29 Fun Activities To Do With Your Mini Pomeranian

Pomeranian playing outside

A Mini Pomeranian loves nothing more than spending time with its owner, but don’t let their petite size fool you. Your Pomeranian is full of feistiness and can keep playing for a considerable length of time! But your Mini Pomeranian also can’t get enough of following you on any adventure you undertake as long as they can keep up. This article gives you 29 diverse ideas for ways in which you can exercise and bond with your loyal and affectionate Mini Pomeranian.

The Personality and Interests of the Mini Pomeranian

Who can’t help but want to play with a dog with that adorable fox-like face and cute bushy tail! A Mini Pomeranian is a tiny bundle, weighing between four and seven pounds and standing less than a foot tall. However, it’s easy to overlook that they originally served as sled dogs who weighed closer to 30 pounds. Queen Victoria took a liking to them, but she wanted them as lapdogs and bred them down in size.

The Mini Pomeranian maintains its playful and outgoing personality from its sled-pulling days. It also longs to have a job or learn new tricks. Even so, one challenge you will face with your Pom is it still possesses the need to assert its dominance. The Mini Pomeranian can be stubborn, so in any training or game, it is crucial to establish yourself as the leader.

Your Mini Pomeranian is also highly intelligent. This manifests in a few ways, most notably in its keen attentiveness to its surroundings. As a result, Pomeranians make great watchdogs (though their size prevents them from doing much guard dog work!). A downside with intelligent dogs is they tend to get bored very easily, and the Mini Pomeranian is no exception to this.

The best activities for your Mini Pomeranian are those that combine mental and physical stimulation. A Mini Pomeranian wants to do more than simply run aimlessly around your yard. Your dog needs tasks that encourage both the use of its mind and interaction with people and other dogs as often as possible.

pomeranian hiking outdoors29 Fun Activities

Your Mini Pomeranian will go bonkers for all of these engaging activities as they appeal to the physical, emotional, and mental needs of your dog.

1. Fetch!

What dog doesn’t like a good game of fetch? Your Mini Pomeranian sure does! Keep in mind that fetch can be done in a variety of ways, all of which will provide countless hours of entertainment.

Before you play, you will need to do a little training. As smart as they are, the idea of bringing a ball or toy back to you will not be immediately intuitive to your Mini Pomeranian. Introduce the ball or object to them, toss it a short distance to start, and then give a command such as “Get the ball!”. The two keys are to be consistent with your command and, when your Mini Pomeranian brings the object back to you, praise them and give them treats.

Hallway Fetch

If you need an easy and effective stimulating activity on a rainy day, this is it. An appropriately-sized bouncy ball (not too big, but be careful it’s not small enough for them to swallow) is the best option. Throw the ball off the walls and watch how crazy and excited your Mini Pomeranian will get going after it. Be careful with wooden floors. As fun as it is to watch them slide and scoot, they can also easily hurt themselves if they get too worked up or too tired.

Stairway Fetch

The same rules apply to this game, except you are throwing the ball up (or down) a stairwell and asking your Mini Pomeranian to bring the ball back. Again, be especially cautious with wooden floors on this game.

Yard Fetch

This is self-explanatory, but make sure you have an enclosed yard or play area. You have the opportunity to use a variety of objects outside, so get creative!

2. Puzzle Toys

Your Mini Pomeranian loves games in which their intelligence is put to good use. Of course, the most effective puzzles are ones that have treats as the final reward. A key feature of any puzzle beyond the end result is your Mini Pomeranian has to do several actions to “solve” the problem. Puzzles are ideal for those times when your dog needs to entertain itself.

Puzzle toys come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you purchase one that is made of durable material and is easy to use for a small dog.

Puzzle Toys We Love

3. Hide and Seek

Speaking of problem-solving skills, your Mini Pomeranian gets a thrill out of using its senses to investigate and find treats and toys. Start the activity by hiding one of their favorite items. As you train them, let them see you hide the item the first few times you play. Once you’ve done it, use a consistent command such as “Go get it!”. Be prepared to find the item for them the first couple of times, so they get an idea of what they are supposed to do. Once they find the treat, praise them and give them a treat (even if the “treasure” object is a treat itself).

You can also be the “treasure” in this game. Your Mini Pomeranian will enjoy tracking you and will be ecstatic when they find you.

Once they’ve gotten the game, a fun wrinkle to add is to hide the treasure under laundry or other household items through which they can rummage, something your Mini Pomeranian loves to do.

pom tug a war4. Tug of War

You’ve discovered your Mini Pomeranian has a great deal of spunk, and this is an ideal game for them to express their feisty spirit in a healthy and positive way. Tug of War provides a unique opportunity for exercise but also for obedience training. There need to be some rules and boundaries for this game, so teachable moments abound in making sure they play it the right way.

A stick or rope is ideal for tug of war, but your Mini Pomeranian may also want to use one of their preferred stuffed toys (provided it is sturdy enough). As you begin this epic pulling contest, note that your dog is convinced it is going to win. So let them have an ample number of victories. It builds their confidence and makes them eager to play again.

