8 Clingy Dog Breeds That Just Want To Cuddle

Do you know a dog that likes to follow you to the bathroom? When you’re sitting on the couch, is your dog always in your lap? If you said yes, you have what we like to call a Velcro dog. These clingy dog breeds are extra affectionate, and they’re happiest when they’re with people. They follow you from room to room, fall asleep in your lap, and love their families more than anything.
Some Velcro dogs also suffer from separation anxiety, but with the right training and socialization, they learn to love their humans and keep calm when they’re apart. Any one of these clingy dog breeds would make the perfect addition to your family!

1. Shetland Sheepdog

clingy dog breed
An obedient herding dog, the Shetland Sheepdog has always been bred to work closely alongside humans. They originated in remote areas of Scotland where they were valued for their herding abilities. They were favored among farmers due to the fact their small stature meant they were easier to feed than larger herding breeds.
As they became more popular, the agile little dogs continued to steal hearts all around the world. Even if they’re not trained to herd, Shelties are a clingy dog breed that loves to spend time with humans.

2. Italian Greyhound

clingy dog breed
The Italian Greyhound is the true miniature version of the larger Greyhound. They weigh no more than 15 pounds, and these playful little dogs are highly affectionate. If they had their way, they would spend all their time in someone’s lap or in their bed.
Italian Greyhounds are impressively quick and have a strong prey drive, so they always need to be on a leash or in a fenced-in area. Even their extreme love for their human can’t compete with the natural instinct to chase something small and fluffy.

3. Labrador Retriever

clingy dog breed
As the most popular dog breed for the last 28 years in a row, the Labrador Retriever is easily recognized as an ideal family dog. They’re sporting dogs with a knack for mischief, but they love humans above all else.
If you’re in the house, don’t be surprised if your lovable Lab acts as your four-legged shadow. They follow people from room to room and are always interested in making new friends. Labs tend to love all people, so don’t be offended if your clingy dog decides to dote on a visitor. They know who their true family is, and they always come back for cuddles.

4. Golden Retriever

clingy dog breed
The Golden Retriever is another favorite family dog. Like the Lab, Goldens are ultimately sporting dogs that have been bred to hunt alongside human handlers. They make great bird dogs, and they’re often selected as service animals and therapy dogs.
Above all, Golden Retrievers love to make people happy. They’re loyal to their families and often choose a single person to be their favorite. Cuddles are a must for this clingy dog breed.

5.  Great Dane

Great Danes can weigh up to 175 pounds, but that doesn’t stop them from being lap dogs. Even if they don’t fit, these giant dogs have a habit of finding creative ways to cling to their humans.
The American Kennel Club describes Great Danes as being “people pleasers.” Their size can make them intimidating, but their friendly nature is impossible to miss. Great Danes are happiest when they have a comfy place to take a snooze and a human to spend time with.

6. French Bulldog

Quickly rising in the ranks of the most popular dog breeds, the French Bulldog is happiest with humans nearby. These friendly little dogs get along well with just about everyone.
French Bulldogs make great family dogs and usually enjoy meeting all kinds of new people. Their giant bat ears make them irresistibly cute, and their spunky personalities seal the deal.

7. Pug

Pugs are laid back and affectionate dogs with a long history of making people happy. The breed can be traced back to ancient China when emperors seemed to prefer small, flat-faced dogs. The little dogs were treasured among nobility, and that custom spread across continents and through centuries.
Pugs were bred to be companions. Today, they love it when they can spend all day with the humans they love.

8. Vizsla

Considered the ultimate Velcro dog, the Hungarian Vizsla likes to attach itself to a human and never let go. They’re an active dog breed that thrives when they can be outside alongside their favorite people.
A Vizsla would make the perfect hiking buddy or running partner. They’re trained to be bird dogs, excel in canine sports, and they’re best suited for active families. When they do decide to slow down, however, a Vizsla loves to cuddle and spend quiet time with family.
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Source: American Kennel Club

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