A Dog Park Plus Brewery Is Set To Be The Ultimate Social Hub For People And Dogs

Dogs, beer, friends—it’s everything we love.

We love dog parks, and we love beers on tap. An ingenious dog walking company in North Carolina has finally put two and two together. Skipper, a rapidly expanding pet service in Charlotte, recently announced plans to build the ultimate social hub for pet parents and their dogs. The 20,000-square-foot facility will include doggy play areas, a bar, food trucks, and basically everything we need to have a good time with both our human and canine friends.
Skipper first started as a dog walking company back in 2016. Their business model is based on technology, and clients use an app to schedule appointments. Their idea took off, and they’ve already expanded to include two daycare facilities in two different apartment complexes, and they have four more on the way. There’s a lot of growth happening, and the dog park/brewery is the biggest project on their list.
The new dog park facility will be called Skiptown, and it’ll expand on the company’s use of technology. Clients will be able to register their dogs for annual passes, buy day passes, coordinate playdates, and even order beer through the Skipper app. With 12,000 square feet of outdoor area and 8,00 square feet of indoor room, there will be plenty for both humans and dogs to do.
Plans for Skiptown include a secure outdoor area where dogs can run and play free from the leash. There will be a splash pad, fun climbing structures, shaded areas, open area for dogs to run, and plenty of seating. That’s not to mention the U-shaped bar that will serve beer, wine, hard seltzer and kombucha. There will also be large TVs and a food truck patio.
Skipper plans to make Skiptown the ultimate experience for people who love spending social time with their dogs. There are plenty of dog-friendly pubs and breweries, but they’re all designed for people, not dogs. At Skiptown, dogs can run and play with each other while their humans watch over them with beers in hand. Future plans include live music, trivia nights, and game-day parties. There will also be a private event space for rent.
Construction for this doggy/human social hub will start January 2020. And Charlotte residents can expect the grand opening to happen in the spring. We can’t wait!

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