The most unacceptable behavior from your dog in this game is touching you with their teeth. First, make sure the tug object is long enough to create a good separation between your hand and the dog’s mouth. If at any time your dog touches your hand with its teeth or mouth, immediately stop the game. Don’t scold them; just drop the object cold turkey. They must not associate this game in any way with aggressive behavior.

Tug of War Ropes We Love

5. Shell game

This is an alteration of hide and seek, but this game provides your Mini Pomeranian with a more focused framework for using its senses and memory to find an object. Take three or four plastic cups and, with your dog out of sight, hide an object under one of the cups. With a consistent command, ask them to find the object. Once they do (regardless of how many wrong guesses they make), praise them and give them treats when they find it.

6. Obstacle Course

Don’t assume obstacle courses are complicated outside games with expensive props. You can easily design your own obstacle course inside your home with common household items. Be creative. Create tunnels under chairs and tables, and throw a blanket on top for added effect. Plan the course around twists and turns in your house. Your Mini Pomeranian will also enjoy jumping over small objects. Roll up some towels or set some small pillows on the floor.

Once you set up your course, place a treat at the end of it. For the first run, walk alongside your dog and guide it to the end of the course. If you are on an outside course, it’s appropriate to walk them on a leash or harness on a “preview” tour. Once they get the hang of it, start with them at the beginning and give them the command to go. Every time they complete the course, praise and give them a treat.

7. Agility Course

An obstacle course is convenient, but a true agility course provides both a more challenging event for your dog and a way to have a job to do with your Mini Pomeranian. You, as the owner, will receive just as much training as your dog from an agility instructor. In addition, your dog will be meeting and working with other dogs, a good combination for a breed that pulled sleds in a former life.

Agility Courses We Love

8. Name That Toy!

Instead of hide and seek, lay out some toys in front of your dog. Make sure they are distinct, i.e., bone, rope, squeaker. Identify and point to the toy you want them to find. Once you’ve pointed it out (the bone, for instance), tell them the command “Find the bone!” Praise and reward them when they do it. But keep practicing with them, so they can familiarize themselves with all the toys. Your Mini Pomeranian enjoys the opportunity to learn new commands and skills and will truly soak up the time you are teaching them about their favorite things.

pom with bubbles9. Chasing Bubbles

Your dog will think you are amazing because you can produce these cool things that are fun to chase! Most bubbles are non-toxic to dogs, so grab a bubble wand or gun and go to town in the park or your backyard.

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10. Hiking

Without knowing their background as sled dogs, it seems odd to think about taking a Mini Pomeranian on a hike. But their energy and desire to hit the open trail make them ideal as hiking buddies.

However, keep in mind their size does limit them. Your Pomeranian is not sturdy enough to handle a strenuous trek. They will tire out much sooner than you will. The benefit of a small dog is you can carry them or even push them in a doggy stroller for stretches to give them a break when they’ve had enough.

Bring plenty of water and keep in mind they can get overheated easily. If you take these precautions, you and your dog will delight in an amazing adventure out in the woods.

11. Follow the Leader

It sounds too simple, but this game is a great way to get some walking and running in with your dog. It also presents a chance to teach some more commands that your dog will relish. The basic purpose is to make sure your dog follows you. The easier command is “Come!” which lets your dog know you want them to come with you. The more difficult command is “Stay!” or “Stop!” when you want to make clear that your dog is not supposed to pass you. With a bit of practice, this will become an easy and effective method of exercising and training your dog.

12. Bike Ride

Grab your bike, find a dog caddy to attach to the back, and go for a nice ride! Your Mini Pomeranian will love being outside and spending time with you.

13. Water Games

While they aren’t the best swimmers, most Pomeranians love being around the water. A few water activities you can do with them are the following:

Kiddie Pool

Take a kiddie pool, fill it up with no more than six inches of water, toss a few balls in, and watch your dog have a field day splashing and running through the wet wonderland.

Pools We Love


Your Mini Pomeranian will run through sprinklers until they lay down from exhaustion. Your dog will get a workout, and your lawn will benefit too!

14. Swimming

When it comes to an actual swimming pool, don’t take your Mini Pomeranian in the pool without a doggy life vest. With this important tool, however, they will thoroughly enjoy paddling, floating, and hanging out with you.

15. Doggy Spa

This is a good time to take a break from the active tasks and remind yourself that your Mini Pomeranian needs some pampering time. Take them to a good and reputable doggy spa. Here, they can receive any number of services such as brushing, bathing, trimming nails, and brushing teeth – all things they will eat up! If you stay with them, make sure you give them treats as it will reinforce the positive experience they have there. After all, it helps you out to pay someone to take care of your dog’s grooming needs, so you want to make sure they enjoy it.

16. Dog Fishing

No, your dog is not flicking a fly rod into a stream somewhere. Instead, you create a fishing pole with a toy they can chase. Get a PVC pipe and attach a string to it. At the end of the string, tie a toy as “bait.” Then, begin dragging and flicking the bait and let your dog chase it around. After a little while, let them catch it. When they do, praise them and give them a treat. With this training, they will go crazy with excitement each time you pull out the PVC pipe from storage.

