11 Activities to Do With Maltipoo Puppies

Maltese Toy Poodle mixed puppy sitting in grass

Getting a new puppy is always a treat, and if you're blessed to have a Maltipoo puppy, then there's no doubt you're in for an incredibly fun time. The Maltipoo is a Maltese poodle mix and is an incredibly entertaining and adorable dog breed to own.

With that being said, the Maltipoo puppy may be a small dog, even considered a teacup breed, but that doesn't mean your puppy won't be overflowing with energy. In fact, these little bundles of fur will most likely have abounding energy – ready to play and interact with you as a dog owner at almost any time of day or night.

Because of that, it's quite possible to run out of fun things for you and your puppy to do that'll keep your small dog entertained. This list of 11 activities to do with Maltipoo puppies is sure to keep your small dog entertained, regardless of what activity you choose.

Whether it's something as simple as going to the park, or something as complex as taking your dog to a photo shoot, your Maltipoo puppy will undoubtedly find something engaging and new to try out.

1. Hide Treats for Your Puppy to Find

One of the best activities you can do with your Maltipoo puppy is to hide treats for your puppy to find. This sort of hide-and-seek game (a variation of hot-and-cold, a game where vocal commands are used to guide your pup to find a reward) will be sure to engage your puppy, giving it plenty of activities, allowing your pup to exercise, and letting it have plenty of needed mental stimulation.

The easiest way to do this is to hide treats or Kong toys somewhere around your house or a singular room in your house and then help guide your puppy to sniff them out.

Once found, your Maltipoo dog can be rewarded for their good behavior and for finding these little treats and congratulated on their success.

Just make sure you get the camera ready to capture any endearing moments which take place while your Maltipoo embarks on its quest to find the hidden treats.

Maltipoo with its nose in an Easter basket full of eggs

2. Take Your Maltipoo Puppy to the Park

Another fun activity that you can do with your Maltipoo puppy is to take it to the park. This may seem like an obvious activity; however, taking your little dog to the park is a surefire way to help it burn off some much-needed energy, let it explore, and get some nice exercise in as well.

It's very important to realize that young puppies such as your Maltipoo should not be taken to a dog park, but a leashed and taken to a regular park if any.

With that being said, exposure to the outdoors is sure to satisfy your Maltipoo Puppy's curiosity, so going to the park for even a few minutes can brighten its day. As a dog owner, this will provide some fun exercise and a leisurely stroll through nature as well.

Because of this, if you want a fun activity to do with your Maltipoo puppy, then taking it to the park is definitely a great item to add to your list.

3. Play With Kong Toys

Another great activity that you can do with your puppy is to play with Kong toys. Kong toys or similarly styled devices have been prevalent for over forty years in the dog owner community.

Because of this, it's very clear that these toys are incredibly useful and trusted, but why? Essentially, Kong toys provide a multitude of uses which can come in handy when dealing with puppies, and Maltipoo pups are no exception.

Your teacup Maltipoo puppy will undoubtedly have the time of its life playing with a Kong toy and attempting to get the food out of the center.

As a pet parent, there's nothing quite as fun as watching your puppy try out a Kong toy for the first time.

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4. Teach Your Puppy Obedience

A fun and very crucial activity which your puppy should engage in is obedience training. This is essentially a set of commands such as "sit" or "stay", "bark" or "heel", and other commands which allow you to easier control your dog during any situation which you deem necessary.

Remember, however, that when you're attempting to teach your puppy obedience, using positive reinforcement is the key to ensuring that your dog grows up well-behaved and obedient.

It's very crucial to realize that positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement, is the method you should be using when you attempt to teach your dog anything. If you use negative reinforcement methods, this will not end well when your Maltipoo becomes an adult dog.

Because of this, using positive reinforcement methods at a young age is the key to making sure your Maltipoo puppy grows into a well-behaved adult dog.

5. Take Your Puppy to a Photoshoot

Another incredibly fun activity to do with your Maltipoo puppy is to take it to a photoshoot. Keep in mind that puppies grow up fast – so it's always a great idea to take pictures of your entire journey with your pup.

One way to do this and turn it into a fun activity as well is to take your pup to a photo shoot. By doing this, you'll create a moment you can cherish for life as well as a fun experience for your puppy.

Keep in mind that this may be a great time to teach your dog new tricks as well, such as how to pose for the camera. Teaching your puppy this will allow your adult dog to remain trained for posing, which can come in use later in their life as well. Because of this, taking your puppy to some early photoshoots, or even hiring a photographer to come directly to your house for a photoshoot, may indeed be a great activity to try with your pup.

Maltipoo posed for a photoshoot between fake sunflowers

6. Teach Your Puppy Some Tricks

Another fun thing to do with your puppy is to teach your dog some new tricks. Remember that the teacup Maltipoo, just like any other dog breed, will learn faster the younger it is. The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", although it's not entirely accurate, does have some truth hidden within it.

Because of this, it's important to take the opportunity to teach your puppy some tricks while it's still young.

There are many fun tricks that you can teach your toy Maltipoo, so keep in mind that the only limit is the amount of time you have and your imagination. Because of this, working with your puppy to learn some new tricks can prove to be a fantastic fun, and engaging activity.

Undoubtedly, this activity is also extremely useful later in life, as having a puppy that is able to follow commands and demonstrate tricks from an early age will result in an adult dog that is obedient and fun-loving.

7. Play Fetch With Your Maltipoo

Another great activity that you can engage your Maltipoo puppy in is the ever-classic fetch. Although you may have to tone down this activity a bit for your tiny pup, playing fetch with your dog is a fun experience no matter their age.

