Already Sleeping On The Job, K-9 Comfort Puppy Naps Through His Own Swearing-In Ceremony

It’s only his first few weeks on the job, but the Bristol Police Department’s newest K-9 comfort dog is already making a name for himself. The 12-week-old English Labrador Retriever puppy was officially welcomed to the team–and he managed to sleep through the entire swearing-in ceremony.

Brody’s adorable swearing-in ceremony and ongoing training are exactly what his community needs right now.

With uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic, Brody is a much-needed break from that stressful reality. The insanely cute puppy makes people smile without even trying. And after only a few days,  his fellow officers are confident he’ll grow to be an invaluable part of their team.
The puppy’s handler, Officer Medeiros, welcomed Brody to the department in mid March. While training and socialization has been difficult with social distancing, Officer Medeiros is happy to report that Brody is a natural at making people happy. And better yet, his arrival seems to have come at the perfect time.

Officer Medeiros told The Dodo,

“People are really stressed, especially in law enforcement. Just by walking in the police department with Brody, people immediately smile, they immediately get into a better place.”

Brody’s main role within the department will be to offer comfort to officers and the community. He will serve through community outreach and forge common ground between his fellow officers and community members.

As a therapy dog, Brody will serve his town in the best way he knows how. He’ll be a friendly face when someone is stressed or scared and a non-judgmental listener for anyone who needs to talk. Most of all, Brody will spread comfort and kindness no matter what his town is facing–global pandemic included.
Ready to make Brody an official member for the Bristol Police Department, officers treated the pup to an official swearing-in ceremony. And in true puppy fashion, Brody used the spotlight to show the world just how adorable he really is.

Watch the adorable video here!

While his human officers handled the hard work, Brody felt his swearing-in ceremony was the perfect time to take a nap. Showing just how comfortable he was in his new work environment, the therapy dog in training sprawled out on the desk and took a snooze.
Officer Medeiros admits the ceremony might have been better if his young colleague had been awake, but we think Brody’s perfectly-timed nap is just further proof that he’s good at his job. The video of the ceremony has already been viewed almost 100,000 times. Brody is spreading smiles social distancing style, and we can’t wait to see this future comfort dog grow and continue to serve his community.
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All images via Instagram/bpdk9brody
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