17. Dog Meet and Greet

In larger communities, it is common to find organized events that encourage owners of specific breeds to gather and meet the general public. Your Mini Pomeranian usually thrives at these events.

If you attend, place your dog on a table, so it can see people and not feel threatened by a horde of people looming over it. Even then, make sure only 1-2 people approach the table. Bring your own treats and give them to the people as they greet your dog. The benefit of these events is socializing your dog with people, but it also helps educate people about particular breeds and may generate interest among folks to adopt a dog of their own.

pom play date 18. Doggy Play Date

Your Mini Pomeranian loves when friends come over. Call some friends who have small dogs, throw a cookout for the humans, and provide an area and toys for the guest dogs to frolic and romp with your sweet baby.

Play Date Balls We Love

19. Entertain the Guests

While you have an audience at the playdate, show off the mad skills your dog has learned. Before a social gathering, spend some time teaching tricks like shaking paws or rolling over in addition to some of the ones seen in this list of activities. Let your dog perform these tricks, and of course, be rewarded with treats and praise from everyone in attendance.

20. Baking Doggy Treats

A great activity to do with guests or on your own is to make some healthy treats for your Pomeranian. This falls more under simply hanging out with your dog, but your Mini Pomeranian will not stray far from you when they smell the delicious aroma emanating from your oven.

21. Couch Potato

Speaking of hanging out, make sure to find plenty of lap time with your dog. Watch a movie, read a book, or take a nap, but invite your Pomeranian to enjoy the time just lying around on you.

pom going for a walk22. Go for a Walk

A walk should be a routine activity with your Mini Pomeranian, but make sure to keep them short in duration. Your dog loves any opportunity to explore, but regular walks also help them gain familiarity with their immediate surroundings. It is also a great way for them to meet and socialize with human and dog neighbors.

Leashes We Love

23. Dog Park

Walks are regular needs for exercise and stimulation, but an occasional trip to a dog park enhances both of these needs. The bonus is your Mini Pomeranian will get the opportunity to run around without a leash and explore their environment and other dogs on their own terms. Make sure the dog park has a separate section for small dogs; it is simply too dangerous to expose your dog to larger ones it doesn’t know.

Many dog parks will ask that your dog is current on vaccinations, so keep your dog’s visits to the vet consistent.

Dog Park Essentials We Love

24. Picnic

If you just want to be outside but don’t want the hassle of going to the dog park or for a walk, pack a lunch for you and your Pomeranian and go out to any park. Keep your dog leashed and close to you, but it will bask lying on a blanket, eating its food, and hanging out with its favorite person.

25. Gardening

Sorry, your Mini Pomeranian is not a good weed puller, but they love to watch you do it! When you need to do some routine yard work, let your dog hang out with you. Keep the gates closed in the yard or, if it is not enclosed, keep the dog on the leash. Put out plenty of water and food, and make sure there are some shady areas available on a hot day. But your dog will take an interest in what you are doing and might even help you dig a little if you need a bit of assistance.

26. Dress Up Your Mini Pomeranian

It always comes back to pampering! Your dog is a willing model for costumes and outfits, assuming you are willing to find some stylish outfits for them. What’s more, after you deck out your Pomeranian, take some good photos. You will undoubtedly have a lot of Instagram likes and perhaps your next Christmas card from such an event. In the meantime, your Mini Pomeranian will soak in all the attention and only want more.

27. Flyball

Flyball is another social and physical activity for dogs, but the major feature of this activity is it is a team sport. Dogs who play are participating in what is essentially a relay race. It requires a lot of training to teach the rules and set expectations. However, your dog will thrive while having the best of all its worlds – activity, socializing, and a big job. Look for trainers in your area who teach and organize flyball events.

28. Hula Hoop

Your Mini Pomeranian unfortunately can’t swing a hula hoop around its hips. It can, however, run around and play games within it. Set the hoop on the ground. Put a ball in the center and give a command for your dog to get the ball. Instead of fetching and returning the ball to you, have them drop the ball and move out of the hoop. Praise and reward your dog for following the command. Pick up the hoop and move it to another location and repeat the exercise. Your dog will get exercise running into the hoop, but it will learn to associate the hoop as a fun object.

Once they’ve become acclimated to the hoop, your Mini Pomeranian can then learn how to jump through a hoop you are holding up. Obviously, you must keep it low, but your dog will learn surprisingly quickly to jump through the hoop.

pom with teddy29. Therapy Dog

One of the greatest things you can do with your Mini Pomeranian is train it to be a therapy dog. Because of their affectionate nature and inviting appearance, they are well equipped to serve in this role. The training is a major investment in time and money. However, the bonding time you will spend with your dog through this process is priceless. What’s more, you and your dog will be brightening the day for countless individuals with whom you will visit.


Together, you and your Mini Pomeranian, the world is your oyster. In all of these activities, your dog will exercise its innate skills and be happy and healthy in the process. The sky is the limit when it comes to fun for you as an owner choosing from the number of things you can do. This list is just a sample. As you get to know your Pomeranian, explore things that fit your dog’s personality. Together you will forge a relationship with your dog allowing each of you to serve as a faithful and loving companion to the other for a long time to come.

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