Although initially, you may have to teach your dog fetch, once an understanding of this is instilled in your puppy it can become a great engaging activity for you and your dog to do together.

Remember that puppies are extremely good at learning as they are in their formative years, and therefore it's important to use positive reinforcement and make sure that your pup doesn't fall into any bad habits during this time, such as nipping for the ball.

Maltipoo playing in grass with a ball

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8. Teach Your Puppy Patience

Teaching your puppy patience is a great activity, as this will be crucial during all periods of your Maltipoo pup's life. Remember that puppies aren't the only ones who are going to need to learn patience during this period – it may be difficult to be patient when training your puppy as well.

Oftentimes, however, your puppy will be able to be much more controlled, patient, and behaved with a bit of training. Because of this, it's important to not give up hope and instead focus on teaching your dog to be patient and behaved.

A well-behaved dog is a joy to own, but one that's badly behaved is the opposite. Because of this, it's crucial to make sure your puppy is well-behaved from a young age, and not allowed to be impatient or get away with things just because it's cute.

The Maltipoo puppy may be an adorable ball of fluff, but for it to remain that way when it becomes an adult dog, it's important that you teach your dog to have manners and patience.

9. Go for a Walk With Your Puppy

Another fun activity that you can do with your Maltipoo puppy is taking it on a walk. If you go for a walk with your puppy, remember to keep it on a leash at all times and only walk in areas that are safe for small dogs. Also, remember not to venture too far from a resting area and pack water if needed.

If your puppy is hesitant to go on walks at first, you can try a few methods to tempt them such as luring them with treats. If this doesn't work, however, you may have to consider why your Maltipoo puppy doesn't want to go on a walk. Although this is a fairly common event at first, it's usually pretty easy to rectify and get your puppy to start walking in no time.

This is a great way to start your puppy off and start developing a strong bond with your Maltipoo pup. Another fun activity to engage in when walking is established is teaching your dog to heel by your side during walks.

Maltipoo on a leash on grass

10. Teach Them to Swim

Teaching your dog to swim, or at least to enjoy being in or around water, can be a great activity to participate in during their formative years. Although not every dog breed can swim, that shouldn't matter if your Maltipoo puppy is interested in getting in the water.

The Maltipoo is capable of swimming, and with a precautionary flotation device or life vest, it should be easy to teach your dog how to get around in the water.

Although it's always crucial to have your dog wear a life jacket when in deep enough water, there's also nothing wrong with putting a small level of water in a kiddie pool and letting your Maltipoo puppy play around to get used to being wet.

If possible, it's important to have a dog that can at least tolerate the water to make sure that your dog doesn't have any trouble in the future when it needs a bath or grooming. Because puppies can easily be persuaded to like things, this is the time to teach your dog to love water.

11. Go on a Playdate

Finally, you can take your Maltipoo puppy on a playdate with a friend's puppy when they get old enough. Although it's not recommended to take your puppy on a playdate when it's too young, this is a fantastic way to get your dog used to strange and foreign dogs while ensuring that you keep a close eye on your puppy.

It's very important, however, to make sure that your puppy playdate is safe and that you understand how to properly set up a playdate for your pup. If the playdate isn't safe, this can result in harm or even death to your puppy, so you need to make sure that you follow the proper guidelines and safety precautions while setting up a playdate.

Remember that not all puppies are equal, so it's important to make sure you set up the right playdate and not one that can cause harm to your dog.

Maltipoo puppies running around grass

Don't Overdo It

Remember that the key to successfully designing and executing fun activities to do with your puppy is that you shouldn't overdo it. Puppies, although they're brimming with energy, are also much more fragile than older and more adult dogs.

This is especially the case with a teacup dog like a Maltipoo. Because of this, the responsibility falls on a dog owner to ensure that none of the activities planned will go above and beyond the scope or level that their dog can handle.

This is incredibly important, and something which should not be underestimated. It's also important that during activities, you make sure that your dog isn't getting overexcited, stressed, or exhibiting any negative behavior.

Remember to always pay close attention to your Maltipoo pup to make sure that they're acting natural and not being harmed during any activity.

Reinforce Good Behavior

It's also important that you reinforce good behavior for your Maltipoo pup. Whenever they engage in activities, remember that your dog is incredibly similar to a child – it is watching to see if these activities are allowed or not, and it is in its formative years. Because of this, there's nothing more important than reinforcing good behavior using positive reinforcement methods.

Doing this is going to mean the difference between a well-behaved adult dog and one which needs behavioral corrections and training.

Therefore, whenever your puppy successfully completes an activity or behaves well in some way, make sure you use positive reinforcement and show your puppy that they did what they were supposed to. By doing this, you'll be able to ensure that your pup doesn't grow up with the wrong idea of what they're supposed to do.

It's almost always not the fault of a dog that doesn't behave well as an adult, and with the proper training, you can ensure that any Maltipoo puppy turns out well-behaved, patient, and brimming with intelligence and good behavior.

Close-up of a small fluffy dog maltipoo laying his head on a pillow on the couch

Watch Your Pup Grow Up

In the end, there's nothing left but to watch your Maltipoo puppy grow up and plan fun activities every step of the way.

These 11 activities to do with Maltipoo puppies are sure to engage your pup for a large amount of time, keeping them active and entertained, as well as educated.

Remember that no matter if you're taking your puppy for a walk, going to the park, or letting your dog play with a Kong toy, everything is a learning experience for a Maltipoo puppy.

Because of this, you'll be witnessing your puppy grow up during these activities, watching them go from a curious puppy to a well-behaved bundle of fun. So, pack your camera, because ultimately these fun activities to do with your Maltipoo puppy are going to keep them engaged and are sure to produce tons of fun moments.

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