Super Bowl Champion Celebrates Big Win By Paying Adoption Fees For Rescue Dogs

After an epic Super Bowl comeback, the Kansas City Chiefs took to the field to celebrate their momentous win. The new champions hugged and cheered, but that’s not all they did to commemorate their achievement. Chiefs’ defensive tackle, Derrick Nnadi, used the opportunity to send an important message about animal welfare. He paid the adoption fees for every adoptable dog at KC Pet Project in hopes of finding them all good homes.
KC Pet Project, a no-kill animal shelter in Kansas City, posted the big news to social media the morning after the Super Bowl.

The huge donation is the perfect way to celebrate the city’s NFL victory and keep those good vibes going. It also culminates an entire season’s worth of good deeds. Derrick Nnadi has been partnering with KC Pet Project through the Derrick Nnadi Foundation for months.  The champion has helped dogs find forever homes while spreading awareness about how important it is to support no-kill animal shelters.
As part of his Super Bowl celebration, Nnadi is paying the adoption fee for every single dog that was made available for adoption on or before Super Bowl Sunday. Right now, there are dozens of dogs waiting for the chance to go home.

Meet Derrick Nnadi’s Sponsored Dogs!

Pongo is one of the dogs ready to find a family. He’s a three-year-old cutie who hates the shelter but thrives in a home. He loves to play, but he’s also a big fan of naps. Thanks to Nnadi, his adoption fee is completely covered, all he needs is someone willing to give him a chance.

Walrus is another dog that has been waiting for the right humans to find him. He already knows how to walk well on a leash and loves every human he meets.

Saydee has been waiting to be adopted since September. She’s 1.5 years old and loves to smile. The shelter describes her as being goofy and sweet.

Pongo, Walrus, and Saydee are only three dogs out of dozens that Derrick Nnadi is hoping to finding homes for. KC Pet Project is optimistic that his generous donation will encourage more people to visit the shelter and support animal adoption.
Click here to see all the dogs available for adoption.

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