Blind And Deaf Puppy Gets Help From Her Guide Dog Brother, And They’re Both Looking For A Home

Two terrier-mix puppies named Star and Denver are stealing hearts everywhere they go. The three-month-old siblings are undeniably cute, but their story isn’t only about their good looks. The female puppy, Star, is both blind and deaf. Her disabilities will lead to life challenges, but her brother, Denver, has decided to do something about it. He’s taken on the role of guide dog, and together, these puppies are ready for a new life.
Star and Denver are part of a litter of eight puppies that ended up at Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Their mama was found dumped in rural Louisiana, and a rescue group called Heart of Louisiana arranged for the puppies to travel 1,900 miles to reach sunny California.

Siblings Stick Together

guide dog
Image provided by Helen Woodward Animal Center

After the puppies arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center, staff quickly realized little Star was not like her siblings. She had to learn about life without her eyes or ears. Any special needs dog that ends up in a shelter is automatically at a disadvantage. They need additional training and care, and finding adopters willing to put in the work isn’t always easy.
Denver, however, isn’t willing to leave his sister behind. The all-white pup decided all on his own that he will be a guide dog for his special needs sister. He guides Star through life, and she’s happy to follow his lead. Staff reports that Denver is constantly checking in with Star, and out of all the puppies in the litter, he and Star have a unique bond.
During rare occasions when Denver and Star are separated, Denver is always quick to be reunited. He runs back to his sister to sniff and bump heads as if to reassure her that he’ll always be there.

An Inspiring Bond

Image provided by Helen Woodward Animal Center

Watching the puppy siblings interact has been an incredible experience for shelter staff. They’ve seen the puppies work together to overcome challenges and express genuine feelings of concern and support. Their sibling bond goes beyond the average relationship between litter mates and shows what can happen when you have the support of a loving friend.
Because Star and Denver rely on each other so much, rescuers have decided they must be adopted together. They’ll be a package deal, and they’re looking for a home that will fit both of their needs.
But before they had a chance to meet potential adopters, Denver had one more lesson to teach his sweet sister. The playful puppy has been helping Star learn about the world, and that includes pointing out potential dangers.
Denver learned the hard way that bees are not so friendly when you try to eat them. He was stung on the mouth, and his adoption had to be postponed while he recovered.

Ready For Life’s Next Adventure

guide dog
Image provided by Helen Woodward Animal Center

The shelter is happy to report, however, that Denver is already feeling better. He and his sister will officially be available for adoption on February 28. And according to a press release, they’ve already received adoption applications from across the country. People from all over are interested in adopting Star and her guide dog, Denver.
Inquires have come from Colorado, New York, and even Vancouver, but rescuers are looking for local adopters for this special pair of pups. They want to ensure the family has access to Center trainer, Rob Kuty from San Diego Pet Training, so they can learn how to train and care for Star’s special needs.
Denver will, of course, be there to help out. It’s Star and Denver together forever, and we can’t wait to see how their bond continues to grow.
For more information about Star, Denver, or any of the other homeless pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center, visit their website.

All images provided Helen Woodward Animal Center

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