After Being Diagnosed With Skin Cancer, This Dog Needs Help Completing His Bucket List

Every adoption is special, but when a 13-year-old dog named Marley left Michiana Humane Society for the last time, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Shelter staff waved off the senior pit bull while holding handmade signs and playing kazoos. They celebrated Marley’s adoption knowing he was on his way to a great life. His new family might only have him for a few months, but he’ll spend those months feeling safe, loved, and working on his ultimate bucket list.

Just a few days before Marley found his forever family, a vet delivered devastating news.

Marley was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma–a terminal type of skin cancer. Considering Marley’s age and the progression of the cancer, vets predict he has six months to live.
Marley’s diagnosis was a painful blow for everyone at the shelter. Staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with the sweet senior. They also knew that finding a home for a senior dog with cancer would be near impossible.
They posted on Facebook saying,

“We understand that adopting a dog who is near the end of his life is a big ask. However, after meeting and getting to know Marley, we believe that he will bring so much love to a very lucky home for whatever amount of time is left before he crosses the rainbow bridge.”

No one wanted Marley to spend his last months of life in a shelter. They wanted him to feel the love and comfort that comes with being part of a family.

Amazingly, Marley didn’t have long to wait.

Jordan and Jen met Marley and fell in love. They learned all about his diagnosis and what it would be like to care for a dog with terminal cancer. As a shelter director, Jordan understands more than most how important animal rescue is. And Jen is a massage therapist who works in end of life care. They felt that, together, they were uniquely prepared to give Marley the best life possible.

With adoption papers in hand, Jordan, Jen, and Marley left the shelter ready for a brand new life.

No one can know for sure how long Marley will live. He’s taking steroid medications to keep him comfortable, and for now, he’s feeling good.
Jordan and Jen are managing his veterinary needs, but they don’t want Marley’s last months of life to be all about medications and vet visits. They want to show their newly adopted dog how much he’s loved. To accomplish that, they’ve made him a bucket list.

Marley’s bucket list is full of things every dog should experience.

The list includes a trip to the beach, watching the sunset, and eating an ice cream cone. There are also big ticket items like visiting Wrigley Field, meeting someone famous, and inspiring someone to adopt a senior dog.
So far, Marley is having a blast checking things off his list. He’s already gotten to ride in a fire truck, eat a cheeseburger, and enjoy the first of many Puppuccinos.
Marley’s story has captured hearts across the country. He’s gaining more social media followers every day, and people are reaching out to turn his bucket list items into reality.

Send Marley Your Love!

Jen and Jordan are determined to do as many fun activities as they can while Marley is still up for it. They also want to create a lasting memento to share with their three-year old son when he gets older. The dog moms want to show their son how much Marley was loved, and they’re asking everyone to send post cards.
If you’d like to show Marley your love and support, please send your postcards to:

Marley Paul Chapman
490 S Elm Ave.
St. Anne, IL 60964

You can also follow Marley on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his bucket list adventures.
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