
Image by Ute Becker from Pixabay
Image by viktoriaobozna from Pixabay
Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay
black dog
Image by Yama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay

Do you have a black dog in your life? We’d love to see their picture! Post their picture in the comments to show others how beautiful black dogs really are.
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